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June 20, 2017



Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


If you are like I am you have spent much of your life so concentrated on your work and self-imposed obligations that you missed much of the passing parade. It is a shame when potential friends walk by and we don’t see them. When we so distracted that wonderful stories are left unread, great plays left unseen and sadly smiles of little children are unnoticed.

While we may not always realize it we are the artists that create the lives we live. I hope we don’t spend so much time sketching in the foreground that we overlook the beauty that exists in the background.

Here is a sad tale of boy that spent his life missing the pleasure that was always there for him but always left unseen.

Finding Copper Pennies

Author Unknown

There was a small boy who when walking down the street one day found a bright copper penny. He was so excited that he found money and it didn’t cost him anything. This experience led him to spend the rest of his days walking with his head down, eyes wide open, looking for treasure.

During his lifetime he found 296 pennies, 48 nickels, 19 dimes, 16 quarters, 2 half dollars and one crinkled dollar bill. For a total of $13.96.

He got money for nothing. Except that he missed the breathless beauty of 31,369 sunsets, the colorful splendor of 157 rainbows, the fiery beauty of hundreds of maples nipped by autumn’s frost. He never saw white clouds drifting across blue skies, shifting into various wondrous formations. Birds flying, sun shining, and the smiles of a thousand passing people are not a part of his memory.

Who do you know that is living like this?: Head is bent down burdened with trivial things afraid of pain and criticism and fear of things that never happen hoping to find that copper penny…for nothing.


Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.

Marianne Williamson


The children begged for a hamster, and after the usual fervent vows that they alone would care for it, they got one. They named it Danny.

Two months later, when Mom found herself responsible for cleaning and feeding the creature, she located a prospective new home for it.

The children took the news of Danny’s imminent departure quite well, though one of them remarked, “He’s been around here a long time–we’ll miss him.”

“Yes,” Mom replied, “But he’s too much work for one person, and since I’m that one person, I say he goes.”

Another child offered, “Well, maybe if he wouldn’t eat so much and wouldn’t be so messy, we could keep him.”

But Mom was firm. “It’s time to take Danny to his new home now,” she insisted. “Go and get his cage.”

With one voice and in tearful outrage the children shouted, “Danny? We thought you said Daddy!”


You’ve got to spend money to lose money.


Each morning Jake would drive down Sunset Blvd. on his way to work. For the past year a pretty woman standing on the corner of Sunset gave him the eye as he passed. Of late, she took to showing him parts of what he would get if he stopped to pick her up. Jake was a good husband and family man and didn’t want to cheat on his wife. However, lately the woman was looking so tempting, he could not get her out of his mind.

After spending many sleepless nights, he went to consult a psychiatrist. He told the psychiatrist she was driving him crazy, he was married 45 years, and did not want to cheat on his wife.

“What should I do?” asked Jake.

The psychiatrist said: “Take Melrose Avenue.”


I don’t understand the uproar over gas prices,

I just put $10 worth into my car and it didn’t cost any more than it usually does.


A Chicano widower who never paid any attention to his wife while she was alive now found himself missing her desperately. He went to a psychic to see if he could contact his late wife. The psychic went into a trance. A strange breeze wafted through the darkened room, and suddenly, the man heard the unmistakable voice of his dearly departed wife.

“Honey!” he cried. “Is that you?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Happier than you were with me?”

“Yes, my husband.”

“Then Heaven must be an amazing place!”

“It is! Trust me, it is!”

“I do have one question for you, my snookums.”

“Yes, my love, what is it?”

“When did you learn to speak English so perfectly!?”


If you like gambling, the worst thing you can do is bring your spouse with you to the casino.

If you lose, they get mad. If you win, they want half!


Wife: And another thing I want to tell you. I’ve noticed every time you talk, you say my house,

my automobile, my chair, my shoes; everything’s yours. You never say ours. I’m your partner. I’m your wife. It should be ours.

The husband paid no attention to his wife and just kept looking around the room for something.

Wife: What are you looking for?

Husband: Our pants!


When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

Lee Ann Womack


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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