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January 29, 2018


From the top of the hill there is no hill.

Thomas Schneider

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A friend e-mailed me yesterday checking on my recovery from my fall. I reported that I had progressed to the point that I was able to again sleep in a bed with only modest pain. Boy was I wrong I tried it and aggravated my injury and had to move back into the recliner for sleep. I guess I will be there until my body finishes repairing itself.

I am hoping to venture out in my car this morning to do some shopping. I did tell my friend that my career as an ice walker has ended, I have learned my lesson. I now need to get up the energy to deal with the mail that has been pilling up and the stack of unread newspapers.

Both my wife and I are grateful for all the help and care provided by our children and their families. If it was not for them we would not have been able to do what needed to be done.

The other day I got an e-mail from Henrik Edberg of the Positivity Blog that offered the following for folks who have experienced a setback. I thought the advice to be timely for me as I restart.

Be your own best friend.

It is OK to feel angry or disappointed for a short while. But don’t fall into the common trap of beating yourself up and acting like an unkind boss towards yourself. That will erode your self-esteem. Be a kind and supportive friend to yourself instead. Ask yourself: How would my friend/parent support me and help me in this situation? Then do things and talk to yourself like he or she would.

What is one opportunity or lesson here?

A failure or a mistake is very rarely permanent. It might feel like it is. But most often it is temporary and there is something you can do about the situation. So tap into optimism and into being constructive instead of becoming passive and pessimistic. Ask yourself: what is one opportunity or lesson in this situation? My experience has been that there is almost always something that is helpful or good – in the long run – to find in any situation.

Take one small step forward.

With your lesson or opportunity in mind ask yourself this: What is one small – or tiny step – I can take right now to start solving or move out of this situation? Then take that small step. And after that take the next small step.


When an illness knocks you on your ass, you should stay down and relax for a while before trying to get back up.

Candea Core-Starke


Harry and Molly had been married for many years but now were in divorce court.

The judge asked, “Harry, is it true that the last three years of your marriage, you did not speak to Molly?”

Harry replies, “Yes Judge, that is correct.”

“And how do you explain this unusual conduct?” the judge inquires.

Harry replies, “I didn’t want to interrupt her Your Honor.”


Let your soul do the singin’.

Ma Rainey


When Andrea was planning her upcoming wedding, she asked to wear her mother’s wedding dress. She went to try it on and the gown was a perfect fit on her petite frame. As her mother’s eyes welled up with tears, Andrea put an arm around her. “You’re not losing a daughter”, she reminded her mother in time-honored fashion, “you’re gaining a son.”

“Oh forget about that!” said her mother with a sob, “I used to fit into that dress!”


“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain.


Two pilots got to talking on a transatlantic flight. The captain was Jewish, and the co-pilot was Chinese. It was the first time they had flown together, and it was obvious by the silence that they didn’t care for each other.

After thirty minutes, the Captain finally spoke. He said, “I don’t like Chinese.”

The co-pilot replied, “Ooooh, no like Chinese? Why dat?”

The pilot said, “You guys bombed Pearl Harbor. That’s why I don’t like Chinese.”

The co-pilot said, “Nooooo, noooo …. Chinese no bomb Pearl Harbah. JAPANESE bomb Pearl Harbah.”

The pilot answered, “Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese… it doesn’t matter. You’re all alike.”

Another thirty minutes of silence ensued. Finally, the co-pilot said, “I no like Jew.”

The pilot replied, “Why not? Why don’t you like Jews?”

“Jews sink Titanic.”

The pilot tried to correct him, “No, no. The Jews didn’t sink the Titanic. It was an iceberg.”

“Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg… no mattah… all same.”


Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.

Gretta Brooker Palmer


After an hour of “Just a little more white, two squirts of blue, a dash of black, perhaps a tad more white,” the paint- store clerk got my gallon to the exact shade I wanted. With a sigh of relief, he pounded the lid on.

“Now what do I do if I need more paint?” I asked.

“Don’t come back here,” he begged.


Miriam: I saw an interesting TV ad for a stop-snoring product. It said, “Nothing ruins a romantic mood like snoring.”

Esther: Miriam, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if he’s snoring, the romantic mood is already over!


A man complains to a friend, “I can’t take it anymore.”

“What’s wrong?” his concerned friend asks.

“It’s my wife. Every time we have an argument, she gets historical!”

“You mean hysterical,” his friend said, chuckling.

“No, I mean HISTORICAL,” the man insists. “Every argument we have, she’ll go “I still remember that time when you ….”


The hardest thing you can do is smile when you are ill, in pain, or depressed. But this no-cost remedy is a necessary first half-step if you are to start on the road to recovery.

Allen Klein


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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  1. sararauste said:

    Haha! Great dose of insightful humour 🙂

    And yes yes yes.. there is no value in beating up on yourself. Of course it’s easier said than done.

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