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May 9, 2018


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

Willie Nelson


As we grow older it is far too easy to succumb to the blahs due to aches and pains and unwanted challenges, I have found that the secret to graceful aging and more happiness in our lives is to focus on what we that we have that is good in our life.

I don’t care how old you are practicing gratitude is a great antidote for what ails you. I stumbled across an article on the PickTheBrain blog written by Erin Falconer that talks about the benefits of gratitude. Here in part is what she wrote.

Gratitude is the Most Powerful Way to Live Your Best Life

Are we ever truly happy? The answer to this depends largely on our personal definition of happiness, of course. If checking off the boxes of the things you hope to acquire or experience, such as living in a new city, or a dream job position, is that then, true happiness?  Or is it in the loving relationships you have with people that incite happiness? It is likely a mix of both in terms of your level of confidence and satisfaction with life, but the truth is, happiness is an intangible feeling that comes from within.

Nothing or no one is responsible for your happiness, but yourself.  Throughout history, those who seem to have the strongest levels of sustained happiness are those who find themselves in service of others, while expressing gratitude for what is good in their lives.

That is one thing we can all do, starting right now!

The Yellow Brick Road is Paved with Gratitude

Do you want a life you’re proud of? One where your dreams come true? Of course, you do! It isn’t easy. There’s no quick fix. You have to invest time, thought, and intention in every day. The good news? The path to the life you are craving only takes ten minutes a day, is fun, and simple. The answer is a gratitude practice. Yes, it really is that plain. By habitually showing appreciation for the people and experiences in your life, you can manifest the life you’re here to live.

Building the Yellow Brick Road

You might be surprised to know there is an abundance of scientific evidence proving the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of gratitude. In fact, Berkley has an entire institute that regularly shares these benefits. Here are some fun facts about the effects of practicing gratitude:

  • Healthy Heart, Lower Blood Pressure (it simply feels good)
  • Better Quality of Sleep (we can all use more of this)
  • Feelings of Greater Generosity (everyone wins here)
  • Stronger Immune System (so you can care for all your sick friends and family)
  • The Experience of More Joy and Pleasure (who wouldn’t love this?)
  • Stronger Personal Relationships (adding to the joy and quality of your life)

Seem too good to be true? I don’t blame you. If I wasn’t living and breathing it, I’d have the same skepticism.


“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

Zig Ziglar


A bishop discovered a tribe of Indians in the Yukon who had never recorded a baptism, confirmation or marriage. The bishop soon rectified the situation by baptizing and confirming everyone. He also married every beaming couple that walked by. Later, the tribal chief told the Bishop the tribe had never had so much fun. The bishop asked the chief which part they enjoyed the most. “The marriage service,” the chief said, smiling. “We all got new wives!”


You’re getting old when you don’t care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don’t have to go along.


A couple is having breakfast when they hear on the radio that there is going to be a 2-3 inch snowfall and that they have to park their car on the “even” side of the street for snow removal. The blond wife grabs the car keys and moves the car to the opposite side of the block.

The next day at breakfast they hear that 4-5 inches of snow are expected and parking will be on the odd-numbered side of the street. Again blondie moves the car.

The day after that, they hear that a whopper of a snowstorm is expected, with 6-10 inches of snow set to fall, and that people should park on —

All of a sudden, the radio goes dead.

Blondie looks at her husband and in near hysterics and says, “What on earth should we do now?”

Without looking up from his coffee, he answers, “Maybe you should just leave the car in the garage.”


If not for STRESS I’d have no energy at all.


Mr. Smith, I have reviewed this case very carefully,” the divorce court judge said, “and I’ve decided to give your wife $275 a week.”

“That’s very fair, your honor,” the husband said. “And every now and then I’ll try to send her a few bucks myself.”


Two men were talking. One said, “It is hard on a man to lose his wife.”

The other agreed, “Yes, it is extremely hard. I kept leaving mine in malls but she always finds her way home.”


At the cemetery, people are appalled to see that the tombstone reads, “Here lies Phyllis, wife of Murray, L.L.D., Wills, Divorce, Malpractice.”

Suddenly, Murray bursts into tears.  His brother says, “You should cry, pulling a stunt like this!”

Through his tears, Murray croaks, “You don’t understand!  They left out the phone number!”


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Robert Brault


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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