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Thanks Kids

“The best words of wisdom that a parent can say to their child is “I Am proud of you”.”

Unarine Ramaru

! 00 Raising children

Yesterday our three children came by to discuss how my wife and I can plan for the next phase of our lives. We are not as spry as we once were, the stairs in our home are a little steeper and our memories are somewhat faded. They helped us put together a plan that will allow us to spend the next six months or so disposing all things we no longer need. After being married for more than 62 years you can imagine how much stuff we are talking about. We also looked at what it will take to move to a retirement setting that would make life a little easier.

What our kids did was give us a great gift for I doubt that we would even get started moving forward on our own. We are blessed that all three children live nearby, that they all are pretty smart and most of all that they are really good people. My wife deserves most of the credit for how well they turned out as I traveled extensively when they were young.

Here is a story that I think shows how important what we do when our children are young is to what they become. Our greatest legacy is our children and I appreciate ours

When you thought I wasn’t looking

A message every adult should read, because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say.

  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator and I immediately wanted to paint another one.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you give of your time and money to help people who had nothing and I learned that those who have something should give to those who don’t.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you take care of our house and everyone in it and I learned we have to take care of what we are given.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw how you handled your responsibilities, even when you didn’t feel good and I learned that I would have to be responsible when I grow up.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw tears come from your eyes and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but it’s alright to cry.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw that you cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I learned most of life’s lessons that I need to know to be a good and productive person when I grow up.
  • When you thought I wasn’t looking, I looked at you and wanted to say, ‘Thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn’t looking.’

Each of us (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend) influence the life of a child. How will you touch the life of someone today?

Written by a former child

Author Unknown


I don’t care what color the parents are. I don’t care if it’s a giraffe and a fish living together. If they’re raising children who believe they’re honored and loved, that’s all that’s important.

Patricia Polacco


A senior citizen goes to the doctor with a urinary problem, trouble is he goes too often. The doctor has him give a specimen and then rejoins him in the small examining room. “Mr. Goldstein, you do not have a urinary tract infection. I suspect that you have prostatitis.

No,” Mr. Goldstein interrupts him, “I can’t have that. I’m Jewish.”


I replaced the headlights on my car with strobe lights. Now it looks like I’m the only one moving.


At the prestigious university I attend, there is a clear hierarchy that outlines how long one was to wait for a class to begin if the professor were absent.  A full professor rated fifteen minutes.  An associate only ten.  A mere instructor was expected to be on time, if not early.  This system worked only one way, however; and students were afforded no such grace.

It was to be expected, therefore, that one professor, the foremost authority in his field by his own admission, would register distinct annoyance when the student, just out of military service, was late for class for the third morning running.

“Tell me,” the professor began, “exactly what did they say in the Army when you sauntered in late like this?”

“Well,” mused the unperturbed youth….”first they saluted, then they inquired, ‘How are you this morning, sir?’ ”


“The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.”

John Locke


She said: As the bus pulled away, I realized I had left my purse under the seat.

Later I called the company and was relieved that the driver had found my bag.

When I went to pick it up, several off-duty bus drivers surrounded me.  One man handed me my pocketbook, two typewritten pages and a box containing the contents of my purse.  “We’re required to inventory lost wallets and purses,” he explained.  “I think you’ll find everything there.”

As I started to put my belongings back into the pocketbook, the man continued.  “I hope you don’t mind if we watch.  Even though we all tried, none of us could fit everything into your purse.  And we’d like to see just how you do it.”


Vacation: A time when parents realize that teachers aren’t paid enough.


A husband stepped on one of those penny scales that tell you your fortune and weight, and dropped in a coin. “Listen to this,” he said to his wife, showing her a small, white card. “It says I’m energetic, bright, resourceful and a great husband.”

“Yeah,” his wife nodded, “and it has your weight wrong, too.”


I ran out of ice cream bars the other day, and I cried.  Then I remembered Alexander the Great, and how he wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.  How very much alike we are, I thought.

Michael Thompson


Little Benny was looking depressed, so his fourth grade teacher, Miss Feldman, asked, “What’s the problem, Benny? I hope it’s not homework again…”

“Well, uh, yes it is mam” replied Little Benny. “I made my homework paper into a paper airplane.”

“Benny, that wasn’t a very bright thing to do,” Miss Feldman said, “but this once, I’ll let you just unfold the paper and hand it in.”

“Oh, but it’s worse than that…” replied Little Benny, looking even sadder. “You see, the plane was hijacked!”


Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

James Baldwin


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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