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Overcoming a Crisis

Ray’s Daily

August 17, 2021


“There is no education like adversity.”

Benjamin Disraeli

If you are like I am you sometimes do something you wished you haddent done. Some are mistakes, some embarrassing happenings, and even worse an insensitive comment. You know what I mean, something that makes you feel like hiding in bed forever. Of course we cannot do that. I have found that things are seldom as bad as they seem. If you find that you have to deal with some adversity you may find the following helpful.

How to Find Power and Confidence in a Crisis

Amy Cuddy.

In times of crisis, don’t look to the past or the future for answers. That’s according to social psychologist and behavioral science expert Amy Cuddy. The Harvard University lecturer and author of Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges explained in a virtual keynote to Inc. 5000 honorees this week that productivity-sapping emotions such as anxiety, dread, and distraction come from thinking too much about the past and future. Staying present, Cuddy explains, can help you approach difficult situations with composure and find solutions with confidence.

Here are three of Cuddy’s tips for how to make the most of a bad situation.

View challenges as opportunities. – When presented with a challenge, Cuddy advises reframing the situation. If you feel nervous to approach someone, for example, think of them as a collaborator or an ally, rather than as a competitor. Changing viewpoints can make you feel more in control of coming up with a solution to your problems.

Don’t fake it until you make it. – Faking it until you make it works in some situations, but not when it comes to relationships. The best relationships are built on trust and authenticity–not on overstating your abilities.

Avoid panicking at all costs. – When presented with something that makes you panic, Cuddy advises business owners to think of a time when you felt your best, whether it was finishing your first successful fundraising meeting, landing your biggest client, or even at a personal event such as a wedding. By contrasting the panic with a good feeling, it can help you reset your approach to the situation and feel more present.

“When we feel present, we’re not doubting who we are [and] we believe in ourselves,” Cuddy says. “And when we believe in ourselves, we believe in what we’re selling.”


. “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the “hero” within us is revealed.”

Bob Riley


When I was working as a clerk at a sporting-goods store, a woman came up to my register with a package of white athletic socks. “Will you open this up so I can see how the socks feel?” she asked. Reluctantly I tore open the package, and she scrutinized the merchandise. She handed me the package, saying, “I’ll take them.” Relieved, I started to to ring her up, until she interrupted me. “Can I have another pack? This one’s been opened.”


Author unknown


Love is the doorway through which the human soul passes from selfishness to service and from solitude to kinship with all mankind.

Bob meets Doug at the bar after his day at divorce court.

“Did the judge split everything fairly when he granted your wife a divorce?” asked Doug.

Bob replies, “Sort of. She got to keep the house, the car, the boat, the furniture and MY dog. I got to keep everything I was wearing.”


The value of a dog is its constant reminder of how much fun it is to act idiotic.


Now These Really Do Ring True!!

  • Law of Mechanical Repair – After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch.
  • Law of the Workshop – Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.
  • Law of the Telephone – When you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy Signal.
  • Law of the Alibi – If you tell the boss you were late for work because you Had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat Tire.
  • Variation Law – If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were In will start to move faster than the one you are in now. (works every time)
  • Bath Theorem – When the body is immersed in water, the telephone rings.
  • Law of Close Encounters – The probability of meeting someone you know increases When you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
  • Law of the Result – When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, it will.
  • Law of Bio-mechanics – The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.
  • Theatre Rule – At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle arrive last
  • Law of Coffee – As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.
  • Murphy’s Law of Lockers – If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.
  • Law of Dirty Rugs/Carpets – The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich of landing Face down on a floor covering are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet/rug.


If you can’t read this, you’re illiterate.


She said: My three year old son and I were passing by a McDonald’s one day and he started begging me to get some “fench fies, pweeeez”. I didn’t have any money on me and I told him “No, Mommy is broke” He didn’t complain he just accepted my answer.

A few days later we were driving past a McDonald’s once again. He was not having a happy day because we were stuck running errands all day. So I offered, “Ryan do you want to get some french fries?” And he perked up and smiled and said, “Why Mommy, are you fixed?”


Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit, so be sure to stop and smell the flowers.

Walter Hagen


At the end of the college year, a star football player celebrated the relaxation of team curfew by attending a late night campus party. Soon after arriving, he became captivated by a beautiful young thing and eased into a conversation with her by asking if she met many dates at parties.  

“Oh, I have a 3.9, so I’m much more attracted to the strong academic types than to dumb party animals,” she said. “What’s your G.P.A.?”  

Grinning from ear to ear, the jock boasted, “I get about 27 in the city and 38 on the highway.  


“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

Barbara De Angelis


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My Great Family

Ray’s Daily

August 16, 2021


“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

David Ogden Stiers

This is a big day for me. First an old friend is picking me up for breakfast. I know I will enjoy our visit. But the big event will be when four generations gather to celebrate my wife’s birthday. This will be Nancy and my sixty-eigth year as a married couple but the first time we will be with so many of our family members.

We are so fortunate to have children and grandchildren who do so much to make our lives as happy and trouble free as possible. Our family has strong bonds that come from how much we care for each other. They are not just relatives but also friends. I can think of nothing better in life than to be part of a loving family.

Over the years it was my wife who held our family together as I often was away on business. The following article reminded me of the value of investing in helping the family thrive.

4 Ways to Keep Your Family Strong

By Cheryl Butler

Tip #1: Couples must make their relationship a priority.  So many parents think their kids’ needs come first, but if couples forget to nurture their own relationship, their families will pay the price. Set an example for your children and show them that you and your spouse love one another and because of that love, they created their family. What children see at home is what they will try and emulate in their own lives.

Tip #2: Share meals together regularly as a family.  This suggestion is continuously made by professionals and family therapists for one good reason—it is one of the simplest ways harried families can stay connected.  It doesn’t have to be every night—Sunday brunch, or a weekend picnic, or every Wednesday night for pasta and meatballs—just as long as it’s a regular thing in your home. Get in the habit of sharing meals and you’ll have a surefire way to stay close.

Tip #3: Observe family rituals.  Family rituals, such as movie and popcorn night or tagging a family Christmas tree, gives your family something to look forward to on a regular basis and helps bond you closer together.  Look for ways that your family can create special rituals of your own that your kids will remember 20 years from now.

