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March 9, 2018


If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.

Maya Angelou


As you know my life has been changing. I am not as involved in many of my previous activities. My wife provides me much of the pleasure I get these days. Her inability to drive and the need to help her consumes much of my time.

She worries that I am being limited because of her needs. Friends and family warn me against isolation. In truth I am truly happy spending more time with my wife, I choose to do it and I am glad I can. We will be married 65 years next month but we have never been closer than we are now and  I am so glad we are.

I do get to spend some time with friends and that enriches my days. I recently read an article written by Natashia Larkin titled Things a Wise Man Taught Me About Making the Most of This Short Life that I like, especially at this point in my life. Here in part is was she wrote:

Always make time for people.

Life can be busy. Okay, so life is busy. But it will pass you by if you let it. Sometimes it’s worth taking that extra five minutes to stop and talk to someone. Take time to get to know them. Making time for other people is such a satisfying feeling.

You never know whom you’re going to meet. You never know how people are going to affect or influence your life. But not only that, you have no idea how you could influence or change someone else’s life, even with just one conversation.

One thing that gets me down, and something I try not to do too much these days, is reading the news. Reading about how people treat one another, especially given everything that’s going on at the moment. Just making time for people you don’t usually speak to, or getting to know someone new can do wonders for restoring your faith in humanity. There are some incredible people out there!

Always be yourself.

This is something that really resonates with me. I know I worry too much. Sometimes I worry too much about what people think of me. Not always. But I know I let other people’s opinions affect my actions and mood from time to time.

Most of us need to work at being ourselves more often. There are many people out there, just like me, who know that they can sometimes be held back by the opinion of others. But we are all one of a kind, and I truly believe that people love you more for just being you. And okay, you’re never going to get on with everyone, but you’ll make more genuine connections (and you’ll definitely have more fun) by being your authentic self.

Life really is too short not to make the most of it—so seize the moment.

Perhaps this is an overused phrase, but it is something I now believe to be totally true: You really should live every day as if it were your last.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I can often find myself becoming frustrated or worried about things I shouldn’t be. I am trying to teach myself to let go. And if there is one thing I wish you to take from this, it’s that life is way too short to worry about what other people think of you.

Always be thankful for the small things, because one day they may be the big things. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones, and don’t hold grudges, because what’s the point? Cherish every hug, accept every compliment, and seize every opportunity you can to make someone else smile.


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust


“Why are you so upset?”

“My wife introduced me to her psychiatrist this morning.”

“So what?”

“So she said to him, ‘Doctor, this is my husband. You know, one of the men I’ve been telling you about’.”


A seminar on Time Travel will be held 2 weeks ago.


“What happened?” asked the hospital visitor of the heavily bandaged man sitting up in bed.

“Well, I went down to Six Flags over the weekend and decided to take a ride on one of the roller coasters. As we came up to the top of the highest loop, I noticed a little sign by the side of the track. I tried to read it but it was very small and I couldn’t make it out. I was so curious that I decided to go round again, but we went by so quickly that I couldn’t see what the sign said. By now, I was determined to read that sign so I went round a third time. As we reached the top, I stood up in the car to get a better view.”

“And did you manage to see what the sign said this time?” asked the visitor.


“What did it say?”

“Don’t stand up in the car!”


“There are two types of people–those who come into a room and say, ‘Well, here I am!’ and those who come in and say, ‘Ah, there you are.'”

Frederick Collins


These four rabbis had a series of theological arguments, and three were always in accord against the fourth. One day, the odd rabbi out, after the usual “3 to 1, majority rules” statement that signified that he had lost again, decided to appeal to a higher authority.

“Oh, God!” he cried. “I know in my heart that I am right and they are wrong! Please give me a sign to prove it to them!”

It was a beautiful, sunny day. As soon as the rabbi finished his prayer, a storm cloud moved across the sky above the four. It rumbled once and dissolved. “A sign from God! See, I’m right, I knew it!” But the other three disagreed, pointing out that storm clouds form on hot days.

So the rabbi prayed again: “Oh, God, I need a bigger sign to show that I am right and they are wrong. So please, God, a bigger sign!” This time four storm clouds appeared, rushed toward each other to form one big cloud, and a bolt of lightning slammed into a tree on a nearby hill.

“I told you I was right!” cried the rabbi, but his friends insisted that nothing had happened that could not be explained by natural causes.

The rabbi was getting ready to ask for a VERY big sign, but just as he said, “Oh God…,” the sky turned pitch black, the earth shook, and a deep, booming voice intoned, “HEEEEEEEE’S RIIIIIIIGHT!”

The rabbi put his hands on his hips, turned to the other three, and said, “Well?”

“So,” shrugged one of the other rabbis, “now it’s 3 to 2.”


The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Carl Jung


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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