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February 2, 2018


“You are amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities.”

Lailah Gifty Akita


In the last few days I have received well over one hundred birthday greetings. They triggered fond memories of som truly fabulous friends and acquaintances. Many are well known, others leaders in their fields and many are just he unsung good people. These are the folks that brighten our world every day. I just wish more of them realized how important they are.

As I reminisced about times spent with these friends I thought about a piece written by Marc Chernoff where he suggested that we should think better of ourselves. I’d like to share his list of what we should stop saying to ourselves because I would like you too to kanw how special you are.

Stop saying:

I’m not good enough yet.” – You might think you’re not good enough, but you’ll surprise yourself if you keep trying.  Your past does not determine who you are. Your past prepares you for who you are capable of becoming. 

“I should be living up to other people’s expectations.” – Remember, it’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of the one you don’t. 

“What they think and say about me matters.” – Don’t let others crush your dreams.  Do just once what they say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their negativity again. 

“I need recognition for my actions to be worthwhile.” – Do what you know is right.  Integrity is doing the right thing, no matter what, even when nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. 

“It’s too late for me.” – Don’t let yesterday steal your present.  Don’t judge yourself by your past… you don’t live there anymore.  Let go, grow, and move forward. 

“I need to have it all figured out.” – Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?  Believe it or not, sometimes it’s the latter.

“I do not have enough to be positive and grateful.” – Do not ask for instant fulfillment in your life, but for patience to accept your current frustrations.  Do not ask for perfection in all you do, but for the wisdom to not repeat past mistakes. 

“My life should be easier and free of discomfort.” – Great challenges make life interesting; overcoming them makes life meaningful.  It’s how you deal with failure and discomfort that determines your level of success and happiness.  Laugh at your mistakes and learn from them

“I can’t forgive them.” – Forgiveness is a promise.  When you forgive someone you are making a promise not to hold the unchangeable past against your present self. 

“I am alone.” – You can’t make it through on your own.  None of us can.  That’s why, thank goodness, you are never as alone as you sometimes feel. 


“Don’t sell yourself short; you are your best asset.”

Matshona Dhliwayo


A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him. As he sits, the waitress comes over and asks for their orders.  The man says, “I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a coke,” and turns to the ostrich, “What’s yours?”

“I’ll have the same,” says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress returns with the order. “That will be $6.40 please,” and the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change for payment. The next day, the man and the ostrich come again and the man says, “I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a coke,” and the ostrich says, “I’ll have the same.”

Once again the man reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change. This becomes a routine until late one evening, the two enter again. “The usual?” asks the waitress. “No, this is Friday night, so I will have a steak, baked potato and salad,” says the man, “same for me,” says the ostrich.

A short time later the waitress comes with the order and says, “That will be $12.62.”  Once again the man pulls exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table. The waitress can’t hold back her curiosity any longer. “Excuse me, sir.  How do you manage to always come up with the exact change out of your pocket every time?”

“Well,” says the man, “several years ago I was cleaning the attic and I found an old lamp.  When I rubbed it a Genie appeared and offered me two wishes. My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money would always be there.”

“That’s brilliant!” says the waitress.  “Most people would wish for a million dollars or something, but you’ll always be as rich as you want for as long as you live!”

“That’s right.  Whether it’s a gallon of milk or a Rolls Royce, the exact money is always there,” says the man.

The waitress asks, “One other thing, sir, what’s with the ostrich?”

The man sighs, pauses, and answers, “My second wish was for a tall chick with long legs who agrees with everything I say.”


Honk if you love peace and quiet.


You Know It’s Time To Diet When….

You put mayonnaise on an aspirin.

You go to the zoo and the elephants throw you peanuts.

Your driver’s license says, “Picture continued on other side.”

You ran away and they had to use all four sides of the milk carton for your picture.

You learn you were born with a silver shovel in your mouth.

You could sell shade.

Your blood type is Ragu.


After 50 years of wondering why he didn’t look like his younger sister or brother, the man finally got up the nerve to ask his mother if he was adopted. “Yes, you were son,” his mother said as she started to cry softly. “but it didn’t work out and they brought you back.”


“If you’re struggling today, remember that life is worth living and believe that the best is yet to come. Remember that you are loved, you matter, and never forget that there is always hope.”

Germany Kent


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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