Tip #4: Show affection towards one another.  Don’t be afraid to show affection for your loved ones.  Whether it’s a hug and kiss each night when you tuck the kids into bed, patting your teenage son on the back after he hits his first homerun, or just cheerfully calling out to your daughter “You’re going to ace that Algebra test today! I can’t wait to hear about it when you get home”— providing your kids with warmth and affection helps them stand strong when they are out on their own.


“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

Richard Bach


A man drives to a gas station and has his tank filled up. While doing this the clerk spots two penguins sitting on the back seat of the car. He asks the driver, “What’s up with the penguins in the back seat?”

The man in the car says, “I found them.  I asked myself what to do with them but, I haven’t a clue.”

The clerk ponders a bit then says, “You should take them to the zoo.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” says the man in the car and drives away.

The next day the man with the car is back at the same gas station. The clerk sees the penguins are still in the back seat of the car. “Hey, they’re still here! I thought you were going to take them to the zoo!”

“Oh, I did,” says the driver, “and we had a swell time. Today I’m taking them to the beach.”


The big thing today is computer dating. If you don’t know how to run a computer it really dates you.


It was the usual muddy day in the country. Our first grade teacher, Miss Brown, had just finished putting the 36th boot on the 18th pair of little feet and was anxious to finish the last pair so she could go to lunch. The last pair of boots was for little Johnny Smith, a quiet boy. Miss Brown had a very difficult time getting his boots on as they were a bit too small for his growing feet, but she finally won the battle.

To her dismay, little Johnny looked blandly up into her face and announced, “Teacher, these boots aren’t mine.” In a hurry, but wanting to be kind, Miss Brown groaned, but with grim gentleness removed the boots and straightened her aching back.

Whereupon Johnny continued, “They’re my little brother’s, but Mommy said I could wear them to school today.”


“The word ‘aerobics’ came about when the gym instructors got together and said: If we’re going to charge $10 an hour, we can’t call it ‘Jumping up and down.'”

Rita Rudner.


At one game, a lady kept up a steady flow of threats at the umpire. No matter what was happening on the field, she kept yelling, “Kill the umpire! Kill the umpire!” This went on for an hour. Another patron said, “Lady, the umpire hasn’t done anything wrong.”

The woman said, “He’s my husband and he came home last night with lipstick on his collar! Kill the umpire!!”


“When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.”

Stanislaw J. Lec


Two women were at a bar. One looked at the other and said, “You know, 80 percent of all men think the best way to end an argument is to make love.”

“Well,” said the other woman,” that will certainly revolutionize the game of hockey!”


“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”

Lisa Weed


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Be Yourself

Ray’s Daily

August 13, 2021


Don’t believe you have to be like anybody to be somebody.


One of the advantages of retirement is that we are free to become who we want to be. Unfortunately too many of us fail to learn how we can find a better way of life. Many of us have spent a lifetime learning to be what others wanted us to be. It is never too late to let yourself become truly happy.

Here is an article that I have abridged for folks who are willing to let go while becoming someone special.

10 Ways To Always Be Yourself And Live Happily

Michelle Schroeder

1. Don’t Aim to Please Others – There is a problem if you are never doing what you want to do, yet always doing what everyone else wants to do. Pleasing others can be a nice thing to do, but know where your boundaries are. Instead of always aiming to please others, you should do things for yourself as well every now and then.

2. Don’t Worry About How Others View You – Occasionally thinking about how others view you may make you change for the good, but you should not be constantly wondering about what others are thinking.

3. Learn More About Yourself – Do you know who you really are? Ever since you were young, you have been conditioned to be one way or another. It may be weird just to spend a day being your spontaneous self, but sometimes it is the only way that you can learn how to be yourself.

4. Appreciate Who You Are – No matter how weird you are, appreciate yourself! Appreciate your weirdness and let it out.

5. Be Confident with Who You Are – Do you ever doubt yourself? Doubting yourself can be very easy if you are constantly comparing yourself to others and wondering “What if?”

6. Forgive Yourself – Don’t think negative thoughts about yourself for taking wrong steps or making wrong decisions. This kind of thinking puts your focus on the problem and not the solution. It’s better to say good things about yourself than to say negative things. Always saying positive things about yourself is a sign that you have forgiven yourself.

7. Stop Being Negative About Yourself – Do you look at everything as a glass half full or a glass half empty? It can be easy to be negative about yourself. When it comes to being happy, it is vital that you learn how to be yourself and to be more positive.

8. Find a Hobby That You Love – Everyone has something that they live for or that they love to do. Figure out what you love to do and make a hobby out of it. Doing what you love can make you much happier.

9. Learn from Your Mistakes – Mistakes in your life do not always need to be seen negatively. Think about what went wrong, learn from it, and move on.

10. Strive for What You Want to Accomplish – Being yourself does not have to mean that you have to be stuck in status quo. Aim for what you want to achieve and strive for that accomplishment. You can improve yourself while still remaining true to yourself.


Some people around you will not understand your journey. They don’t need to; it’s not for them.

Paulo Coelho


Because they needed some help around the house, the minister’s wife placed an ad for a manservant.

Around 8 a.m. the next morming a nicely dressed young man appears at their front door.

“Can you fix breakfast by 7 a.m. every day?” the minister asks the young man.

“Well…… I guess I can,” came the bewildered reply.

“And can you make the beds, dust the living room, do the dishes, cut the grass, and polish the silver also.” the minister continued.

“Gee, sir, I just came by to see about getting married. But if it’s going to be that much work, you can count me out right now!”


Waiter to blonde customer: “How do you want me to slice your pizza? Into six or twelve slices?”

Blonde: “SIX!!!! Gosh sakes, I could *never* eat 12 slices!”



Bull Market: A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.

Bear Market: A 6-18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the  wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex.

Momentum Investing: The fine art of buying high and selling low.

Value Investing: The are of buying low and selling lower.

P/E Ratio: The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing.

Broker: What my broker has made me.

“BUY-BUY”: A flight attendant making market recommendations as you step off the airplane.

Standard & Poor: My life in a nutshell.

Stock Analyst: Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

Stock Split: When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves.

Financial Planner: A guy who actually remembers his wallet when he runs to the 7-11 for toilet paper and cigarettes.

Market Correction:  The day after you buy stocks.

Cash Flow: The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

Yahoo: What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240. per share.

Windows 2000: What you jump out of when you’re the sucker that bought Yahoo at $240./share.

Institutional Investor: Past year investor who’s now locked up in a nut house.

Profit: Religious guy who talks to God.


