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July 12, 2021


Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Chili Davis

As you know I have found that my life at 88 is much better than I thought it could be. I find that being in an independent senior living facility provides the environment where folks have the freedom to find enjoyment in the aging process. We have a dining room where we eat together, enjoy each other’s company and are well fed.

Our activites provide us opportunities to exercise, learn, play and add positive experiences to our days. We have less to worry about while retaining the freedom to make the most of our remaing years.

Recently I ran across an article that shared tips on aging, here are a few I extracted because I think they are right on target.


Do something you enjoy every day. When you immerse yourself in things you enjoy, you can’t wait to do them again. And then you do them again, and again and again, and the enjoyment continues.

Work at friendships. Friendships are fuel, providing energy, love and feeding your emotions. You’re never too old for new friendships.

Embrace change. Life is change. Resisting it wastes precious time and energy. Living for it can create adventures you never thought possible.

Know yourself. You know best what you like and don’t like, and you have the power to emphasize the good.

Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your own inner voices and senses and do what makes you feel best.

Share happiness. Make a point to spread joy whenever possible. It feels good to make someone else feel good, and it’s very inexpensive to do.

Get sufficient rest. Living takes work; we all need a break. Take one whenever you need to.

Smile a lot.

Exercise. It feels good to get those endorphins jumping.

Suround yourself with people who lift you up rather than bring you down.

Embrace the joys of old age. You’re smarter; you’re more experienced and you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Realize that although your body deteriorates, your spirit grows stronger if you allow it.

Treat others with respect and dignity. You’ll find respect and dignity come back to you.


Why a Kitten is Better Than a Baby

Veterinarians have evening hours.

Your kitten won’t be able to disturb the whole movie with its crying. Heck, you don’t even have to take the kitten with you, and if you don’t, you don’t even have to worry about whether or not the sitter is available tonight.

Your kitten won’t grow out of those cute but expensive clothes within three months.

Kittens look cute if they haven’t had a bath in a month.

You probably don’t have to lie awake nights wondering how you’re going to finance your kitten’s college education.

No one will question your abilities to function normally at your job when they hear you just got a kitten.

You only have to change the litter box once a day.


“Every single moment is absolutely extraordinary. But the next day is a thousand times better.”

Salvador Dali


An airbus with 346 passengers on board met with technical problems and as the message was flashed to the passengers, they started screaming with fear. The Captain said, “Don’t panic. I want to ask you. Who among you is the greatest believer. Who has the greatest faith in God?”

A passenger from the economy class yelled “Myself” Captain: “Are you sure?”

Passenger: “Yes, I am.”

Captain: “Please stand at that corner and pray. We have a shortage of 1 parachute.”


Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string.



Esther broke-up with her boyfriend.

She asked her Mother’s advice about returning the gifts he’d given her.

Without a pause, her Mother replied: “Send back the stuffed animals and letters, but keep the jewelry for sentimental reasons.”


“There’s an old saying – There’s No Place Like Home. Well, I went in the house next door, and it was very similar.”

Geoffrey Parfitt


A young man called his mother and announced excitedly that he had just met the woman of his dreams.  He asked her about what he should do next.

His mother had an idea:

“Why don’t you send her flowers, and on the card invite her to your place for a home-cooked meal?”

He thought this was a great strategy and arranged a date for a week later. His mother called the day after the big date to see how things had gone.

“Oh, mom, the evening was a disaster,” he moaned.

“Why…….didn’t she come over?” asked his mother.

“Oh, she came over alright………but she refused to cook…”


Why are a wise man and a wise guy opposites?


An employment interviewer for a big company in New York was talking to an attractive young woman applying for a job. Looking over the application form, the interviewer noticed that the girl had not answered one important question concerning transportation to and from work.

“What about your bus line?” the interviewer asked her.

“I don’t believe I mentioned it,” came the pleased reply, “but it’s a 36C.”


“Live your life and forget your age.”

Norman Vincent Peale


A couple with their four-year-old son was dining at one of San Francisco’s sophisticated restaurants.  “What do you suggest for a little boy who likes nothing but hamburgers, hot dogs, and tacos?” asked the mother.

“Los Angeles or San Diego,” sniffed the waiter.


Of all the people I have met, you are certainly one.


An aspiring young actor asked a young lady’s father if he could have his daughter’s hand in marriage. The father said, “I would never let my daughter marry an actor.”

The actor said, “Sir, I think you may change your mind if you see me perform. Won’t you at least come and see the play?”

So the father went to see the play, and the next day he called the actor, “You were right. I did change my mind. Go ahead and marry my daughter. You’re no actor.”


Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator.



We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw


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