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Happy Weekend Ahead

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May 3, 2019



“The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now.”

Leo Babauta


I hope you have had a good week; I have. And I am looking forward to this weekend. The highlight will be attending the Actors Theatre of Indiana’s production of the musical Forbidden Broadway on Sunday. I always enjoy ATI’s offerings especially when performed by the founders, folks with a wide variety of credits including New York and regional productions, TV appearances as well as world tours. I especially appreciate the founder’s friendship.

This Sunday will be special for the actors will remain after the show to spend time with the audience members discussing the production. We are lucky to have a resident company of Equity players willing to share their talents with us here in Central Indiana.

TV and movies are fine but there is nothing better than live theatre. So my friends as always I plan on enjoying myself and I hope you are as well.

To Feel Good is To Be Allowing

You attract what you ARE – when you are “making the best of it” and looking for reasons / ways to feel content DESPITE whatever may be going on in your life right now, you ARE allowing!

And ALLOWING — becoming an energetic match to what you would like to attract — is the ONLY way to manifest anything! To TRY to feel happy or content is the fastest way to match the energy of that which you want — that is HOW you ALLOW it into being!

So, go out there and FEEL BETTER today!  …Look for reasons to FEEL APPRECIATIVE!  …Try to find things to FEEL PLEASED about, and more GOOD will find you!

  • Look for the good things in your life
  • Try to find reasons to feel at peace, content, and good
  • List the positive aspects of situations and people around you
  • Think of ANY ways in which your life is “just right” right now
  • Search for examples of good news
  • Watch happy shows, focus on comedy, and read uplifting material
  • Collect stories and memories of the good things that have happened in the past and are happening still, all around you
  • Ask the Universe to give you experiences to feel really happy about…

(And, best of all, when you are FEELING GOOD, the particular type of good that you like BEST of all, is the GOOD you are attracting more of!)


I am going to keep having fun every day I have left, because there is no other way of life. You just have to decide whether you are a Tigger or an Eeyore.”

Randy Pausch


The couple entered the resort’s swanky dining room. “I’m sorry,” apologized the Maitre d, “but there are no tables available.”

“One moment, my friend,” said the man, drawing himself up. “I happen to be Gregory R. Carutheres, the sportsman.”

“I’d like to accommodate you, Mr. Caruthers, but there just isn’t a table available this evening.”

“I bet if President Trump came in and asked for a table, there’d be one available.”

“Yes-s-s,” the other admitted, “I suppose there would be a table available for President Trump.”

“Good! I’ll take it. The President isn’t coming!”


My wife and I always compromise; I admit I’m wrong and she agrees with me.


On an airplane, I overheard a stewardess talking to an elderly couple in front of me. Learning that it was the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, the flight attendant congratulated them and asked how they had done it.

“It all felt like five minutes…” the gentleman said slowly. The stewardess had just begun to remark on what a sweet statement that was when he finished his sentence with a word that earned him a sharp smack on the head: “..underwater.”


Never trust a man who says he’s the boss at home. He probably lies about other things too.


Jill, being the “only buy-on-sale shopper,” beckoned to a salesman in Bergdorf Goodman’s, pointed to white wool designer dress on a mannequin, and said, “Hey Sonny boy, so how much is the dress on that store dummy over there?”

“That dress is $899.95, Madam,” sneered the rather snotty salesman.

“Oh!  For $99.95, I could get the same dress at S. Klein’s downtown!”

“But Madam,” said the salesman, “You’ll find that the dress at Klein’s is recycled wool.  This original is 100% pure virgin wool.”

And Jill replied, “So!  For $800, I should be caring what the lambs do at night?”


If you are losing a tug-of-war with a tiger, give him the rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope.

Max Gunther


A joke for my generation:

A Sunday School teacher asked little Willie who the first man in the Bible was.

“Hoss.” said Willie.

“Wrong,” said the teacher. “It was Adam.”

“Aw, shucks!” Willie replied. “I knew it was one of those Cartwrights.”


“At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day.”

Simone Biles


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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