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September 23, 2022


“The most important thing you’ll ever wear is your attitude.”

Jeff Moore

I had breakfast with a good friend yesterday morning. She, like many of us is challenged by her responsibilities and the limited time we all have to do what needs to be done. I also have had to reprioritize my challenges, I have recommitted to some and jettisoned the rest. I fimd that it is important for us to manage our lives in a manor in which we can live unfettered by trying to do too much.

Here is a poem with a message to keep us on track.

Our Mind

Poet: Julie Hebert

Our mind is a gateway to what’s good and bad,

It just takes us to show it, its way.

If we choose to be happy and see things not crappy,

We’re sure that our lives will obey.

If we always worry or expect the worst,

You’ll soon see that life will follow.

So in order to make sure that life will be grand,

We must make sure our attitude is easy to swallow.

Think big, not small, rise, don’t fall,

And everything will go your way.

But if you find yourself negatively thinking,

You may just need a replay.

So kick off your boots and remember your roots,

And decide how you want to be.

If you want to be happy and think positively,

then remind yourself of what you will see!


“Having a positive attitude isn’t wishy-washy, it’s a concrete and intelligent way to view problems, challenges, and obstacles.”

Jeff Moore


Aviation Truisms:

Blue water Navy truism; There are more planes in the ocean than there are submarines in the sky.

When one engine fails on a twin-engine airplane you always have enough power left to get you to the scene of the crash.

Progress in airline flying; now a flight attendant can get a pilot pregnant.

Mankind has a perfect record in aviation; we never left one up there!

Basic Flying Rules

1.  Try to stay in the middle of the air.

2.  Do not go near the edges of it.

3.  The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space.  It is much more difficult to fly there.


Wives are people who feel they don’t dance enough.

Groucho Marx


The little turtle climbs the tree very slowly, very painfully. Then she crawls along a branch, to the very end, and when she finally gets to the edge, she jumps. And she falls. But she doesn’t get discouraged. So she walks to the tree, she climbs the tree, she crawls along the branch, she gets to the edge, and she jumps. And falls to the ground. Again, with a stubborn look in her face, the little turtle walks slowly to the tree, she climbs the tree, she crawls along the branch, she gets to the edge, and she jumps. And falls.

In a nearby tree a couple of pigeons are looking at the little turtle. Walk, climb, crawl, jump. Fall. And all over again. After a while one of the pigeons ask the other, “Hey honey, don’t you think its time we tell her that she is adopted?”


“The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.”


A woman goes to the local psychic in hopes of contacting her dearly departed grandmother. The psychic’s eyelids begin fluttering, her voice begins warbling, her hands float up above the table, and she begins moaning. Eventually, a coherent voice emanates, saying, “Granddaughter? Are you there?”

The customer, wide-eyed and on the edge of her seat, responds, “Grandmother? Is that you?”

“Yes granddaughter, it’s me.”

“It’s really, really you, grandmother?” the woman repeats.

“Yes, it’s really me, granddaughter.”

The woman looks puzzled, “You’re sure it’s you, grandmother?”

“Yes, granddaughter, I’m sure it’s me.”

The woman pauses a moment, “Grandmother, I have just one question for you.”

“Anything, my child.”

“Grandmother, when did you learn to speak English?”


“Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.”

Tony Dungy


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