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October 5, 2020


“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

Ben Carson

One of the things I have noticed is how many of us decide to just stop and do little after we retire. In the senior community in which I now live I have learned that the vibrant and happiest residents are those who stay active. I have found that it is never too late to commit to achieving the happiness that comes from perseverance and accomplishment. We may not be able to do everything we use to do but there is still plenty we can do.

The following abridged article provides insight in how we can all find happiness through keeping active.

11 ways to make this your best year yet

To help you make this year your best ever, take a few moments to ponder these 11 suggestions:

1. Challenge yourself – Have a clear vision and focus of what you want to achieve and set a time frame. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be at all times. Write down your goals, have a plan of action, and never doubt you will be successful.

2. Find the love factor – Surround yourself with loving, supportive people.  Stay away from the dream stealers, the people who would bring you down.

3. Dedicate quality time – Life is so precious; make the most of each and every day.  Value not only the time you spend with your loved ones, but also the time you spend by yourself.

4. Stretch your comfort zone – Do at least one thing a day, which makes you feel uncomfortable.  Push yourself; you will be amazed how far you can go. 

5. Be passionate – Show passion in everything you do. Let it show in your body language, in your smile, in your voice.  Let the world see and hear your enthusiasm and let it feel your passion.

6. Serve others – Your world will be enriched and a better place for sharing your talents and giving freely of your time.  Leave a lasting legacy.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Let go of the little things you can’t control.  Be tolerant, smile…don’t waste your energies on the small stuff, you have much bigger fish to fry.

8. Live with integrity – Always be true to yourself.  Take pride in whatever you do.  Be proud of who you are and what you represent.  Accept others with all their flaws.  Show compassion and goodwill to your fellow human beings.  Be dignified.  Lead a life of purpose and be proud of your values.

9. Show gratitude – Show gratitude and say thank-you to the people who have helped you along the way. Show people you appreciate and care about them.  Acts of kindness cost nothing but mean everything.

10. Celebrate success – Take time to recognise yourself and others for even the small successes.  But also be humble and dignified, sensitive to people who are not as fortunate as you.

11. Exude a positive attitude – I cannot express enough the importance of having a positive attitude and believing in yourself.  Yes, you can be well intentioned, you can be determined, but without a positive attitude about yourself and about life, you will not succeed.  Dreams will die, goals will fade, and gloom and darkness will replace clear blue skies and sunshine in your mind and heart.

Written by Charles Marcus


“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw


Real teachers buy Excedrin and Advil in bulk.

Real teachers grade papers in the car, during commercials, in faculty meetings, in the bathroom, and at the end of nine weeks have even been seen grading in church.

Real teachers cheer when they hear that April 1st does not fall on a school day.

Real teachers drive older cars owned by credit unions.

Real teachers wear glasses from trying to read the fine print in the teacher’s manuals.

Real teachers have been timed gulping down lunch in 2 minutes 18 seconds. Master teachers can eat faster than that.

Real teachers know it is better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Real teachers know the difference between what ought to be graded, what should be graded, and what should never see the light of day.

Real teachers know that the first class disruption they see is probably the second one that occurred.

Real teachers have their best conferences in the parking lot.

Real teachers know that rules do not apply to them.

Real teachers know that happy hour does indeed begin on Friday afternoons.

Real teachers do not take “no” for an answer unless it is written in a complete sentence.

Real teachers know the value of a good education and are appalled upon seeing their paychecks.

Real teachers hear the heartbeats of crisis; always have time to listen;  know they teach students, not subjects; and they are absolutely nonexpendable.


In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.


After going through Lamaze, Leboyer, and La Leche classes with his expectant wife, the proud new father remained by her bedside throughout the labor delivery and wanting to be as sympathetic as possible, he took his wife’s hand afterward and said emotionally. “Tell, me how it was, darling, how it actually felt to give birth.”

“OK, honey,” his wife replied. “Smile as hard as you can.” Beaming down at his wife and smile, the man followed her instructions. “That’s not hard.”

She continued, “Now stick a finger in each corner of you mouth.” He obeyed, smiling broadly. “Now stretch your lips as far as they’ll go,” she went on.

“Still not to tough.” he remarked.

“Right.” she snapped. “Now pull them over your head.”


A day without sunshine is like night.


A man who had been battling a mental disorder for years finally seemed to have improved to the point where it was thought he might be released. The head of the institution, in a fit of commendable caution, decided, however, to interview him first.

“Tell me,” said he, “if we release you, as we are considering doing, what do you intend to do with your life?’

The inmate said, “It would be wonderful to get back to real life and if I do, I will certainly refrain from making my former mistake. I was a nuclear physicist, you know, and it was the stress of my work in weapons research that helped put me here. If I am released, I shall confine myself to work in pure theory, where I trust the situation will be less difficult and stressful.”

“Marvelous,” said the head of the institution.

“Or else,” ruminated the inmate. “I might teach. There is something to be said for spending one’s life in bringing up a new generation of scientists.”

“Absolutely,” said the head.

“Then again, I might write. There is considerable need for books on science for the general public. Or I might even write a novel based on my experiences in this fine institution.”

“An interesting possibility,” said the head.

“And finally, if none of these things appeals to me, I can always continue to be a teakettle.”


“A worrier always seems less troubled by what happens today than by what might happen tomorrow.”


Little Johnny’s class was having an English lesson, and the teacher called on Little Johnny to recite a sentence with a direct object.

Little Johnny stood and thought, then said, “Teacher, everybody thinks you are very beautiful.”

“Why thank you, Little Johnny,” the teacher said, blushing.  “But what is the direct object?”

“A good report card next month,” he replied.


You have to push yourself when you’re older because it’s very easy to fall into the trap. You start to fall apart – you just have to do your best to paste yourself together. I think doing things and being active is very important. When your mind is busy, you don’t hurt so much.

Iris Apfel


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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