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June 20, 2019


When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency.

Samuel Johnson

Be Kind

At a time when more and more folks seem to accept todays lack of civility demonstrated by too many of our fellow citizens, I really appreciate folks who continue to be kind. These days too many of us seem quick to overlook the rhetoric of those who demean, insult and show little respect for others. Untruths, slander, venom and more seem to be acceptable to those who believe that the ends justify the means. if it is an end that they agree with.

We had those in the past who fomented hatred and lacked any sense of humanity but they were the extremists that had few followers and little influence. Now days it seems that while in the minority those that scream the loudest get the most media coverage.

I yearn for a return to kindness and civility. If things are going to change it is going to take all of us to sow the seeds of goodwill. Just as was done by the girl in this story.

31 Jars of Kindness

Bobbie Gollehon is a returning student at Bakersfield College. Having enrolled in a summer speech class, she was required to give a 10-minute speech as her final exam. Bobbie chose “Random Acts of Kindness” as her topic.

As chance would have it, one of Bobbie’s classmates, Cady, lives next door to Dr. Chuck Wall, President and Founder of Kindness Incorporated. Cady told Bobbie about her neighbor and then asked Dr. Wall to call Bobbie, who wanted to meet him and use information about the Kindness organization as part of her speech. After an extended phone conversation, Bobbie had the material she needed. Her speech was a tremendous success, earning Bobbie an “A” for the class.

But Bobbie didn’t stop there. She loves to can fruit into jam, which she gives to friends and family. Following her contact with Dr. Wall and Kindness Inc., the busy student made up 31 jars of jam—one for each person in her class. Atop each jar, Bobbie affixed a label printed with the Kindness phrase: Today, I will commit one random act of senseless KINDNESS… Will you? As she handed out the jars of jam, Bobbie asked each class member to pass on her act of kindness. “When you’ve eaten all the jam, I’d like you to wash the jar, fill it with something tasty and pass it along to someone else. Please include this same kindness phrase when you pass it on, and ask your recipients to continue the process of passing it on.”

Bobbie knows how to put Kindness into action!


Don’t ever forget that you’re a citizen of this world, and there are things you can do to lift the human spirit, things that are easy, things that are free, things that you can do every day: civility, respect, kindness, character.

Aaron Sorkin


Mrs. Goldberg was shopping at a produce stand in her neighborhood. She approached the vendor and asked, “How much are these oranges?”

“Two for a quarter,” answered the vendor.

“How much is just one?” she asked.

“Fifteen cents,” answered the vendor.

“Then I’ll take the other one,” said Mrs. Goldberg.


When women go wrong, men go right after them! Personally, I like two types of men–domestic and foreign.

Mae West


The child comes home from his first day at school.

Mother asks, “What did you learn today?”

The kid replies, “Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.”


Madness takes its toll; please have exact change…


An acquaintance of mine, whose daughter was about to be married, decided to give her a diamond ring that had been in the family for several generations. The stone had never been appraised, so the father asked a gemologist friend if she would take a look at it. She agreed, but said that, instead of a fee she would accept lunch at one of Houston’s finer restaurants.

A few days later, as he and the gem expert sat sipping a glass of Chablis, he showed her the ring. She took out her jeweler’s loupe, examined the diamond carefully and handed it back.

“Wow,” said a diner who had been watching from the next table.  “These Texas women are tough!”


“We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees,”

Jason Kidd, upon his drafting to the Dallas Mavericks


In church on Sunday, Communion is celebrated and during the “children’s sermon”, the minister was talking about Communion and what it is all about.

“The Bible talks of Holy Communion being a ‘joyful feast’. What does that mean? Well, ‘joyful’ means happy, right? And a feast is a meal. So a ‘joyful feast’ is a happy meal. And what are the three things we need for a happy meal?”

One of the congregants added, “Hamburger, fries, and a regular soft drink?”


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Thomas Edison


While waiting in line at the bank, a co-worker developed a very loud case of hiccups. By the time he reached the teller’s window, the hiccups seemed to have worsened.

The teller took my friend’s check and proceeded to run a computer verification of his account. After a minute she looked up from her terminal with a frown and said that she would be unable to cash his check. “Why not?” my friend asked incredulously. “I’m sorry, sir,” she replied, “but our computer indicates that you do not have sufficient funds to cover this amount. As a matter of fact,” she continued, “our records show your account overdrawn in excess of $5000.”

“It can’t be!” he cried. “You have to be kidding!”

“Yes, I am,” she answered with a smile, counting out his cash. “But you will notice that your hiccups are gone.”


So let us begin anew — remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.

John F. Kennedy


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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