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June 13, 2018


“It’s never too late to start something new, to do all those things that you’ve been longing to do.”

Dallas Clayton

Shirley Cook_

I put the Daily together most days to try to make your day and the day of others a little happier. As you know I also do it for myself as it requires me to think and do something constructive.

One of the things that sometimes happens is I get a comment from a WordPress reader that helps me to believe that what we have is something worthwhile. Here is what I got yesterday from Shirley Cook, someone I did not know was a reader.

Thanks Ray for your daily comments that really do encourage me. I don’t see how you have been able to do this for so many years and still come up with something fresh and interesting every day.”

Since I did not remember, if I even ever knew, anything about Shirley I went to her blog and this is what I found.

I started writing for publication when I was 41 because I’d always heard that “life begins at 40” and mine hadn’t! I determined to write four books in the next four years. By the time I was 60, I had nine books in print, and was enjoying the writer’s life.

Now I’m 86, and I’ve published two books in the past few years: “The River Runs Deep” a contemporary romance/suspense novel that takes place in the California Delta; and a historical novel, “Bitter Seed.”

“Bitter Seed” is in two parts: China/California. It’s a story of courage, survival and forbidden love. The story is as relevant as today’s newspaper–the slave traffic and those who are committed to rescuing these young girls.

Life might begin at 40 or 41—but, for me, it doesn’t end at 80+!

And now Shirley Cook is one of my heroes. She shows it is never too late to start and there is little reason to stop when you can doing what you want to do. Thanks Shirley!


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis


A lovely young Jewish girl was employed by a clothing firm in New York. She and her widowed mother shared the same ambition… …her marriage to a wealthy man.

One day she returned from work, eyes red from crying. As soon as she entered the apartment she called, “MAMA, I’m pregnant! Don’t get excited. The father is my boss.”

She began to sob uncontrollably while her mother tried to console her. The next morning, the mother charged into the office of the boss. “YOU,” she shouted, “What’s its going to be?”

The elegantly attired man, handsome and unmarried and in his mid thirties, held up his hand: “Please take a seat, Mrs. Horowitz. I’m making all the arrangements. Your daughter Sherry will have the best doctor money can buy before the baby is born. She’ll be in the best hospital. And afterward, I am arranging for a trust fund for her and the baby where she will receive a check for twenty five hundred dollars a week for life.”

The mother was taken aback and thought for a moment. “Tell me,” she said, “God forbid, Sherry should have a miscarriage, will you give her another chance?”


Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.


A car full of ladies from the Temple Beth Israel fund raising committee is in a terrible accident. They arrive at the Pearly Gates where Saint Peter is waiting. The women want to get into Heaven, so Saint Peter looks through the book, but can’t find them listed in the New Arrivals section. “I’m sorry, “Saint Peter there must be some mistake.” With that, he sends them down to Hell.

A week later, God asks Saint Peter, “What happened to those Jewish ladies who were supposed to be here?” “You mean the ones from Temple Beth Israel?” Saint Peter asks. “I didn’t see them listed, so I sent them to Hell.” “You what?” God asks outraged, “I wanted them here. If you want to keep your job Saint Peter, you better call Satan and get them back up here ASAP,” St. Peter gets on the phone and calls Hell. Satan answers.

St. Peter says, “Satan you know those Jewish ladies I sent down there last week? Well, I really need them up here. Could you please send them back? “No way, “Satan replies. “They’re here two days and they’ve already raised $100,000 for an air conditioning system,”


Jimmy : Mom, can I have two pieces of cake?

Mom : Certainly. Take this piece and cut it in two.


A new man is brought into Prison Cell 102.

Already there is a long-time resident who looks 100 years old.

The new man looks at the old-timer inquiringly.

The old-timer says,

“Look at me. I’m old and worn out. You’d never believe that I used to live the life of Riley. I wintered on the Riviera, had a boat, four fine cars, the most beautiful women, and I ate in all the best restaurants of France.”

The new man asked,

“Well, gee, what happened?”

“One day Riley reported his credit cards missing!”


Middle age is when it takes longer to rest than to get tired.


Three mothers were sitting around comparing notes on their exemplary offspring. “There never was a daughter more devoted than my Alice,” said Mrs. Davis with a sniff. “Every summer she takes me to the Catskills for a week, and every winter we spend a week at Delray Beach.”

“That’s nothing compared to what my Anna does for me,” declared Mrs. Jones proudly. “Every winter she treats me to two weeks in Miami, and in the summer two weeks in the Hamptons, in my own private guest house.”

Mrs. Smith sat back with a proud smile. “Nobody loves her mother like my Jackie does. Nobody.”

“So what does she do?” asked the two women, turning to her.

“Three times a week she gets into a cab, goes to the best psychiatrist in the city, and pays him a hundred and fifty dollars an hour – just to talk about me!”


“The path you take is up to you. Make good choices, dream big, it is never too late.”

Chris Herren


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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