“Have a strong mind and a soft heart.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo


An Irish girl went to London to work as a secretary and began sending home money and gifts to her parents.  After a few years they asked her to come home for a visit, as her father was getting frail and elderly.

She pulled up to the family home in a Rolls Royce and stepped out wearing furs .and diamonds  As she walked into the house her father said “Hmmm, they seem to be paying secretaries awfully well in London”.

The girl took his hands and said, “Dad, I’ve been meaning to tell you something for years but I didn’t want to put it in a letter I can’t hide it from you any longer. I’ve become a “prostitute”.

Her father gasped, put his hand on his heart and keeled over.  The doctor was called but the old man had clearly lost the will to live.  He was put to bed and the priest was called.

As the priest began to administer Extreme Unction, with the mother and daughter weeping and wailing, the old man muttered weakly, “I’m a goner, killed by me own daughter!  Killed by the shame of what you’ve become”.

“Please forgive me,” his daughter sobbed, “I only wanted to have nice things!  I wanted to be able to send you money and the only way I could do it was by becoming a “prostitute”.

Brushing the priest aside the old man bolted upright in bed, smiling.

“Did ye say prostitute?  I thought ye said “PROTESTANT !!”


Did any of you married people out there ever wonder whether it’s better to have loved and lost, than to have loved and won?


I was listening to a lady who called a radio pastor.  The pastor was a wise, grandfatherly gentleman who has that calm reassuring voice that can melt all fear. The lady, who was obviously crying, said, “Pastor, I was born blind, and I’ve been blind all my life.  I don’t mind being blind but I have some well meaning friends who tell me that if I had more faith I could be healed.” The pastor asked her, “Tell me, do you carry one of those white tipped canes?” “Yes I do,” she replied. “Then the next time someone says that, hit them over the head with the cane,” He said.  “Then tell them ‘If you had more faith that wouldn’t hurt!'”


In your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go and be sheltered so they may thrive and grow.


A man was filling out a job application. When he came to the question, “Have you ever been arrested?”

He wrote, “No.”

The next question, intended for people who had answered in the affirmative to the previous question, was “Why?”

The applicant answered it anyway: “Never got caught.”


Don’t play stupid with me…. I’m better at it!


1. Muslims do not recognize Judaism as a religion.  

2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  

3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith.  

4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters.


You must not be afraid of your uniqueness and you must care less and less what people think of you.

Robert Greene


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Don’t Give Up

Ray’s Daily

August 12, 2021


Turn every life situation into a positive one.

Rhonda Byrne

Floods, forest fires, global warming, the Covid pandemic and civil unrest. What’s going on can really get us down if we let it. If we become too worrisome we only make matters worse. It may not be easy but we owe it to ourselves to stay optimistic instead of becoming part of the problem.

Here is something I copied fro the Central Indiana Council on Aging that can help us stay positive:

How to Deal with Bad News When It’s Everywhere

  • Minimize exposure to bad news by turning off the TV!
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep (this is essential for maintaining a positive outlook).
  • Stay connected socially, even if only on the phone or computer.
  • Recognize your limitations—keep it simple and lower your expectations, without feeling guilty.
  • Ask for help.
  • Keep your sense of humor! A cheerful heart is good medicine, as the ancient proverb promises.
  • Remember that caregiving is not your identity; maintain your sense of self outside of caregiving.
  • Pause several times daily to take a few deep breaths and think of something you are thankful for.
  • Seek professional help if you struggle with depression.

The bad news here is that we must fight a strong inclination toward negativity, which can be harmful to ourselves and those around us. Although we have to work at being positive, achieving a consistent, positive mindset is possible and worth the effort. And that, friends, is good news.


You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.

Joyce Meyer


On a trip to the zoo, I made a casual stroll by the cage of a laughing hyena.  A young man was leaning over the bar at the edge of the cage, whispering something in the animal’s direction.  As I stepped closer, I heard him say, “Did you hear the one about…”


Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.


One night, Larry was walking home when, all of a sudden, a thief jumped on him. Larry and the thief began to wrestle. They rolled about on the ground and Larry put up a tremendous fight. However, the thief managed to get the better of him and pinned him to the ground.

The thief then went through Larry’s pockets and searched him. All the thief could find on him was 25 cents. The thief was so surprised at this that he asked Larry why he had bothered to fight so hard for a 25 cents.

“Was that all you wanted?” Larry replied, “I thought you were after the five hundred dollars I’ve got in my shoe!”


“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”

Anne Frank


Officer: “Soldier, do you have change for a dollar?”

Soldier: “Sure, buddy.”

Officer: “That’s no way to address an officer! Now let’s try it again!”

Officer: “Soldier. Do you have change for a dollar?”

Soldier: “No, SIR!”


All answers questioned here.


At a dinner party, several of the guests were arguing whether men or women were more trustworthy.

A man scornfully said, “No woman can keep a secret.”

“I don’t know about that,” huffily answered a woman guest. “I have kept my age a secret since I was twenty-one.”

“You’ll let it out some day,” the man insisted.

“I hardly think so!” responded the lady. “When a woman has kept a secret for twenty-seven years, she can keep it forever.”


“If you want an accounting of your worth, count your friends.”

Merry Browne


An old Jewish man on his deathbed whispered, “Sarah, Sarah, where are you, my dear wife?”

“Right here at your side, my love.”

“And my son, Moishe…where is he?”

“Right here at your side, papa.”

“And my daughter, Miriam…where is she?”

“Right here at your side, papa.”

“And my son, Abraham…where is he?”

“Right here at your side, papa.”

“What, none of you idiots is minding the store?”


It’s no use having a good memory unless you have something good to remember.


The Teacher, Ms. Jones, was very curious about how each of her students celebrated Christmas.

She called on young Patrick Murphy. “Tell me, Patrick, what do you do at Christmas time?” she asked.

Patrick addressed the class, “Well, Ms. Jones, me and my twelve brothers and sisters go to the midnight Mass and we sing hymns, then we come home very late and we put mince pies by the back door and hang up our stockings. Then all excited we go to bed and wait for Father Christmas to come with all our toys.”

“Very nice, Patrick,” she said. “Now, Jimmy Brown, what do you do at Christmas?” Ms. Jones asked.

“Well, Ms. Jones, me and my sister also go to church with Mum and Dad and we sing carols and we get home ever so late. We put cookies and milk by the chimney and we hang up our stockings. We hardly sleep waiting for Santa Claus to bring our presents, ” Jimmy replied.

