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Do you like you?

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.

Marcus Garvey

! i-hope-you-believe-in-yourself

If you are like I am you sometimes run into people who seem to be down on themselves. They display little self-confidence and often give up before they even start a project. In my experience almost all of these folks are much better than they think they are and just need someone interested enough to help them realize the talents they do have.

You know we really don’t have to win medals nor receive plaudits from others to do well. Living a happy and satisfactory life is truly the measurement of personal success. Here is a piece I edited that was written by writer Christine Williams that is worth considering by my latent overachiever friends who have yet to reach their full potential.

Boost Your Confidence: 5 Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic

Let’s imagine that you have a friend who can be really critical. She lets you know when you’ve put on a few extra pounds. She makes you lose confidence right before an important presentation. She points out your flaws and reminds you when you’re not doing as well as others. If you had a friend like that, you’d kick her to the curb, right?! No one needs that negativity in their life! So, if we wouldn’t accept this criticism from our friends, why do we accept it from ourselves?

We let ourselves get away with a surprising amount of negative self-talk. Sometimes it happens so often that it becomes background noise, but this kind of criticism can be seriously damaging to your self-confidence. So what can you do to silence your inner critic? Here are five insightful tips:


This may seem counter-intuitive, but you can only silence your inner critic when you’re actually aware of it. I don’t mean feeding into it, but trying to listen as objectively as possible to those negative voices. A lot of times those negative thoughts stem from insecurities that are unmerited. Take the time to actually listen to what you’re telling yourself and you’ll find that oftentimes, those criticisms are silly. Actively listening to your negative talk will reveal that most of your criticisms are undeserved and ridiculous. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, why say it to yourself?


Although some of our negative thoughts are unwarranted and overly judgmental, some of that criticism is toward real issues that need to be addressed. If there are certain parts of your life that you know need improving, do something about it. Don’t give yourself ammo for negative self-talk. There’s nothing worse than that nagging voice in your head that yet again you’re late on your deadline. And because you know it’s true, it can lead to a downward spiral of continually criticizing yourself.

Being nasty to yourself is never okay and it’s certainly not productive. Instead, take tangible steps to improve. Set goals and track your progress. Even if it’s baby steps, gradually improving yourself will replace negative thoughts with positive ones and ultimately silence your inner critic.


Negative thoughts of any sort are toxic to your soul. If you allow yourself to be critical and judgmental of others (admit it, we’ve all been there!), you’re only setting yourself up with the mentality that it’s okay to be critical of yourself, too. Hold off on gossip and stay away from rash judgments that may seem harmless. Feeding into the negativity will only come around to bite you in the butt.


Not sure if you’re being too critical of yourself? Life coach Tony Teegarden recommends asking this one question: Would you say this to your five year old self? Would you tell your five-year-old self that they’re not smart enough, that they’re overweight or untalented? Of course not! You’d tell them to believe in themselves and that they can do anything they set their mind to. So, if you wouldn’t dare be so negative to your younger self, why do it now?


Sometimes the only way to silence your inner critic is to drown it out with positive statements. It doesn’t have to be as hokey as telling yourself positive affirmations in the mirror. But giving yourself a little pep talk when you’re really getting critical can do wonders. It’s not about bragging or trying to inflate your ego, it’s about being honest with yourself about what you do well.


Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

Norman Vincent Peale


A college professor asked his class a question. “If Philadelphia is 100 miles from New York and Chicago is 1000 miles from Philadelphia and Los Angles is 2000 miles from Chicago, how old am I?”

One student in the back of the class raised his hand and when Called upon said, “Professor you’re 44.”

The Professor said, “You’re absolutely correct, but tell me, how did you arrive at the answer so quickly?”

The student said, “You see professor, I have a brother, he’s 22, and he’s only half crazy.”


Don’t bother me. I am in the midst of living happily ever after!


Miss Jones had been giving her second-grade students a lesson on science. She had explained about magnets and showed how they would pick up nails and other bits of iron. Later it was question time, and she asked, “My name begins with the letter ‘M’ and I pick up things. What am I?”

