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A great day ahead

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June 22, 2017


Enjoy your day

Good morning world! have a great day ahead. Remember, appreciate more, criticize less!

Well I am back. My mammogram yesterday was sure a new experience. Every time the docs have me do a new test I always figure there just can’t be any more. The fact that I might need a mammogram never entered my mind. I expected that I would be the only male there but I was wrong, it turns out while we are not as much at risk as females it is important that we too do periodic breast exams for lumps.

The exam was easy and the radiologist did a quick review which was followed by a consult with a doctor who looked younger than my granddaughters. I learned that I suffer from Gynecomastia in both breasts. Of course I had no idea what the hell that was but learned that it is not unusual in old guys and requires no biopsy or surgery. It could be the result of hormone unbalance due to my multitude of medications. So, it is good news and I can continue to go braless.

So my friends I begin a new day and it will be a good one. I hope you will have one too. Here are some excerpts from an article by Marc Chernoff if you need help.

Ways Happy People Start Their Mornings

 A calm awakening.

In the space between the edge of the night and the chaos of the day, you have a chance to make a special space for yourself. In this space, thoughts and contentment neatly overlap, where past and future issues cease to exist, and time touches eternity. Hovering about your mind, as you gently begin to stir, there are beautiful visions no one has ever seen and soothing harmonies no one has ever heard.

Meditate on the goodness.

Begin each day with love, grace, and gratitude. When you arise in the morning, think of what a great privilege it is to be alive – to be, to see, to hear, to think, to love, to have something to look forward to. Happiness is a big part of these little parts of your life; joy is simply the feeling of appreciating it.

Realize that it’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. Make a habit of noticing the goodness that’s already yours and you will see more of it every time you look for it. (Read The Happiness Project.)

Let go to begin anew.

Don’t hold yourself hostage for the things that didn’t work out yesterday. Don’t let your history interfere with your purpose today. Let yesterday go. Every morning is the start of a new day with no mistakes, just possibilities.

Be right where you are.

Live now. Not before. Not later. Just NOW – in the moment you’re in. Inhabit your morning completely. Don’t rent it out to the past or the future.

Don’t be so worried about what’s ahead of you and behind you that you never enjoy where you are. Start your morning off right by paying full attention to it.

Follow a relaxing morning routine.

For truly relaxing mornings, reduce the number of decisions you must make. There are two simple ways to do this: First, make your big morning decisions the night before: what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to wear, what you need to take to work, etc. Second, build a simple routine for as much of your daily morning tasks as possible.

Move on to what’s most important.

Participate in your dreams today. Your potential is limitless. Put first things first and take action on an important task that’s been lingering.

Success is not something you have; it’s something you DO. It’s something you experience when you wake up and act accordingly. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of proactivity and success that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no real start at all.


If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.

Cavett Robert


A father was shopping in a department store with his small daughter, when the little girl pulls on his coat sleeve and announces,

“Daddy, I have to go!”

“In a few minutes, sweetie.” says the dad.

“But, I’ve got to go NOW,” the little girl insists in a loud voice.

A saleslady standing nearby can’t help but hear the conversation and says,

“I’ll take her, sir. It’s no problem.”

So, as the father watches, the two hurry off hand in hand. When they return the father asks his daughter,

“Did you thank the nice lady for being so kind?”

“Why should I thank her?” asks the little girl in a loud voice. “She had to go, too!”





The new father ran out of the delivery room and announced to the rest of his family who were waiting for the news: “We had twins!”

The family was so excited they immediately asked, “Who do they look like?”

The father paused, smiled, and said, “Each other.”


L.A. is so celebrity-conscious, there’s a restaurant that only serves Jack Nicholson — and when he shows up, they tell him there’ll be a ten-minute wait.

Bill Maher


A Jewish guy goes into a confession box. “Father O’Malley,” he says, “my name is Emil Cohen. I’m seventy eight years old. Believe it or not, I’m currently involved with a 28 year old girl, and also, on the side, her 19 year old sister. We engage in all manner of pleasure, and in my entire life I’ve never felt better.”

“My good man,” says the priest, “I think you’ve come to the wrong place. Why are you telling me?”

And the guy goes: “I’m telling everybody!”


Living a great life and sharing that life with others is the noble way to live.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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