“That’s also very nice, Jimmy,” she said. Realizing that there was a Jewish boy in the class and not wanting to leave him out of the discussion, she asked Isaac Cohen the same question. “Now, Isaac Cohen, what do you do at Christmas?” she asked.

“Well, we also sing carols!” Isaac responded. Surprised, Mrs. Jones questioned further. “Tell us what you sing,” Ms. Jones requested.

“Well, it’s the same thing every year. Dad comes home from the office. We all pile into the Rolls Royce, then we drive to his toy factory. When we get inside, we look at all the empty shelves and begin to sing, “What a Friend We Have In Jesus.”


All I ever wanted was an unfair advantage.


A West Virginia state trooper, stopped a woman for going 15 miles over the speed limit.  After he handed her a ticket, she asked, “Don’t you give out warnings?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied.  They’re all up and down the road.  They say, ‘Speed limit 55.'”


Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.

Deep Roy


Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

Ray’s Daily has been sent for more than twenty years to people who want to start their day on an upbeat. If you have system overload because of our daily clutter, let me know and I will send you the information via mental telepathy. If you have not been getting our daily you can request to be added by e-mailing me at raykiwsp@comcast.net. Back issues are posted at http://rays-daily,com/ currently there are hundreds of  readers from around the world.

We are doing OK

Ray’s Daily

August 11, 2021


The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.

George Bernard Shaw

Ray’s Daily first published on August 8, 2005


“My property taxes are too high,” “My boss is a jerk,” “It is too damn hot,” “Gasoline cost’s way too much,” “Somebody is getting more than their fair share, medical costs are way too high,” we hear these kind of complaints every day, I know I have made many myself. Fortunately we are in a country where we can complain without consequence other than the fact that others walk away when we become to much of a pain. In a democracy we have a right to our opinions and are expected to express them at the ballot box.

Too many others either don’t have the opportunity to complain or really have things to complain about. Last week I had the good fortune to be invited to join a small group to meet and listen to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She is the leading candidate for the presidency of Liberia. She has watched her country go through years of civil war, governments that where led by corrupt dictatorships, and a deteriorating society. She had to go into exile as it became too hostile for her to stay home. Fortunately for her country she continued to spend her time devoted to people both as undersecretary general of the Untied Nations and as an advisor to a number of public and private humanitarian organizations.

Today she is leading the Liberian unity movement that is working to bring her country back together and to eventually be able to sustain peace without dependence on UN Peacekeepers. The small audience in attendance last week were primarily Liberian and African experts as well as community leaders, and of course myself, who is neither. The dialogue outlined the difficulty attendant with first winning a free election and then solving her nation’s problems. Problems such as:

  • 85% unemployment.
  • Refugees returning to their villages only to find that they no longer exist.
  • 100,000 disarmed children and young people who were made to kill, often having no other choice.
  • A broken and often corrupt civil service.
  • Operating sweetheart contracts signed by a dictatorship that sold his country for kickbacks.
  • An infrastructure that has broken down to the point that often something as basic as water supply is unreliable at best.

So why am I reporting all of this to you? It is because I walked away realizing that all those things that we complain about pale by comparison. I don’t mean that we should stop doing what we can as citizens to make things better, what I do mean is that we are fortunate to only have the problems we have. When I think of life and how we became part of it I cannot help thinking that if it were not for my good fortune at birth I might have been one of those who are truly suffering, rather than one that is merely inconvenienced.


Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity.

Nancy Astor


She said, when my granddaughter, Ann, was 9-years-old, she was given an assignment by her teacher to write a story on “Where my family came from.” The purpose was to understand your genealogy.

I was not aware of her assignment when she asked me at the dining room table one night,

“Grandma, where did I come from?”

I responded quite nervously because my son and daughter-in-law were out of town and I was stalling until they returned home,

“Well, honey, the stork brought you.”

“Where did Mom come from then?”

“The stork brought her, too.”

“OK, then…. where did you come from?”

“The stork brought me too, dear.”

“Okay, thanks, Grandma.”

I did not think anything more about it until two days later when I was cleaning Ann’s room and read the first sentence of her paper. . .

“For three generations there have been no natural births in our family.”


“No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.”


My friend and I joined a weight-loss organization. At one meeting the instructor held up an apple and a candy bar.  

“What are the attributes of this apple,” she asked, “and how do they relate to our diet?”  

“Low in calories” and “lots of fiber,” were among the answers.  

She then detailed what was wrong with eating candy, and concluded, “Apples are not only more healthful but also less expensive. Do you know I paid fifty-five cents for this candy bar?” We stared as she held aloft the forbidden treat.  

From in back of the room a small voice spoke up. “I’ll give you seventy-five cents for it.”  


Talk is Cheap – until you hire a lawyer.


Mary:  Were your parents upset when you got a divorce?

Jill:  Well, you know how parents are.  My mother said, “SO!  Is this how it’s going to be?  Just one man after another for the rest of your life?”

Mary:  Typical!  What did you tell her?

Jill:  I said, “Gee, I hope so!”


When you are looking for obstacles, you can’t find opportunities.

J. C. Bell


A husband was with his wife when she decided to buy something for their daughter-in-law at an exclusive lingerie shop.

Inside, the husband was feeling very out of place when a beautiful clerk asked if she could help him.

In a cocky manner, he asked, “Where are all the men’s clothes?”

In a demure voice the clerk replied,        “All of these clothes *are* for men, sir.”


It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.

Claude Bernard


A salesman was trying to talk a farmer into buying a bicycle, but was meeting with considerable sales resistance.

“Shucks, I’d sooner spend my money on a cow,” said the farmer.

“Ah,” replied the salesman, “but think how silly you’d look riding around on a cow.”

“Humph!” retorted the farmer. “Not near as silly as I’d look trying to milk a bicycle!”


A husband is a man who wishes he had as much fun when he goes on business trips as his wife thinks he does.


Three people were trying to get into heaven. Peter asked the first, “Who’s there?” “It’s me, Albert Jones,” the voice replied. St. Peter let him in.

Then St. Peter asked the second one the second same question, “Who’s there?” “It’s me, Charlie Jones.” And St. Peter let him in.

Finally he turns to the third, asking the same question, “Who’s there?”

“It is I, Verla Chapman,” answered the third.

“Oh, great,” muttered St. Peter. “Another one of those English teachers.”


To care for anyone else enough to make their problems one’s own, is ever the beginning of one’s real ethical development.

