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! 0000000 do it now

It is Friday and we made it through another day, I think when you get to be my age you will value each day as I do. It does not require anything special just twenty four hours of trouble free living, Sure it often includes aches and pains but we can still breathe, think, read and so much more. Days that include some time with a friend or two are always a joy.

Sure there are things we might not be able to as well as we did when we were younger but in reality there is a lot to be said for the more leisurely life. I find the secret is to focus on what you can do and enjoy it while you can,

A few years ago I copied some quotes that should help us to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past or waiting for the future. Here is what I saved.

Focusing on the present

  • Dream as if you live forever, live as if you’ll die today.
  • There are seven days a week and someday is not one of them.
  • A year from now, you will wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb
  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass….It’s about learning to dance in the rain.
  • If not now then when? If not you, then who? – Robin Sharma
  • One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. – Paul Coelho
  • People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness.
  • Do it now. The future is promised to no one.
  • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW. – Chinese Proverb
  • The time for the action is now. It’s never too late to do something.
  • Spending today, complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.
  • Enjoy life now. This is not a rehearsal.
  • The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is NOW. -Robert Ingersoll
  • Live now, believe me wait not till tomorrow; gather the roses of life today. -Pierre De Ronsard
  • Don’t live life hiding behind your past, live for right now. -Nichole William
  • Enjoy these moments now, because they don’t last forever.
  • The past is gone, the future is only imaginary. We have little choice…Now is the only place we CAN exist.
  • Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called a present.


“You’re cheating yourself out of today. Today is calling to you, trying to get your attention, but you’re stuck on tomorrow, and today trickles away like water down a drain. You wake up the next morning and that today that you wasted is gone forever. It’s now yesterday. Some of those moments may have had wonderful things in store for you, but you’ll never know.”

Jerry Spinelli


There was this man who, many years ago, worked for a large business. That was his lifetime employment, but he wasn’t happy there. He wanted to go into business for himself. He saved his money and finally had enough so that he could quit and start his own business.

About two years later, I was on vacation and was going through the town where his business was located, so I stopped by for a visit. “Hey, John! I heard that the first year is the hardest for a new business.”

“Yeah, the first year was pretty rough, but we are doing pretty good now. In fact, I’m getting to where I only have to work half a day.”

“Wow, that’s pretty nice. Maybe I should think about going into business for myself.”

“Yeah, and the nicest part of it is that it doesn’t matter which twelve hours you work!”


There are two schools of thought on the leather jacket…one of them from the cow.


When it comes to tunes, my local music shop prefers the sound of silence. A sign prominently displayed on a grand piano reads, “The management is not responsible for the actions of its employees if your child plays “Heart and Soul” or “Chopsticks” on this instrument.


Half the secret of getting along with people is consideration of their views; the other half is tolerance in one’s own views.

Daniel Frohmann


My English professor was stopped for speeding. When asked why she was driving so fast, she quoted Robert Frost: “I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”

“But Miss,” replied the officer, obviously familiar with the poet. “Frost chose the road less traveled and unfortunately for you, this wasn’t it!”


Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

Lord Byron


A visitor to a college campus paused to admire the new Hemingway Hall. “It’s a pleasure to see a building named for Ernest Hemingway.”

“Actually,” said the guide, “it’s named for Joshua Hemingway. No relation.”

“Oh? Was Joshua Hemingway a writer also?”

“Yes, indeed. He wrote a check.”


A synonym is a word you use in place of one you can’t spell


A woman, her husband and their three rambunctious young sons were in their car waiting at a traffic light. The woman glanced over at the car next to them and noticed a blissfully happy mother with her baby daughter.

Looking at her husband, she said, “As soon as I lose my weight from the last baby, I want to try for a daughter.”

The husband reached up to the dash, grabbed an open box of snacks and said, “Here. Have another cookie.”


I love being over 80.   I learn something new every day……. and forget at least 5 others.


A woman meant to call a record store but dialed the wrong number and got a private home instead. “Do you have ‘Eyes of Blue’ and ‘A Love Supreme’?” she asked.

“Well, no,” answered the puzzled homeowner. “But I have a wife and eleven children.”

“Is that a record?” she inquired.

“I don’t think so,” replied the man, “but it’s as close as I want to get.”


“Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for your life to begin and start making the most of the moment you are in.”

Germany Kent


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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