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July 13. 2018


Civility costs nothing and buys everything.

Mary Wortley Montagu


I worry about all the anger and discord I hear expressed these days. One person says something unkind and another responds in kind both ending up creating unpleasantness that spills over to others.

I think we owe it to our friends and family to avoid being part of the uncivil society. I think we all need to strive to be the person we would like others to be. If we put the following poem into practice we will like ourselves much better and so will others.


      Priscilla Leonard

 Forget each kindness that you do

As soon as you have done it.

Forget the praise that falls to you

The moment you have won it.

Forget the slander that you hear

Before you can repeat it.

Forget each slight, each spite, each sheer

Wherever you may meet it.


Remember every kindness done

To you, whate’er its measure.

Remember praise by others won

And pass it on with pleasure.

Remember every promise made

And keep it to the letter.

Remember those who lend you aid

And be a grateful debtor.


Remember all the happiness

That comes your way in living.

Forget each worry and distress;

Be hopeful and forgiving.

Remember good, remember truth,

Remember Heaven’s above you,

And you will find, through age and youth,

True joys and hearts to love you.


Aspire to decency. Practice civility toward one another. Admire and emulate ethical behavior wherever you find it. Apply a rigid standard of morality to your lives; and if, periodically, you fail ­ as you surely will adjust your lives, not the standards.

Ted Koppel


An off-duty police officer, familiar with radar guns, drove through a school zone within the legal speed limit when the flash of a camera went off, taking a picture of his license plate.

The officer, thinking the radar was in error, drove by again; even more slowly.  Another flash.  He did it again for a third time, at an even slower speed. Same result.  So, he made a note to himself to contact the traffic department and tell them that their machine was messed up.

A few weeks later, the off duty police officer received an envelope from the police department containing three traffic citations, each of them were for not wearing a seat belt.


The luxuries of the few were becoming necessities of the many.

Flora Thompson


She Said:

Midlife is when you go to the doctor and you realize you are now so old, you have to pay someone to look at you naked.

The good news about midlife is that the glass is still half-full…of course, the bad news is that it won’t be long before your teeth are floating in it.

You know you’ve crossed the midlife threshold when you’re in the grocery store and you hear a Muzak version of “Stairway to Heaven” in the produce department.

Midlife is when you bounce (a lot), but you don’t bounce back.  (It’s more like Splat!)

Midlife brings the wisdom that life throws you curves…and that you’re now sitting on your biggest ones.

Midlife is when you want to grab every firm young lovely in a tube top and scream, “Listen, honey, even the Roman Empire fell, and those things will too!

Midlife is when you start to repeat yourself…and your chins follow suit.

Midlife is when your memory really starts to go. The only thing you still retain is water.

You become more reflective in midlife. You start pondering the “big” questions– what is life, why am I here…how much Healthy Choice ice cream can I eat before it’s no longer a healthy choice?


Friendship is like a bank account. You can’t continue to draw on it without making deposits.


Two smart fellows were in an English pub. They called the publican over and asked him to settle an argument. ‘Are there two pints in a quart or four?”, asked one.

“There be two pints in a quart, confirmed the publican. They moved back along the bar and soon the barmaid asked for their order.

“Two pints please, miss, and they are on the house.” The barmaid doubted that her boss would be so generous so one of the fellows called out to the publican at the other end of the bar, “You did say two pints, didn’t you?”

“That’s right, he called back, two pints.”


The time it takes to rectify a situation is inversely proportional to the time it took to do the damage.


The teacher asked the children in the Sunday School class, “If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would I get into Heaven?”

“NO”! the children all answered.

“If I cleaned the church every day, mowed the yard, and kept everything neat and tidy, would I get into Heaven”?

Again, the answer was “NO”!

“Well,” the teacher continued, “then how can I get to Heaven?”  In the back of the room, a 5 year old boy shouted out, “You gotta be dead.


The great thing about civility is that it does not require you to agree with or approve of anything. You don’t even have to love your neighbor to be civil. You just have to treat your neighbor the same way you would like your neighbor to treat your grandmother, or your child.

Barbara Brown Taylor


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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