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May 17, 2021


Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin

And now another week. I hope folks continue to get vaccinated so we can put the threat of Covid in fection behind us. I cannot understand the people who are willing to risk illness and even death rather than protect themselves.

This is a time when we need each other. First to do what we can to protect others health and secondlyto provide the rewards that come from friendships and companionship. I know in my case I really appreciate the support I get from others. I also do what I xan for them as well.

I am grateful for all I have been allowed to do over the years. The following story reminded me of how we can do well.

Three Simple Words that Change Everything

How wonderful it would be if there were a simple formula for success. I think of the man who was honoured as ‘Businessperson of the Year.’ At the presentation dinner, a newspaper reporter asked him . . . ‘To what do you owe your great success and prosperity?’

‘Five things contributed to my success’ . . . said the man. ‘First, I always treated people fairly. Second, I always offered a fair price. Third, I was always honest. Fourth, I was always generous to my employees. And fifth, my Aunt Edna died a few years back and left me two and a half million dollars.’

Certainly, the top four items on his list are well worth following – fairness, sound business principles, honesty and generosity. Each contributes toward success and Aunt Edna’s infusion of money certainly helped.

But there is one behaviour that will almost always guarantee that we will succeed at most everything we do. And it is especially important if we want to build whole and happy lives.

Professor Richard Weaver, who taught at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, points us to that behaviour. He sums it up in three simple words . . . ‘and then some.’ Most people do what is expected of them. But some do what is expected and then some.

  • They meet their obligations and responsibilities fairly and then some.
  • They are good friends to their friends and then some.
  • They build bridges; they mend fences and then some.
  • They can be counted on in an emergency and then some.
  • They are considerate and kind and then some.
  • They donate money, expertise and time and then some.

There are many paths to getting what you want out of life and becoming the kind of person you want to be in life. But the surest way of succeeding is to remember those three words . . . ‘and then some.’

They are only three simple words, but they change everything.

Written by Steve Goodier


“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

William Butler Yeats



1. This is your Captain speaking, I just wanted to take this time to remind you that your seat cushions can be used as floatation devices.

2. Hey folks, we’re going to play a little game of geography trivia. If you can recognize where we are, tell your flight attendant and receive an extra pack of peanuts.

3. Our loss of altitude allows a unique close up perspective of the local terrain. I assure you that it’s all part of our airlines new commitment to make your a flight a sight seeing extravaganza.

5. Ummmmmm….Sorry……(silence)

6. (As the plane turns around right after takeoff)….uhhhhh….we have to go back …. we ..we ….uhhhhhh ….forgot something…..

7. I’m sure everyone noticed the loss of an engine, however the reduction in weight and drag will mean we’ll be flying much more efficiently now.  (ironic note: this is actually true for prop aircraft!)

8. Fasten your seat belt. (same tone your friend with the suicidal driving tendencies uses when you get in the car)

9. This is your Captain speaking….these stupid planes are a lot different than the ships I’m used to.. so you’ll have to give me some leeway…

10. It would be a good idea if right now everyone closed their shades and watched the in-flight movie.


“Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get.”

George Bernard Shaw


A woman who works for the state of Calif. got a call from a man who paused when she told him the name of her agency. He then asked her to repeat it.

“It’s the Governor’s Office for Elderly Affairs,” she told him again.

There was another pause. “For gosh sakes, sign me up,” he said. “I didn’t do too well when I was young.”


Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart.


After spending all day Sunday watching football on television, a man fell asleep and spent the night in the chair. His wife woke him in the morning.

“It’s twenty to seven,” she called.

“In whose favor?”


“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”



A college senior took his new girlfriend to a football game.

The young couple found their seats in the crowded stadium and was watching the action when a substitute was sent into the game. As the promising young player ran onto the field to take his position, the boy pointed at him and said to his girlfriend, “Keep an eye on that fellow. I expect him to be our best man next year.”

His girlfriend snuggled closer to him and said, “That’s the strangest proposal I ever heard, but I accept!”


Does anybody else find it ironic that many couples split up because they haven’t spent enough time together?


While leading activities for seniors at a nursing home, I asked my group to complete these well-known phrases.

For example, I would prompt them with, “Better safe…” to which they would answer, “than sorry.” The game proceeded as expected until I got to the phrase, “Make love, not war.” I had barely gotten out the first two words when a 90-year old shouted from the back, “while you can.”


“Always do your best. What you plant now you will harvest later.”

Og Mandino


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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