Felix Adler


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Thanks for not quiting

Ray’s Daily

August 10, 2021


Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.

Roy T. Bennett

Before I had to give up my drivers license because of my deteriorating eyesight I made  an almost daily visit to Starbucks both for a Grande Latte and a snack. The ones I visited provided me the opportunity to meet with friends, colleagues and others. Now that I am somewhat immobile  I have to substitute my time with my neighbors instead of  my pleasant Starbucks visits.

I am grateful to Howard Shultz for having the perseverancemake Starbucks what it is today. Here is his story:

Thanks to the persistence and tenacity of Howard, today we can enjoy a delicious Starbucks coffee as we work at our computers in just about every city in the United States of America.

Most people don’t know this, but when Howard Shultz was just starting out, he was finding it very difficult to convince investors to write him a check.   It would take more than 214 rejections before he found someone who believed in his idea enough to help him fund it.

Now that’s staying power.  But that’s not all.  In it’s infancy, his company also incurred losses for three straight years.  And on one of those early years, 1989 to be exact, he incurred more than $1 million in losses alone. Fortunately, he managed to stick with his goal, and completely turned his company around and into one of the strongest brands on the planet. His k

Howard Shultz was a beast, and his efforts have made his pursuit a classic motivational story!


“I am convinced that most people can achieve their dreams and beyond if they have the determination to keep trying.”

Howard Schultz


A man went to his lawyer and said, “I would like to make a will but I don’t know exactly how to go about it.”

The lawyer said, “No problem, leave it all to me.”

The man looked somewhat upset and said, “Well, I knew you were going to take the biggest slice, but I would like to leave a little to my children too!”


“Some people grin and bear it.  Other people smile and change it.”


Steinberg and Fleisher, partners in the garment industry had just suffered through their worst season ever. Ten thousand madras sports coats were hanging on the rack unsold, and bankruptcy was looming closer.

Out of the blue, in walked a buyer from Australia. “I say there,” he began, “you boys wouldn’t have any madras sports coats, would you? I’ve been looking for them everywhere.”

Steinberg said there MIGHT be a few left, and soon a deal was made whereby the ten thousand jackets would be shipped to Australia at a handsome profit.

“There is one thing though,” said the Australian buyer. “For an order this large, I’ll have to get a confirmation from my home office. I don’t anticipate any problem, and unless I send you a telegram by this Friday, the deal goes through as planned.”

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday passed slowly, with the partners nervously waiting to see if the Australian would change his mind. Friday morning went by without incident. Steinberg and Fleisher were closing up shop when, at ten minutes to five, there was a knock on the door: …”Telegram!”

The partners froze. Trembling, Fleisher grabbed the telegram and opened it. Suddenly, his face lit up.

“Steinberg, GREAT NEWS! Your sister died!”


Your secrets are safe with me and all my friends.


When I was in high-school, Joel, a buddy of mine and I were discussing a girl from French class we had both befriended. Her family had recently relocated to the metro area from a farm way out in the sticks.  We both agreed that we’d never met a sweeter girl before, but she was too naive and trusting.

Joel said, “Listen, for her own good, and as her friends, we’ve got to teach her quickly what’s right & what’s wrong.”

I replied, “Agreed!  You teach her what’s right.”


All I want is a LITTLE more than I can spend!


Mrs. Crumps was called to serve for jury duty, but asked to be excused because she didn’t believe in capital punishment and didn’t want her personal thoughts to prevent the trial from running its proper course. But the public defender liked her thoughtfulness and quiet calm, and tried to convince her that she was appropriate to serve on the jury.

“Madam,” he explained, “This is not a murder trial! It’s a simple civil lawsuit. A wife is bringing this case against her husband because he gambled away the $12,000 he had promised to use to remodel the kitchen for her birthday.”

“Well, okay,” agreed Mrs. Crumps, “I’ll serve. I guess I could be wrong about capital punishment after all.”




She said:

As a single, never-married woman in my 40’s, I have been questioned endlessly about my status by friends, relatives, and co-workers.  Over the years I’ve noticed a subtle change in the nature of their inquiries.

In my teens, friends would ask, “Whom are you going out with this weekend?”

In my 20’s, relatives would say, “Whom are you dating?”

In my 30’s, co-workers might inquire, “So, are you dating anyone?”

Now people ask, “Where did you get that adorable purse?”


“I don’t feel old – I don’t feel anything until noon. Then its time for my nap.”

Bob Hope


Little Johnny and his family were having Sunday dinner at his Grandmother’s house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served.

When little Johnny received his plate he started eating right away. “Johnny wait until we say our prayer.”  “I don’t have to.” The boy replied. “Of course, you do,” his mother insisted. “We say a prayer before eating at our house.”

“That’s our house,” Johnny explained. “But this is Grandma’s house, and she knows how to cook!


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

T. S. Eliot


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Simple is better

Ray’s Daily

August 9, 2021


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


It seems like too many of us make our lives more complicated than we should. So often when folks talk about the good old days, they are remembering a time when their lives seamed to be less complicated. In the case of most folks my age things really are not as complicated as they seem. It is mainly our mindset that makes things seem that way.

Recently Angel Chernoff sent me an article on how we can simplify our lives. Here is an abridged copy of what she wrote.

Let’s get back to the basics, shall we? Let’s make things simple again. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Change your focus. – The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. The mind is indeed your battleground. It’s the place where the greatest conflict resides. It’s where half of the things you thought were going to happen, never did happen. But if you allow these thoughts to dwell in your mind, they will succeed in robbing you of peace, joy, and ultimately your life. You can’t change anything if you can’t change your thinking… A beautiful day always begins with a beautiful mindset.

2. Fight today’s battles ONLY. – No matter what’s happening, anyone can efficiently fight the battles of just one day. It’s only when you add the battles of those two abysmal eternities, yesterday and tomorrow, that life gets overwhelmingly complicated. Also, remember to refill your bucket on a daily basis. That means catching up on sleep, making time for fun and laughter, eating healthy enough to maintain peak energy levels, and otherwise making time for recovery from the pressures of life.

3. Respectfully care less. – Today, I challenge you to make this your lifelong, daily motto: “I respectfully do not care.” Say it to anyone who passes judgment on something you strongly believe in or something that makes you who you are. People will inevitable judge you at some point anyway, and that’s OK. Remind yourself that even when it seems personal, rarely do people do things because of you, they do things because of them. You may not be able control all the things people say and do to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Make that decision for yourself today.


