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We begin again

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January 2, 2019


“Today, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

Brad Paisley


Here we are the second day of our new year. I look forward to the next twelve months as I work to find my role with our new life limitations. I will strive to continue to share thoughts with you via the Daily. I intend to earn the friendship of the folks I meet both in our new residence but also ones I meet when I stray off the reservation.

I do appreciate each of you and the good things you do, keep it up and I will do the same. We do not need to succumb to the anger and animosity so common these days. If more of us demonstrate that happiness comes from goodwill, we may find others will join us.

So, my friends I wish you the very best in the days ahead and please stay happy.

Here are some wishes that are worth our time.

“A Morning Wish”

W.R. Hunt

“The sun is just rising on the morning of another day, the first day of the new year. What can I wish that this day, that this year, may bring to me?

Nothing that shall make the world of others poorer, nothing at the expense of others; but just those few things which in their coming do not stop with me but touch me rather, as they pass and gather strength:

  • A few friends who understand me, and yet remain my friends.
  • A work to do which has real value without which the world would feel the poorer.
  • A return for such work small enough not to tax unduly anyone who pays.
  • A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed.
  • An understanding heart.
  • A sight of the eternal hills and unbolting sea, and of something beautiful the individual hand has made.
  • A sense of humor and the power to laugh.
  • A little leisure with nothing to do.
  • A few moments of quiet, silent meditation. The sense of the presence of God.
  • And the patience to wait for the coming of these things, with the wisdom to know them when they come.”


“Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”

Hellen Keller


Readers of William Safire’s “On Language” column in THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE were asked years ago to give sports-related definitions for common words:

Superficial:  A really good referee

Beleaguered:  Stuck in the semi pros

Hermit:  Girl’s baseball glove

Saturnine:  Baseball team that plays on weekends

Truncate:  Tailgate party given by a compact-car owner

Wrinkle:  A small hockey arena

Haiku:  Signal to center from a Japanese quarterback


One discovers a friend by chance, and cannot but feel regret that 20 or 30 years of life may have been spent without the least knowledge of him.

Charles Dudley Warner


Jane told me that there are seven stages to the married cold

Stage 1: Sugar Dumpling, I’ve really been worried about my baby girl. That’s a bad sniffle, and there’s no telling about these things with all the strep that’s going around. I’m going to put you in the hospital for a general check-up and a good rest. I know the food’s terrible, but I’m going to bring you dinner every night from Rosini’s. I have it all arranged with the floor supervisor.

Stage 2: Listen, Darling, I don’t like the sound of that cough. I’m going to call Doc Miller to rush over here. Now you go to bed like a good girl just for Papa.

Stage 3: Maybe you’d better lie down, Honey. Nothing like a little rest when you feel lousy. I’ll bring you something. Do we have any canned soup?

Stage 4: Now look, Dear, be sensible. After you’ve fed the kids, and gotten the dishes done, and the floor mopped, you’d better lie down for a while.

Stage 5: Why don’t you take a couple of aspirins?

Stage 6: Why don’t you just gargle or something instead of sitting around barking like a seal all evening?

Stage 7: Would you stop coughing on me? Are you trying to give me pneumonia?


If you find in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.

Maya Angelou


She said here are ten things you’ll never hear one woman say to another woman:

  1. That swimsuit really flatters your figure! Would you mind keeping my husband company while I go for a swim?
  2. Oh, look, that women and I have the same dress on! I think I’ll go introduce myself!
  3. His new girlfriend is thinner and better-looking than I am, and I’m happy for them both.
  4. If he doesn’t let me hold the remote, I get all moody.
  5. He makes more money than I do, so I broke up with him.
  6. I’m sick of dating doctors and lawyers! Give me a good old-fashioned waiter with a heart of gold any day!
  7. We’re redecorating the bedroom, and he keeps bugging me to help him with the color choices!
  8. He talks our relationship to death! It’s making me crazy!
  9. Why can’t I find a guy who’ll have a wild carefree night of love and then just go his separate way for once?
  10. I just realized — my butt doesn’t look fat in this — my butt is fat!


“We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives…not looking for flaws, but for potential.”

Ellen Goodman


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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  1. and here’s to a wonderful year for you, ray –

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