A little boy on the front row proudly said, “You’re a mother!”


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Three older ladies were discussing the travails of getting older. One said, “Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand in front of the refrigerator and can’t remember whether I need to put it away, or start making a sandwich.”

The second lady chimed in, “Yes, some times I find myself on the landing of the stairs and can’t remember whether I was on my way up or on my way down.”

The third one responded, ” Well, I’m glad I don’t have that problem; knock on wood,” as she rapped her knuckles on the table, then told them “That must be the door, I’ll get it!”


When choosing between two evils, I always take the one I haven’t tried before.

Mae West


“So, what’s the matter?” asked Becky. “I thought you just got back from a nice relaxing fishing trip with the old professor?”

“Oh, everything went wrong,” says Mrs. Professor. “First he said I talked so loud I would scare the fish. Then he said I was using the wrong bait and then that I was reeling in too soon. “All that might have been all right; but then, to make matters worse,” lamented Mrs. Professor, “I ended up catching the most fish!”


A dyslexic man walks into a bra.


The little boy was caught swearing by his teacher.

“Jeffrey,” she said, “you shouldn’t use that kind of language. Where did you hear it?”

“My daddy said it,” he responded.

“Well, that doesn’t matter,” she explained, “you don’t know what it means.”

“I do, too,” Jeffrey corrected. “It means the car won’t start.”


Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of confidence. And it is fragile. It can be blackened by fear and superstition.

Bernard Beckett


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Seek the facts

Learn what is true in order to do what is right.

Thomas Huxley


I have another busy day today with meetings from 6 AM until almost 9 Am and then a quick errand followed by being home for a cleaning crew. I will have to exercise at home since there is not time available for a gym stop. I should be back on track tomorrow. So as no surprise to you I am going to reprint a past Daily today.

Ray’s Daily first published on September 17, 2004

I know we have talked before about how things look different depending on where you stand. Lately it seems that many of us can look at the same thing and see something very different. As an example we both could be looking at a field and one of us sees wild flowers and the other sees weeds. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just the way things are. My problem is that many of us perceive what we see as an absolute representation, and anything else is false. If you are like I am you are getting all kinds of e-mail containing information that is represented to be the total and absolute truth, most of the time it is being sent to justify one position or the other. It also seems that once many of the authors decide that their perception is unquestionably the truth they spend the rest of their time defending their position with no consideration of another’s view. It is even worse when they close their mind and see no need to reexamine whatever it is to see what they might have missed.

I am beginning to believe that our perceptions are often a reflection of what we want to see or hear. I don’t know if our unwillingness to spend time learning what another perceives in order to get another point of view is due to laziness or prejudice. I just wish that we used some of the energy we put into defending a position into reexamination and revalidation of our beliefs. I suggest we would be well served if we stop once in awhile and ask ourselves if we knew more would we be willing to change our minds. I don’t know about you but in my experience the best and brightest often change or modify their beliefs as they seek to accurately see what is going on. The recognition of reality that results in changing our mind is a strength, the change is not a weakness. If nothing else we should at least respect the others view and not try to force ours on them.

Life is not a game where we win by making sure the other guy loses. It is a journey that we all take together, it is when we learn what we can from each other that we have the best chance to make progress.


No matter what you believe, it doesn’t change the facts.

Al Kersha


The Ten Commandments of Marriage:

Commandment 1 Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.

Commandment 2 If you want your wife to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

Commandment 3 Marriage is grand – and divorce is at least 100 grand!

Commandment 4 Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

Commandment 5 When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one

thing: Either the car is new or the wife is.

Commandment 6 Marriage is when a man and woman become as one. The trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

Commandment 7 Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you say. After marriage, he will fall asleep before you finish.

Commandment 8 Every man wants a wife who is beautiful, understanding, economical, and a good cook. But the law allows only one wife.

Commandment 9 Marriage and love are purely a matter of chemistry. That is why the wife treats the husband like toxic waste.

Commandment 10 A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.


