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What do you see?

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.

 Jonathan Swift


I had a big day yesterday. One of my Doctors told me to loose twenty pounds by next November. I learned that a friend of mine was selected to run for our states Lieutenant Governor and if that was not enough we are in the midst of the prelude to the 100th Indianapolis 500 race. I am worn out and have an early meeting today so here is another Daily from the past.

Ray’s Daily first published on May 26, 2006

Many years ago someone told me that I see things others don’t. As the years have gone by it appears that he might have been right. I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend many hours with people who have difficulty seeing all that they are. It seems we are often so blinded by the big stuff that we miss the little things which are the building blocks that make us what we are. It takes time and a clear vision to productively focus in on all that we are. The good news is that when we do a whole new world can open up. For many it is the difference between just existing, letting the world carry you away and rewarding yourself by taking action consistent with things that are important to you. I honestly believe that everyone has the opportunity to not just be doing what they can do, but do what they want to do that is if they know what they want.

I don’t know what it is that blurs our vision so that all we see is the big outline of ourselves and not the detail. It might be cultural conditioning or tradition that stops us from looking at the fine points. Too many of us stop looking as soon as we see something recognizable. Ask someone what they are and most likely they will tell you what they do for a living, engineer, clerk, whatever. They might also report that they are a father or a mother, and live here or over there. Few will tell you that they love being with people, enjoy classical music, thrive on the time they spend with their kids, love the smell of flowers, feel good about helping others; if they really knew themselves the list would be almost limitless. But you know what? When the list outlines who we really are, when we stop long enough to really see ourselves, we can use the knowledge to find what is right for ourselves and start to do those things that will add the greatest meaning to our lives. We need to set aside our blinders, eliminate all the filters, and with an open mind take a look at ourselves and note what we see.

And you know what? You’ll find that life is so much easier when you can be yourself and no longer have to play at being someone your not. If you won’t invest in yourself, who will?


“You cannot be wimpy out there on the dream-seeking trail. Dare to break through barriers, to find your own path.”

Les Brown


A blonde is on board a small two-seater plane when suddenly the pilot dies.

Not knowing how to fly a plane she grabs the radio. “Mayday, Mayday! My pilot just died!” she screams.

Ground control receives her call for help and answers back: “Don’t worry, Madam. I’ll talk you down; just do as I say. First I need you to give me your height and position.”

“I’m 5″2′ and sitting in the front.”


“Nice guys finish last, but we get to sleep in.”

Evan Davis


Now that they are retired, my mother and father are discussing all aspects of their future. “What will you do if I die before you do?” Dad asked Mom.

After some thought, she said that she’d probably look for a house sharing situation with three other single or widowed women who might be a little younger than herself, since she is so active for her age.

Then Mom asked Dad, “What will you do if I die first?”

He replied, “Probably the same thing.”


“Time” has named former Presidents Bush and Clinton the partners of the year. These two are now so close they’re thinking about making a cowboy movie.”

Dave Letterman


Bill is sitting at the bar staring morosely into his beer. Doug walks in and sits down. After trying to

start a conversation several times and getting only distracted grunts he asks Bob what the problem is.

“Well,” said Bill, “I ran afoul of one of those women’s questions my wife women ask. Now I’m in big trouble at home.”

“What kind of question? Asked Doug.

“My wife asked me if I would still love her if when she was old, fat and ugly.”

“That’s easy,” said Doug. “You just say ‘Of course I will'”.

“Yeah”, said Bill, “That’s what I did, except I said ‘Of course I DO.'”


“When I woke up this morning my girlfriend asked me, ‘Did you sleep good?’

I said ‘No, I made a few mistakes.'”

Steven Wright


George had been a compulsive worrier for years until he found a way to overcome this problem. His friends noticed the dramatic change.

“You don’t seem to be worried about anything anymore.”

“I hired a professional worrier for $1000.00 a week,” George replied.

“I haven’t had a single problem since.”


thousand a week?” said his friend. “How the hell are you going to pay him?”

“That’s his problem.”


Trouble is a part of your life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

Dinah Shore


The young man told his father, “I want to marry a good woman, a smart woman, one who’ll be a good mother to our kids, a woman who will make me happy.”

His father told him he’d better make up his mind.


Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy.


Nadine: There are two men sitting alone at the bar over there.

Jill: So?

Nadine: Well, we’re two women alone sitting over here at a table. What do you think that adds up to?

Jill: Four losers?


A hug is a great gift, one size fits all. It can be given for any occasion and it’s easy to exchange.


He said: When I was a newly commissioned Lieutenant in the Army, I was assigned as a temporary assistant in an administrative office in a Military Intelligence unit.

One day a long memo came around with a cover sheet instructing all assigned officers to read it and initial it as indication of their compliance. I figured it meant me too, so I read and initialed it.

BUT a few days later, it came back addressed specifically to me.  An attached note read: “You are not permanently assigned to this unit and are thus not an authorized signee. Please erase your initials and initial your erasure.”

I did.


All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was.  I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory.  I was naïve.  I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer.  It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with:  that I am nobody but myself.

Ralph Ellison


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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