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October 26, 2018


No one knows what he can do until he tries.

Publilius Syrus

Do Something

One of the realities of aging is reduced mobility. It might be driving limitations, loss of energy or an infirmity. In any case many of us end up with reduced social contact and more alone time. Unless we learn to make good use of more spare time we can stagnate and and slip into despondence.

I told a new friend the other day that I thought we need to look at more spare time as a gift that will allow us to engage our brains as we learn and explore new areas of thought,

I do not think it is healthy to become a recluse as we all need interaction with others, but I do believe that we do well by not letting unused time become periods of mental inactivity.

Here is an excerpt from an article on the Pick the Brain website that offers suggestions on how you can make better use of your time.

Learn to enjoy your alone time.

“There is a very secret sweetness about being alone that you will miss if you fear it so much.” –

Before you can be comfortable with other people, you must be comfortable with yourself.

How are you doing on your own?

Yes, you’re lonely, but are you enjoying the loneliness?

“How do I enjoy loneliness?” you ask.

Find activities you enjoy doing by yourself. Visit places you want to see. Attend cultural events or the museum on your own.

Can you enjoy the experience by yourself? Can you do something you’re passionate about and have a good time doing so?

If don’t enjoy alone time, take part—by yourself—in activities that interest you. Try to enjoy yourself.

Get excited about and wrapped up in topics and activities you like.

Before you bring others into your life, find ways to appreciate your alone time.


Accepting reality means that you’re ready to do something with it, and to do something about it.


Ricky was at the mall and went into a toy shop, picked up a toy plane, gave the shopkeeper fake money and started to leave.

The shopkeeper told him, “Excuse me little boy, this isn’t real money.”

Ricky continued walking out of the shop and didn’t reply.

The shopkeeper repeated himself, and Ricky kept walking.

The third time the shopkeeper called him, Ricky said “What?”

The shopkeeper said, “I’m sorry, young man, but this is not real money.”

Ricky looked at the plane in his hands, looked at the shopkeeper and finally said, “And this isn’t a real plane.”


Home is where you can say anything you like ’cause nobody listens to you anyway.


It was the beginning of term at a primary school in Brooklyn. The Teacher asked the children their names one at a time, and for each to Spell their name out loud.

When she came to a young Asian boy and asked his name, he Replied, “Ravashanka Vankatarataam Bannerjee.”

“How do you spell that?” asked the teacher.

“My mother helps me,” said the little boy.


Late to Bed, Early to Rise; Work like Hell, and You’ll be Wise.

Hyman G. Rickover, Father of the U.S. Nuclear Navy


I have been dieting and I thought I would share with you some weigh-in tips:

  1. Weigh yourself with clothes on, after dinner … as well as in the morning, without clothes, before breakfast, because it’s nice to see how much weight you’ve lost overnight.
  2. Never weigh yourself with wet hair.
  3. When weighing, remove everything, including glasses. In this case, blurred vision is an asset.
  4. Use cheap scales only, never the medical kind, because they are always five pounds off.
  5. Always go to the bathroom first.
  6. Stand with arms raised, making pressure on the scale lighter.
  7. Don’t eat or drink in the morning until AFTER you’ve weighed in completely naked, of course.
  8. Weigh yourself after a haircut, this is good for at least half a pound of hair (hopefully).
  9. Exhale with all your might BEFORE stepping onto the scale (air has to weigh something, right?).
  10. Start out with just one foot on the scale, then holding onto the towel rack in front of you, slowly edge your other foot on and slowly let off of the rack. Admittedly, this takes time, but it’s worth it. You will weigh at least two pounds less than if you’d stepped on normally.


Murphy told Quinn that his wife was driving him to drink.

Quinn thinks he’s very lucky because his own wife makes him walk.


Two nuns were shopping in a food store and happened to be passing the beer and liquor section. One asks the other if she would like a beer. The other nun answered that would be good, but that she would be queasy about purchasing it. The first nun said that she would handle it and picked up a six pack and took it to the cashier.

The cashier had a surprised look and the first nun said, “The beer is used for washing our hair.”

The cashier, without blinking an eye, reached under the counter and put a package of pretzels in the bag with the beer saying, “Here, don’t forget the curlers.”


Honestly sitting around feeling sorry for yourself won’t change anything. If you want your life to change you have to do something about it.

Sonya Parker


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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