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April 29, 2020


I think the most important thing is to keep active and to hope that your mind stays active.

Jane Goodall


It is going to be a big day for me. After being isolated in my apartment for a month and a half I am being driven to my dentist’s office for some long-delayed work. I will don my face mask and meet my daughter who will take me there. We also will stop to pick up some necessities. Upon our return I will again hibernate with my wife.

I have been surprised by how well we seem to be dealing with our isolation. Between streaming movies and usingmy tablets and my computer we stay diverted. Today I want to offer some things you might consider that I got from Self Growth newsletter. I have abridged the article to keep it short.

13 Ways to Keep Busy During Isolation

Social distancing to limit spread of COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean social isolation or boredom.  We have enclosed some healthy, fun and responsible ways for those who are isolating to stay occupied during the public health crisis.

  1. Connect with friends – on the phone or online. – Keep your relationships alive by talking every day to friends, neighbors and relatives.
  2. Read. Books. Magazines. Digitally or in print. – Reading expands your mind and sets a great example for your children, putting them on a path to become lifelong readers, too.
  3. Practice mindfulness. – Meditation reduces inflammation and enhances our immune functions; it also helps us focus our attention and feel less controlled by challenging thoughts or feelings.

4.Go shopping – virtually. – This is a great time to support local businesses. If they have an online presence, go shopping or purchase gift cards. You’ll be ahead when gift-giving time comes around, and you could help keep a small business afloat.

  1. Get organized. – Whatever you’ve put off that will make your life easier when this is over, do it now.
  2. Practice an old skill. – Maybe you haven’t played an instrument in years. Pick it up and see what you remember (provided it won’t bother your neighbors, who are also self-isolating).
  3. Learn a new skill. – Online resources are almost endless whether through a virtual class, online forum, YouTube videos and more.
  4. Cook or bake. – Whip up something new or make an old favorite.
  5. Garden. April is a great time for tasks in the garden
  6. Spring cleaning. – Revive the tradition of a really deep cleaning to usher in spring..
  7. Exercise. – Try out at-home aerobics or yoga videos. Consider downloading a fitness app with curated workout playlists.
  8. Outdoor exercise is good, too: – Just be sure to maintain a 6-foot distance from others while outdoors.
  9. List what you’re grateful for. – Start a gratitude journal or just make a one-time list.


We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams.

Les Brown


A woman was chatting with her next-door neighbor. “I feel real good today. I started out this morning with an act of unselfish generosity. I gave a five dollar bill to a bum.”

“You mean you gave a bum five dollars? That’s a lot of money to give away like that. What did you husband say about it?”

“Oh, he thought it was a good thing to do and thanked me.”


A seminar on Time Travel will be held two weeks ago.


A man from the East Coast is visiting California for the first time, and is conversing with a California native. He says, “I’ll be visiting La Jolla (lah-JOLL-a) next week,” whereupon the Californian replies, “Oh, you mean, ‘La-*HOY-a’?” “Oh. Yeah, I guess so.” Then he adds, “but right now I’m staying in El Cajon (el-ca-JOHN),” and again the Californian corrects him, “You mean, El Ca ‘HONE’?” “Oh. Yeah, right.” Then the Californian asks, “So when will you be returning home?” The East Coast guy thinks about it for a minute and then answers, “Oh, I don’t know, I guess sometime in ‘HUNE’ or ‘HULY’.”


Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.

Anthony Burgess


My friend Moishe owned one of the biggest and fastest-growing businesses in Miami, a furniture store.  I convinced him that he needed to take a trip to Italy to check out the merchandise himself, and because he was still single, he could check out all the hot Italian women, and maybe get lucky.

As Moishe was checking into a hotel he struck up an acquaintance with a beautiful young lady… she only spoke Italian and he only spoke English, so neither understood a word the other spoke. He took out a pencil and a notebook and drew a picture of a taxi. She smiled, nodded her head and they went for a ride in the park.

Later, he drew a picture of a table in a restaurant with a question mark and she nodded, so they went to dinner. After dinner he sketched two dancers and she was delighted.  They went to several nightclubs, drank champagne, danced and had a glorious evening.

It had gotten quite late when she motioned for the pencil and drew a picture of a four-poster bed. Moishe was dumbfounded, and to this day remarks to me that he’s never be able to understand how she knew he was in the furniture business.


Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Two rural church deacons who were having a sociable beer in the local tavern when they saw their minister drive by and take a good long look at their pickup trucks parked outside.

One deacon ducked down and said, “I hope the reverend didn’t see us or recognize my pickup.”

The other replied indifferently, “What difference does it make.  God knows we’re in here…  and he’s the only one who counts.”

The first deacon countered, “But God won’t tell my wife.”


“True friends are the people who walk in when the rest of the world is walking out.”


The man passed out in a dead faint as he came out of his front door onto the porch. Someone called 911. When the paramedics arrived, they helped him regain consciousness and asked if he knew what caused him to faint.

“It was enough to make anybody faint,” he said.

“My son asked me for the keys to the garage, and instead of driving the car out, he came out with the lawn mower.”


Why can you “slow up,” but you can’t “speed down.”?


A minister was planning a wedding at the close of the Sunday morning service.

After the benediction he had planned to call the couple down to be married for a brief ceremony before the congregation. For the life of him, he couldn’t think of the names of those who were to be married.  “Will those wanting to get married please come to the front?” he requested.

Immediately, nine single ladies, three widows, four widowers, and six single men stepped to the front.


Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.


Two elderly ladies meet at the launderette after not seeing one another for some time. After inquiring about each other’s health, one asked how the other’s husband was doing.

“Oh! Ted died last week. He went out to the garden to dig up a cabbage for dinner, had a heart attack and dropped down dead right there in the middle of the vegetable patch!”

“Oh dear! I’m very sorry.” replied her friend “What did you do?”

“I opened a can of peas instead.”


“Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered you will find life is easier.”

Catherine Pulsifer


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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