“Voluntary simplicity means going fewer places in one day rather than more, seeing less so I can see more, doing less so I can do more, acquiring less so I can have more.”

John Kabat-Zinn


LOVE – When you’re only interested in doing things with your partner.  

LUST – When you’re only interested in doing things TO your partner.  

MARRIAGE – When you’re only interested in your golf score.  


You are suffering from what is technically known as an Electra Complex,” the psychiatrist is informing his blonde female patient. “In other words, you are in love with your father.”  

The blonde breaks down into hysterical sobbing.  

“Now, now,” comforts the shrink. “It’s not all that bad.”  

“Yes..(snif)…yes, it is,” the blonde gets out between sobs. “I have no chance at all…he’s a married man!”  


Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects of scorn to smart Americans who blow horns to break up traffic jams.

Mary Kelly


The boss called one of his employees into the office. “Rob,” he said, “you’ve been with the company for a year. You started off in the mail room, one week later you were promoted to a sales position, and one month after that you were promoted to district manager of the sales department. Just four short months later, you were promoted to vice- chairman. Now it’s time for me to retire, and I want you to take over the company. What do you say to that?”

“Thanks,” said the employee.

“Thanks?” the boss replied.a “Is that all you can say?”

“I suppose not,” the employee said. “Thanks, Dad.”


Some people hate getting out of bed. I enjoy it. I do it 3-4 times a day.


A young couple came into the church office to fill out a pre-marriage questionnaire form. The young man, who had never talked to a pastor before, was quite nervous and the pastor tried to put him at ease.

When they came to the question, “Are you entering this marriage of your own free will?” there was a long pause.

Finally, the girl looked over at the apprehensive young man and said, “Put down yes.”


If you can’t see the bright side of life, there’s nothing to do but keep polishing the dull side.

A nun, badly needing to use to the restroom, walked into a local Hooters restaurant. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while the lights would turn off. Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers.


However, when the revelers saw the nun, the room went dead silent.

She walked up to the bartender, and asked, “May I please use the restroom? The bartender replied, “OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf.”

“Well, in that case I’ll just look the other way,” said the nun.

So, the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant, and she proceeded to the restroom. After a few minutes, she came back out, and the whole place stopped just long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause.

She went to the bartender and said, “Sir, I don’t understand. Why did they applaud for me just because I went to the restroom?”

“Well, now they know you’re one of us,” said the bartender, “Would you like a drink?”

“But, I still don’t understand,” said the puzzled nun.

“You see,” laughed the bartender, “every time the fig leaf on the statue is lifted up, the lights go out. Now, how about that drink?”


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”


Steve Jobs


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What do you see?

Ray’s Daily

August 6, 2021


“I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.”

Ray’s Daily first published on August 6, 2007

I am sure you have often heard that perception is reality. Of course that does not mean that everything we see, understand, or hear is real; it is only real to us. As we grow older we understand more and more the value of avoiding falling into the trap of impressions that appear to be certainties. The choice we have to make is to decide how deep we want to look or even if looking at all is worth it.

To a large extent what we chose to look for controls what our world looks like in our own minds. Many of us see much of our world filtered through our own prejudice and our failure to look beyond just our daily activity. That’s why I like a healthy curiosity so much, it opens the door to adventure and discovery. The problem as I see it is that there is never enough time to see all there is to see. I think that’s good, at least from the standpoint that I don’t have time to look too deeply into both the bad and good things in my life. So guess what, I chose to spend my time looking at all that is good in my life fortunately that does not leave me much time to inventory the bad stuff.

 Here is what Ralph Marston said about our choices:

It is just as easy to focus your thoughts on something positive in your life as it is to focus on something negative. It is just as easy to be sincerely thankful for your blessings as it is to be bitter and angry about your problems. Maintaining a positive outlook on life requires no more effort than it takes to go around with a negative attitude. And that positive approach will bring much more value, meaning and fulfillment to your life.

Staying positively focused requires no special skills or resources or position. All it takes is a choice. All it takes is the conscious choice to break away from the burdensome habit of negativity. It is a choice you can make right now, and in every moment that follows. Make that choice, and your limiting fears will be overwhelmed by purposeful determination. Make that choice, and your most difficult challenges will become your greatest opportunities.

Living with a positive focus is just as easy as spending your precious time immersed in negativity. And it’s a whole lot more enjoyable, too.


“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons.

Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible.”

Cherie Carter-Scott


Sadie bumps into her friend Rachel at the mall. “You’re looking very tired today, Rachel. Did you have a late night?”

“Yes,” replies Rachel, “but it was all very strange. While doing some gardening yesterday, I found a lamp, so I rubbed it and out popped a genie. He gave me a choice of two wishes.”

“Wow, fantastic,” says Sadie, “so what were the choices he gave you, Rachel?”

“He said he could either give me an excellent, sharp, 100% memory or else he could make my Harry the best lover in the world.”

“So tell me already, Rachel, what did you choose?”

“I can’t remember,” replies Rachel.


Remember the good old days when people killed time by working instead of by taking coffee breaks?


A young Scottish lad and lass were sitting on a low stone wall, holding hands, gazing out over the loch. For several minutes they sat silently. Then finally the girl looked at the boy and said, “A penny for your thoughts, Angus.”

“Well, uh, I was thinkin’…perhaps it’s aboot time for a wee kiss.”

The girl blushed, then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Then he blushed. The two turned once again to gaze out over the loch.

Minutes passed and the girl spoke again. “Another penny for your thoughts, Angus.” “Well, uh, I was thinkin’ perhaps it’s noo time aboot time for a wee cuddle.”

The girl blushed, then leaned over and cuddled him for a few seconds.

Then he blushed. Then the two turned once again to gaze out over the loch.

After a while, she again said, “Another penny for your thoughts, Angus.”

“Well, uh, I was thinkin’ perhaps it’s aboot time you let me put my hand on your leg.”

The girl blushed, then took his hand and put it on her knee. Then he blushed. The two turned once again to gaze out over the lock before the girl spoke again.

“Another penny for your thoughts, Angus.”

The young man glanced down with a furled brow. “Well, noo,” he said, “my thoughts are a wee bit more serious this time.”

“Really?” said the lass in a whisper, filled with anticipation.

“Aye,” said the lad, nodding.

The girl looked away in shyness, began to blush, and bit her lip in anticipation of the ultimate request.

Then he said, “Dae ye nae think it’s aboot time ye paid me the first three pennies?”


