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May 25, 2022


You may not think you have a good memory, but you remember what’s important to you.

Rick Warren

These days I find my memories to be my lifes scrapbook. What surprises me is finding that some of my fondest memories are of things that seemed small at the time. It is the soft touch, acts of kindness and affection that linger. They are my history and I am glad they are there to provide warmth in my old age.

Here is a story about how a little thing can have lifetime meaning.

The Making of a Memory

One can’t predict when or where they will come from; those memories that stay with us a lifetime, and never fail to bring us warm fuzzy feelings. My husband had just finished loading his car; made one lap back through the house and then into the kitchen. ‘I guess filling my thermos is all I have left to do, and then I’m off.’

Down the drain went the hot water that had been warming his thermos. With a very nostalgic look on his face he softly said, ‘When I filled this with water earlier, I thought of your mum. In fact, anytime I fill my thermos I think her.’

‘Oh honey, that’s so sweet.  I know she’s watching and listening right now with a big smile on her face,’ I responded as tears began to brim my eyelids.

‘You know, I never fill my thermos that I don’t think of her, and I always smile too.’  The tone in his voice was so tender as he spoke of my mother who is no longer with us.

Years ago we had been visiting my parents, and the morning we were leaving my mother watched as Jerry began to fill his thermos.  Being the ‘coffee drinker’ in the family, he’s always placed himself in charge of thermos duties. Mum then casually offered up a tidbit of advice.

‘Jerry, if you would fill your thermos with hot water and let it sit a while, your coffee would stay hot longer on your drive.’

The look on his face was priceless as her simple suggestion sunk in. Well of course it would!  It only makes all the sense in the world!  Who wouldn’t know that?

He dumped the small amount of coffee already in the thermos, and ran the tap until it was at its hottest; then refilled with piping hot water.  After pouring himself a fresh cup of coffee, he sat down to enjoy a few more minutes with mum, and to discuss this unique new idea.

Words of wisdom from a loving mother-in-law made an impact that will never be forgotten.  When spoken that morning, Jerry didn’t realize he would always hear those words ringing in his ears, or that they would bring a smile to his face time and time again.  And Mother would never have dreamed her words would be a treasured, and everlasting memory in the heart of her son-in-law.

The ‘fondest, lasting memories’ don’t necessarily come from ‘major moments’ in life, the making of a memory simply happens.

Kathleene S. Baker


The moments we share are the moments we keep forever.

Author Unknown


The doctor knocked at the hospital door before entering Jill’s room. 

Jill called out to come in. 

The doctor then proceeded to tell Jill to remove all of her clothing after which he gave her a thorough exam, from top to bottom, front to back, leaving no part of her body untouched. 

When he had finished, Jill looked the doctor straight in the eye and asked, “Doctor, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,” he replied.

Jill asks, “Why did you bother to knock?”


Kind words are short to speak, but their echoes are endless.


According to a survey in Men’s Health magazine, 85 percent of men admit they surf the Internet wearing nothing but their underwear. Sixty-three percent said that’s how they lost their last job.


She said, “All you need to know about men and women: Women are crazy and men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is because men are stupid!” And I said…….I better not say.


My inferiority complex is not as good as yours.


“You Might Be A Preacher If…”

a. Everybody stops talking when you enter the room.

b. You’ve ever lied at a funeral.

c. You always read the obituaries.

d. You’ve ever suffered anxiety attack while playing Bible Trivia Pursuit.

e. You wonder why people who have some time to kill want to spend it with you.

f. You get your second wind when you say “And, in conclusion.”

g. The ideas you bounce off board members really do.

h. Your car tires are balding faster than your head.

i. You wish someone would steal some of your sheep.

j. You’ve seen more religion at a pool hall than you’ve seen at a Church cricket match.

k. Your Bible has more side notes than printed text.

l. “Annual Church Meeting” and “Armageddon” are one and the same to you.

m. You jiggle all the toilet handles before you leave the church building.


Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.


Many years ago, a beloved Pope died and went to heaven. Saint Peter greeted him in a firm embrace. “Welcome your holiness, your dedication and unselfishness in serving your fellow man during your life has earned you great stature in heaven. You may pass through the gates without delay and are granted free access to all parts of heaven.”

St. Peter continued: “You are also granted an open-door policy and may, at your own discretion, meet with any heavenly leader including the Father, without prior appointment. Is there anything which your holiness desires?”

“Well, yes,” the Pope replied. “I have often pondered some of the mysteries which have puzzled and confounded theologians through the ages. Are there perhaps any transcripts which recorded the actual conversations between God and the prophets of old? I would love to see what was actually said, without the dimming of memories over time.”St. Peter immediately ushered the Pope to the heavenly library and explained how to retrieve the various documents. The Pope was thrilled and settled down to review the history of humanity’s relationship with God.

Two years later, a scream of anguish pierced the quiet of the library. Immediately several of the saints and angels came running.

They found the Pope pointing to a single word on a parchment, repeating over and over: “There’s an ‘R’. There’s an ‘R.’ There’s an ‘R’… It’s CELIBRATE, not celibate!”


“He’s the kind of friend who will always be there when he needs you.”

Adam Christing


As he was standing in line at the grocery store checkout counter, a friend of Jack’s noticed he was purchasing a dozen roses and a card.

“You in trouble with Jill?” the friend asked Jack.

“Nope!” was Jack’s reply.  “Preventive maintenance.”


Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memory. You are a data collecting being, and your memory is where your life is lived.

Kevin Horsley


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