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Welcome Autumn

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September 29, 2022


“Autumn leaves shower like gold, like rainbows, as the winds of change begin to blow.”

Dan Millman

I like autum. Years ago I use to go up in the Adirondack mountains and could almost hear the leaves turn color. These days I enjoy the cooler weather and the chance to again wear sweaters and a cooler wardrobe. I love the smell of fall and all that goes with the seasons changes.

10 Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Fall

  • Head outside for a while – The crisp fall air and the nice cool breeze are two parts of fall that you don’t want to miss out on! Head outside for a little while and take in the fall air.
  • Bake something sweet – Fall is the perfect time to warm up your kitchen and fill your home with the sweet smells of fall. Bake a batch of brownies, cookies, or anything else you might be craving this fall.
  • Make your favorite fall drink from scratch – Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you need to run to Starbucks in order to get your pumpkin spice latte fix. You can make your favorite fall drink from scratch right in your own home! Look online for a few simple DIY versions and make your own at home!
  • Make something out of a pumpkin – The possibilities of what you can make with pumpkin are really endless. From a savory pumpkin alfredo pasta to the classic pumpkin bread or pie, you can make whatever you are in the mood for. When you pick out the pumpkins you plan to carve, why not pick up an extra to cook with!
  • Make use of the extra hour of daylight savings – We will be setting our clocks an hour back soon, which means that you get an extra hour of sleep! However, make use of this time to enjoy yourself! After all, you’re used to staying up that extra hour anyway.
  • Fill your home with the warm scents of fall – There are so many great potpourri recipes, candles, and other ways to bring the warm scents of fall into your home. Light a fall scented candle or start a pot on the stove to fill your home with the tasty smells of fall.
  • Enjoy the fall harvest by visiting the farmer’s market – If you have a farmer’s market nearby, head there to grab some amazing fall harvest! There will be tons of great vegetables in season that you can turn into a tasty dish!
  • Make a few fun crockpot recipes – Crockpot recipes are great for the fall months! These cook low and slow which means you can take your time with them and cook them to perfection.
  • Cuddle up under a blanket with a good book – Making the time to read can be kind of tricky. Grab your favorite blanket and cuddle up to enjoy a good book for a few hours.
  • Sit outside and enjoy Fall with a cup of hot chocolate – Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the sunset outside. The drink will keep you warm even on the chilliest of nights!


“The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.”

Andrea Gibson


She said: “It’s just to hot to wear clothes today,” said Jack as he stepped out of the shower.  “Honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?”

“Probably that I married you for your money.”


But seriously folks, plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.


Here are a few things we have learned over the years that might make your travels more pleasant…

Find the flusher. European bathrooms are strange but, don’t panic it’s in there somewhere.

If the front desk clerk at your hotel is behind bullet-proof plexiglas, find another hotel.

Swiss border guards carry machine guns and seem well versed in their use. Also their guard dogs can drive cars and are quick to take offence.

If you get on a ferry with 200 drunken Danish soccer fans, well … you asked for it.

At Heathrow Airport, the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line. There is no shortest distance between two points at Heathrow.

There is a direct correlation between fatigue and proximity of screaming infants on overseas flights: the more exhausted you are, the closer the screaming infant.


The other line always moves faster until you get in it.


A new missionary recruit went to Venezuela for the first time. He was struggling with the language and didn’t understand a whole lot of what was going on. Intending to visit one of the local churches, he got lost, but eventually got back on track and found the place. Having arrived late, the church was already packed. The only pew with a seat open was the one on the front row.

So as not to make a fool of himself, this recruit decided to pick someone out of the crowd to imitate. He chose to follow the man sitting next to him on the front pew. As they sang, the missionary tried to follow along.

When the man stood up to pray, the missionary recruit stood up too. When the man sat down, he sat down. When the man took the cup and bread for the Lord’s Supper, he took the cup and bread. During the preaching, the recruit didn’t understand a thing. He just sat there and tried to look just like that man in the front pew.

Then he perceived that the preacher was giving announcements. People clapped, so he looked to see if the man was clapping. He was, and so the recruit clapped too. Then the preacher said some words that he didn’t understand and he saw the man next to him stand up. So he stood up too. Suddenly a hush fell over the entire congregation. A few people gasped.

He looked around and saw that nobody else was standing, so he sat down.

After the service ended, the preacher stood at the door shaking the hands of those who were leaving. When the missionary recruit stretched out his hand to greet the preacher, the preacher said, in English: “I take it you don’t speak Spanish.”

The missionary recruit replied: “No I don’t. Is it that obvious?”

“Well yes,” said the preacher, “I announced that the Acosta family had a new-born baby boy and would the proud father please stand up.”


“I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin, and crisp sunburnt leaves.”

Ann Drake


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