A pleasure is not full grown until it is remembered.

C.S. Lewis


A woman visited a psychic of some local repute. In a dark and gloomy room, gazing at the Tarot cards laid out before her, the Tarot reader delivered the bad news: “There is no easy way to say this so I’ll just be blunt: Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent and horrible death this year.”

Visibly shaken, the woman stared at the psychic’s lined face, then at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands. She took a few deep breaths to compose herself. She simply had to know.

She met the Tarot reader’s gaze, steadied her voice, and asked, “Will I get away with it?”


“Economy” today means a large container of detergent or a small car.


A city slicker moves to the country and decides he’s going to take up farming. He heads to the local co-op and tells the man,    “Give me 100 baby chickens.” The co-op man complies.

A week later the man returns and says, “Give me 200 baby chickens.” The co-op man complies.

Again, a week later the man returns.  This time he says, “Give me 500 baby chickens.”  “Wow!” the co-op man replies, “You must really be doing well!”

“Naw,” said the man with a sigh, “I’m either planting them too deep or too far apart!”


God invented mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere at once and God invented guilt so mothers could be everywhere at once.


Some of the children at a day care center were talking about their siblings.

“My brother takes karate lessons,” bragged one.

“My sister takes gymnastics,” said another.

Not to be outdone, the youngest piped up, “My sister takes antibiotics!”


I bought my wife a new car. She called and said, “There was water in the carburetor.”

I said, “Where’s the car?”

She said, “In the lake.”

Henny Youngman


Your attitude is an expression of your values, beliefs and expectations.

Brian Tracy


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Keep Going

Ray’s Daily

August 5, 2021


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Robert Collier

We are back wearing masks outside of our apartments. The latest Covid restrictions again may limit our activities. I get concerned that som folks will just hunker down and discontinue their activities.

In my mind we just need to keep going as we overcome the limits placed on our activities. The worse thing we can do for ourselves is restricting our actions to the point we miss the good things going on.

The best people I know always persevere, they just kee[ going. I like the reminder offered in the following stoary.

Colonel Sanders has one of the most motivational success stories

Earning his place on this best motivational stories list is KFC’s Colonel Harland Sanders.

Sanders worked a number of jobs, such as a steam engine stoker, filling station operator and an insurance salesman, but it wasn’t until his time running his restaurant in Kentucky that he made what would make him famous. While there, he developed his secret recipe and method of cooking chicken.

Sanders proceeded to go around USA trying to sell his chicken recipe to restaurants. His idea was to give them the recipe for free and then take a percentage on each chicken dish sold.

Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times before he got his first “yes”.

Colonel Sanders proves that sometimes you just need to keep going if you want to be successful.


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Thomas Edison



  • If it was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called labor!
  • Shouting to make your children obey is like using the horn to steer your car, and you get about the same results.
  • The smartest advice on raising children is to enjoy them while they are still on your side.
  • Avenge yourself — live long enough to be a problem to your children.
  • The best way to keep kids at home is to give it a loving atmosphere — and hide the keys to the car.
  • Parents:  People who bare infants, bore teenagers, and board newlyweds.
  • Life’s golden age is when the kids are too old to need babysitters and too young to borrow the family car.
  • Any child can tell you that the sole purpose of a middle name is so he can tell when he’s really in trouble.
  • There are three ways to get something done: Do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or forbid your children to do it.
  • Oh, to be only half as wonderful as my child thought I was when he was small, and half as stupid as my teenager now thinks I am.

“A new study shows that large doses of Vitamin E do not protect against heart attacks and cancer, and might actually raise the risk of heart failure. The study was published in this month’s Journal of Things that Scientists Told You to Do Last Month That Turned Out to Be Harmful This Month.”

Dennis Miller


She said:

I’d always been apprehensive about joining a chat room for fear I’d do something wrong.  One day after my son, Sean, had gotten off the computer, I logged on to the Internet to play a game.  Suddenly a screen popped up saying, “Your friend is online.”  Apparently Sean had forgotten to sign off, and I took the opportunity to chat with someone I probably knew.  Sean’s friend assumed he was still chatting with Sean, and I was having fun with the situation.  After a few minutes, however, Sean’s friend typed:

“Who is this?”

“Why do you ask that?” I responded.

The reply came across the screen: “Because Sean doesn’t spell that good.”


She said I’m an escaped mom: Don’t tell anyone you saw me.’


There she stood in the line at the post office, a line that wound its way almost out the front door. A fellow customer spoke to the elderly lady waiting to buy some stamps.

“Ma’am, you must be very tired. Did you know there’s a stamp machine over there in the corner?” He pointed to the machine built into the wall.

“Why yes, thank you,” the lady replied, “but I’ll just wait here a little while longer. I’m getting close to the window.”

The customer became insistent.

“But it would be so much easier for you to avoid this long line and buy your stamps from the machine.”

The woman patted him on the arm and answered,

“Oh, I know. But that old machine would never ask me how my grandchildren are doing.”


Man improves himself as he follows his path; if he stands still, waiting to improve before he makes a decision, he’ll never move.

Paulo Coelho


During a training cruise, a destroyer was weaving its way through a myriad of islands and small fishing boats.  Although it was a clear day, the radar was in operation to train the reservists.

A report came from the radar room to the bridge, “Target bearing 230 degrees, believe it to be a log.”

Unimpressed by this superb job of radar interpretation, the young Officer of the Deck scanned the water with his powerful glasses.

Perceiving a pair of sea gulls on top of the accurately reported log, he barked, “Radar, this is the bridge.  Regarding your last reported target, there are two sea gulls on that log which you failed to report!”

There was a long silence as the radar antenna was swung about and pointed in the direction of the log.  Then the voice of the chief radarman was heard, “Regarding the last sighting, we have a correction to make, sir. There ARE two sea gulls on that log — one male, the other female!”


“I used to be an airline pilot.  I got fired because I kept locking the keys in the plane.  They caught me on a 20-foot extension ladder with a coat hanger.”

Steven Wright


Mary:  Work is a magic word around our house.

Helen:  What do mean?

Mary:  When I say ‘work’ my husband disappears.


It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.



Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

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You Can

Ray’s Daily

August 4, 2021


The surest way to escape anxiety and defeat despair is action. Do, don’t dwell.

Michael Josephson

Some days are challenging as we live our lives. Too often we let these challenges take us down, fortunately it does not have to be this way. Especially with the Covid epidemic it is important that we do our best. As difficult as things may seem we can do well.

