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December 17, 2020


People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.    

Mac Miller

While I cannot predict my future I don’t spend time worrying about what it might be. These days are what they are and it is up to me to make the best of them as possible. I do believe that the day will come when we will find more that we can again do. No matter what is going on around us our life goes on and how we live is up to us.

Here is a story that reminds us that life has its ups and downs.

Plant Annually

‘I hate this time of the year,’ she said. I was surprised to hear that from her. Her smile is the welcome we all would love to see at the beginning and end of the day. She’s happy.  She usually finds hope in the hopeless. So, hearing this today set me back. I connect with people like her and depend on them to get me through. I call them ‘spiritual lighthouses,’ small beacons of light on my journey.

I hoped this was just a bump in the road for her.  People, who are optimistic and positive have bad days, too. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

She wouldn’t look at me.  She knew why I was asking this.  She heard what I was hearing beyond the words spoken. ‘I walked into my garden and everything was dying,’ she replied.

‘What’s in your garden?’ I asked.

‘Flowers.  Beautiful, fragrant flowers.’


‘For the most part.’

‘Who is responsible for their dying?’

She was quiet for a moment and then turning toward me, said, I took very good care of them.’

‘I’m sure you did.’

‘So, who’s responsible?’

She didn’t answer.

‘It is the same source that gave them life and the promise of rebirth. The life that is there in dying. It is our charge, therefore to see the life in every death. The annuals are like the things of the world. They are here and gone. But we are God’s perennials. What is given to us is more valuable than what we take. Your caring for the garden is an example of how we should live. If you want to see love, give it.  If you want to see hope, give hope. If you want to see life, give life,’ I said.

I saw my friend today. She was smiling. On her desk, in a vase, was the last rose of summer.

When she looked at me I said, ‘Plant annually, believe perennially.’

Written by Bob Perks


Life is an operation which is done in a forward direction. One lives toward the future, because to live consists inexorably in doing, in each individual life making itself.

Jose Ortega Gasset


The Top Signs Your SUV Is Too Big

Your kids refer to riding the bus to school as “downsizing.”  

Before go you out, you have to file for a parade permit.  

You’re the first one in your neighborhood to own a 2004 Halliburton-Savior S-Class.  

It has its own gravitational field and has drawn a Geo Metro into its orbit.  

There are two successful Starbucks franchises located in the back seat.  

It doubles as a carport for your Taurus.  

It’s great for soccer moms, since the back seat folds down into an entire field, complete with goals.  

You need a Sherpa and an oxygen tank to reach the driver’s seat.  

Your buddy riding shotgun is in a different time zone.  

Mortgage payment = $2200. Texaco card payment = $2201.  

You get a letter from Hans Blix demanding that it be dismantled immediately.  

Due to new military intel that has narrowed the search down to the inside of your vehicle, President Bush remains confident that Osama Bin Laden will someday be found.  

The fuel gauge doubles as a fan.  


A teacher asked one of her pupils, “What’s the nation’s capital?”

The reply was, “Washington DC.”

On being asked what the ‘DC’ stood for, the pupil added, “Dot com!”


An applicant for a driver’s license came to the question:

“How many feet are required to stop a car traveling 30 mph?”

He answered:

“Two feet; one for the clutch, one for the brake.”

He got his license.


“There is a spark of idealism within every individual which can be fanned into flame and bring forth extraordinary results.”

Louis Brandeis


My brother Scott brought over a photo album of his camping trip.  One picture showed a brown bear helping itself to his food.

“What kind of bear is that?” I asked.

“It’s called a Kodiak,” Scott replied.

“Oh, yeah?” my husband Keith shot back.  “And I suppose those white ones in the Arctic are called Polaroid’s?”


“At whatever stage you apologize to your wife, the answer is always the same — ‘it’s too late now’.”

Denys Parsons



The Royal Crown Cola bottle with a stopper with a bunch of holes in it that sat on the end of the ironing board to “sprinkle” clothes with because we didn’t have steam irons.

Head lights dimmer switches on the floor.

Ignition switches on the dashboard.

Heaters mounted on the inside of the fire wall.

Real ice boxes.

Pant leg clips for bicycles without chain guards.

Soldering irons you heat on a gas burner.

Using hand signals for cars without turn signals.


More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

 Harold J. Smith


Couples who have lived together a long time have their own way of communicating.  A woman over heard her aunt and uncle one day:

“What are you looking for in that closet?” Sadie asked.

“Nothing,” Morris answered.

“Well, it’s not in there.  Look under the bed.”


My mind is now so crowded with valuable information that I can’t think.


Two elderly, excited Southern women were sitting together in the front pew of church listening to a fiery preacher.

When this preacher condemned the sin of stealing, these two ladies cried out at the tops of their lungs, “AMEN, BROTHER!”

When the preacher condemned the sin of lust, they yelled again, “PREACH IT, REVEREND!”

And when the preacher condemned the sin of lying, they jumped to their feet and screamed, “RIGHT ON, BROTHER! TELL IT LIKE IT IS… AMEN!”

But when the preacher condemned the sin of gossip, the two got very quiet. One turned to the other and said, “He’s quit preaching and now he’s meddlin’.”


I think your problem is low self-esteem. It is very common among losers.”


A student comes back to the dorm & finds his roommate near tears.  “What’s the matter, pal?” he asked.  “I wrote home for my parents to send money so that I could buy a laptop, and they sent me the laptop.” he moaned.


Even though we have been hurt, we must find a way to get through it, life goes on whether we want it to or not. The world keeps turning no matter how bad we feel. This is why we have to learn how to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Rashida Rowe


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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