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I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean


I did too much yesterday and again learned that I am not as spry as I once was. After my morning workout I went to two drugstores, a grocery store, a general merchandise store and a bank. By the time I got home I felt like I had aged a few more years. To say the least my rear end was dragging as I was totally worn out. So today I will do a better job staying within my capabilities.

And while I am having a more reasonable day I will concentrate on the good stuff. While occasionally I may find myself dwelling in the doldrums physically my mind won’t let me slip into despair. Here is something I have been saving in my emergency kit for when symptoms of distress start.

Taking Care of You . . . 25 Great Ways To Self-Nurture

by Terri R. Marshall, CHSMS

  1. Be Grateful (Keep a Gratitude Journal . . . write down 5 things you are grateful for each day)
  2. Practice Relaxation Techniques/Relaxation Therapy
  3. Surround Yourself with Positive People (Choose people who help you grow and thrive, Re-connect with loved ones with whom you’ve lost touch)
  4. Practice Kindness and Compassion (Remember to help and pray for others)
  5. Give Praise and Let Go of Criticism
  6. Visualize (Choose where you want to be vs. where you are for your visualizations)
  7. Do Not Complain (Learn to let it go)
  8. Listen to Music You Enjoy (and if you can, dance)
  9. Exercise (Choose something you really enjoy, why not try a type of mind/body/spirit exercise like yoga, tai chi or qi gong?)
  10. Volunteer and Donate (Promote a cycle of goodwill; pay it forward)
  11. Learn Proper Self-Care (Get enough sleep, detoxify, eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water . . . learn to listen to your body)
  12. Create a Comfort Drawer for Yourself (fill it with goodies you love including favorite teas, bubble bath, magazines, the sky’s the limit!)
  13. Seek New Experiences and Knowledge (why not try a holistic therapy such as acupuncture or that store you’ve always wanted to go in, but never took the time)
  14. Follow Your Bliss (Use your creativity, gifts and talents . . .begin a hobby or career you are passionate about)
  15. Have a romantic evening with that special someone
  16. Read a Good Book or Watch a Great Movie (Why not try reading some poetry?)
  17. Laugh (Laughter truly is the best medicine)
  18. Seek Solitude (Meditate, go within and get creative, try a fun excursion by yourself)
  19. Use Positive Affirmations (Make a conscious choice to be happy)
  20. Take A Long, Hot Bath (Add soft music and candlelight for ambience or some relaxing aromatherapy Lavender . . . simply add a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil)
  21. Spend Time with Your Pet(s)
  22. Have a Cup of Your Favorite Coffee or Tea (Chamomile Tea is especially relaxing; avoid caffeine before bed)
  23. Get Out in Nature (Try a walking meditation in the warm sunshine, spending time near the water, cloudwatching or enjoying a beautiful sunset)
  24. Get a Massage (Touch can be very healing)
  25. Remember the Purpose of Life is Joy!


“Create all that you are capable of doing. Your disabilities can be turned into capabilities. You really can overcome and prosper.”

Miles Patrick Yohnke


Penny, a good Assessment nurse was awakened at 4 a.m. to make a house call. She reluctantly got dressed and braved a snowstorm.  After the examination, she told the patient to send immediately for his lawyer and relatives and friends and make a will.

When she got home and told her husband of what she had seen and done. Her husband asked, “Was the Patient that bad?”

Penny said, “No, I just didn’t want to be the only sucker called out on a night like this.”


All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


I know I sent this before, but it bears repeating.

A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two drops of water. The bartender gives her the drink, and she says, “I’m on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it’s today.”

The bartender says, “Well, since it’s your birthday, this one is on me.”

As the woman finishes her drink, the woman to her right says, “I would like to buy you a drink, too.”

The woman says, “Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two drops of water.”

“Coming up,” says the bartender. As she finishes that drink, the man to her left says, “I would like to buy you a drink too.”

The woman says, “Thank you. Bartender, I want another Scotch with two drops of water.”

“Coming right up,” the bartender says. As he gives her the drink this time, he says, “Ma’am, I’m dying of curiosity. Why the Scotch with only two drops of water?”

The old woman replies, “Sonny, when you’re my age, you’ve learned how to hold your liquor. Water, however, is a whole other issue!”


Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


Seated at the breakfast table, Jill was bent over in pain, and complained to her husband, “My head aches, I have a pain in my stomach, and my left breast feels like it’s on fire.”

“Poor girl,” solaced hubby, “Here’s an aspirin for your head, alka seltzer for your stomach, and if you lift your breast out of the hot coffee, I’m sure it won’t burn so much.”


Patience is never more important than when you are at the edge of losing it.

A. Battista


Couples who have lived together a long time have their own way of communicating.  A woman overheard her aunt and uncle one day:

“What are you looking for in that closet?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he answered.

“Well, it’s not in there.  Look under the bed.”


“Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.”

Lily Tomlin


One day my sister was enjoying a snack when her husband remarked, “You’re getting a little broad across the beam.” She promptly went on a diet. A few weeks and several lost pounds later, my brother-in-law commented, “You should stop losing weight. Your face is beginning to look wrinkled.” “George,” came the frustrated reply, “you had better make up your mind which part of me you enjoy viewing more – heads or tails.”


Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart

Myla Kabat-Zinn


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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