Here are excerpts from a piece I was sent by Marc Chernoff, he minds us that our days are up to us. I hope you will join me as we continue to do our best.

7 Mantras for Those Who Have Lost Their Motivation and Hope

  • Never assume that you are stuck with the way things are right now. Life changes every single second, and so can you. – When hard times hit there’s a tendency to extrapolate and assume the future holds more of the same. For some strange reason this doesn’t happen as much when things are going well. If you don’t allow yourself to move past what happened, what was said, what was felt, you will look at your future through that same dirty lens, and nothing will be able to focus your foggy judgment. You will keep on justifying, reliving, and fueling a perception that is worn out and false.
  • It is what it is. Accept it, learn from it, and grow from it. It doesn’t matter what’s been done; what truly matters is what you do from here.
  • Use pain, frustration and inconvenience to motivate you rather than annoy you. You are in control of the way you look at life. – Instead of getting angry, find the lesson. In place of envy, feel admiration. In place of worry, take action. In place of doubt, have faith.
  • The most effective way to move away from something you don’t want, is to move toward something you do want, gradually and consistently. – The key is in building small daily rituals, and understanding that what you do in small steps on a daily basis changes everything over time.
  • Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results. For it always makes you stronger, more educated, and more experienced. – So when the going gets tough, be patient and keep going. Just because you are struggling does not mean you are failing.
  • Practice patience. And remember that patience is not about waiting—it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while working diligently to make daily progress.
  • Don’t lower your standards, but do remember that removing your expectations of others is the best way to avoid being derailed by them. – As you strive to make progress, you will inevitably encounter road blocks in the form of difficult people. But realize that the greatest stress you go through when dealing with a difficult person is not fueled by the words or actions of this person—it is fueled by your mind that gives their words and actions importance.
  • As you age, you’ll learn to value your time, genuine relationships, meaningful work, and peace of mind, much more. Little else will matter. – Remember this, especially when the going gets chaotic and tough. Focus on what matters in each moment and let go of what does not. Eliminate needless distractions. Stop investing so much of your energy into refining the wrong areas of your life.


You must expect setbacks and regressions. Don’t say to yourself “All is lost. I have to start all over again.” This is not true. What you have gained you have gained….When you return to the the road, you return to the place where you left it, not to where you started.

Henri Nouwen37


A truck driver went to look for a job.  He showed up at this one place that needed truck drivers bad. He was told that if he could pass an exam, he would be able to go right to work.

The truck driver asked “If’n I was to pass this test, what time do you want me and Leroy to show up for work?”

The man said, “Who is Leroy?”

“Oh, Leroy be my swamper, we been togetter for sebenteen yearrr, I don’t go nowhere wifout Leroy.”

“Well we do need truck drivers really bad, OK. If you pass your exam you and Leroy can start to work tomorrow.”

The man said the first part of the exam was oral. “Suppose you’re driving down the road at 65 MPH, and you come around a curve of a narrow road, then you come to a bridge, and in the middle of the bridge is another truck jackknifed in the middle of the bridge. You can’t stop, you can’t go to the left or right. Quick, What’s the first thing you’re going to do?”

The truck driver took his time answering. “Well the first thing I do will be reach over and wake up Leroy.”

“Why would you wake up Leroy first?”

“Well me and Leroy been togetter fer sebenteen yearrr, and he ain’t never seen a wreck like we gonna have!”


“When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left.”

Sufi Epigram


Linda was driving her old beat up car on the Highway with her 7 year old son. She tried to keep up with traffic but they were flying by her.

After getting caught in a large group of cars flying down the road, she looked at her speedometer to see she was doing 15 miles over the speed limit. Slowing down, she moved over to the side and got out of the clump that soon left her behind.

Linda looked up and saw the flashing lights of a police car. She waited for the officer to come up to her car. As he did he said, “Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over?”

Her son piped up from the back seat, “I do… because you couldn’t catch the other cars!”


Grass grows in direct proportion to your unwillingness to mow it.


A lady in New York had a beautiful black cat, named Felix, who spent his days outside and came indoors at night. One cool October evening, he disappeared. The neighbor searched for him in vain for several days. The following spring, however, Felix reappeared, looking healthy and clean. She figured he’s been out sowing his wild oats. Everything was back to normal until that autumn, when Felix disappeared again. The next spring, he returned. Perplexed, my aunt’s friend began asking neighbors for clues. Finally, she rang the bell of an older couple who lived down the street. “A black cat?” the woman said. “Oh, yes! My husband and I hated to see him out in the cold, so we bought a cat carrier. We take him to Florida with us every winter.”


Support a Lawyer – Become a Doctor


One day a man came home from work to find his wife crying hysterically in the kitchen.

“What’s wrong dearest??” asked the confused husband.

“Oh darling,” sobbed the wife, “I was cleaning little Suzie’s room when I found whips, handcuffs and chains under her bed, along with a very erotic porn magazine! What ever are we going to do???”

“Well,” replied the man…

“I guess a spanking is out of the question?”


It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.

Professor Dumbledore


Three little boys were bragging about how tough they were. “I’m so tough”, said the first boy, “that I can wear out a pair of shoes in a week”.

“Well”, said the second little boy, “I’m so tough, I can wear out a pair of jeans in a day”.

“That’s nothing”, said the third boy. “When my parents take me to see my grandma and grampa, I can wear them out in a hour”.


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

Helen Keller


Remember Sam Levenson? Not enough people do. He was such a clever man but time has diminished the memory of his wit. I thought I’d resurrect him, as his words today are as pithy as they were when he wrote them.

“Many wise words are spoken in jest, but they don’t compare with the number of stupid words spoken in earnest.”

“The first screw to get loose in your head is the one that holds your tongue in place.”

“You’re only young once. After that it takes some other excuse for behaving like an idiot.”

“Even if the majority agrees on an idiotic idea, it is still an idiotic idea.”

“The greatness of this or any country may still be measured by the number of people trying to get IN vs. the number trying to get OUT.”

“The best defense of our country is to keep it at all times WORTH defending.”

“War doesn’t prove who is right; only who is left.”

“War is better at abolishing nations than nations are at abolishing wars.”

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.”

“There are more important things in life than money. The trouble is they all cost money.”


You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to teach anything. You just have to be who you are: a bright flame shining in the darkness of despair, a shining example of a person able to cross bridges by opening your heart and mind.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche


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