People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun’s out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


One of those physical fitness club franchises was preparing to enter the international market.  They placed ads in newspapers all over the county for people who could represent them on a tour.  The ad said:

We’re looking for five men in peak physical condition.  Must be able to speak Spanish, French, Chinese, or Japanese.  Must be knowledgeable about weights, aerobics, and at least two major sports.

The day after the ad appeared, a heavy man of about 70 appeared in the offices of the fitness club.  “I’m here about the ad,” he said.

The bronzed Adonis behind the desk looked surprised, but decided to be polite.  “Do you speak Spanish or French?” he asked.

“Nope,” the old man said.

“Chinese? Japanese?”

“No, both times.”

“Know anything about weights or aerobic exercises?”

“Only that I wouldn’t be caught dead with either one.”

“How about sports?”

“I’ve never played anything more taxing than checkers.”

“I see,” the young man said.  “Tell me something.  Why did you come here?”

“To tell you to count me out.”


The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

Dorothy Nevill


Thought you would want to know about this email virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one. It appears (more frequently) to affect those who were born prior to 1960.


  1. You send the same e-mail twice.
  2. You send a blank e-mail.
  3. You send e-mail to the wrong person.
  4. You send it back to the person who sent it to you.
  5. You forget to attach the attachment.
  6. You hit “SEND” before you’ve finished.
  7. You hit “DELETE” instead of “SEND.”
  8. You hit “SEND” when you should “DELETE.”

This is called the “C-NILE VIRUS and it


To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.

To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.


Error always addresses the passions and prejudices; truth scorns such mean intrigue, and only addresses the understanding and the conscience.

Azel Backus


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

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Have a breathless day!

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.



As many of you know I have a couple of hobbies, my main hobby is collecting friends another that I find rewarding is collecting stories, thoughts and quotes that I can share with you someday. Preparing the Daily over the years has been good for me since it requires me to think about the world and our place in it almost every day. It helps me focus on enriching my life as well as how to deal with some of the problems we all face as we age.

So thank you all for being there I am not sure how well I would do without those who are friends and without having you to read the Daily when you can.

As you also know I have collected a lot of Marc Chernoff’s writings over the years, today I want to offer you a few of the thoughts he recently included in an article entitled Things Your Soul Wants You to Know.

  • Some people talk with you in their free time, and some free their time to talk with you. Today, and every day, you can be the latter to the people you love.
  • The smallest act of kindness is always worth more than the grandest intention.
  • Sometimes you have to be kind to others, not because they’re nice, but because you are.
  • It usually isn’t what you have or where you are or what you’re doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It’s how you think about it all.
  • Consider the possibility that the little obstacles in your life are not obstacles at all, but stepping-stones.
  • It’s easy for people on the sidelines to doubt and judge you when they aren’t taking any risks themselves. Don’t let them get to you.  They may call you crazy when you’re just getting started but they’ll label you a genius once you’ve succeeded.
  • Don’t be afraid to provoke the status quo. Maybe some of your ideas are crazy.  But crazy ideas are what shake the world.
  • You can’t always wait for the ideal moment. Sometimes you must dare to do it because life’s too short to regret and wonder what could’ve been.
  • Don’t let the idea of being rejected stop you from affirming what’s important to you. The right people will respect you more and hold you in higher regard if you’re honest and rigorous about your principles and values.
  • Let people take you as you are, or not at all. By being yourself, you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before.  And this helps everyone who’s worth helping (including YOU).
  • Consider the fact that being wrong is OK, and then admit that you are wrong when you are. Yes, it’s hard.  Yes, it takes strength to admit it, but it makes you more humble and commendable.  And even more importantly, realize that when you’re wrong, you’re meant to be wrong so that you may outgrow the things you need to outgrow.
  • Remember the good times, be strong during tough times, love always, laugh often, live honestly, and be thankful for each new day.


Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Hans Christian Andersen


An Irish friend of mine went to play golf some time ago; when he arrived he met a group of Hassidic Jews who invited him to play with them. He joins the group and tees off.  His shot is about 200 yards out and off to the right rough.  Reb Moshe tees off 300 yards straight out into the middle of the fairway.  Reb Yitzchak’s shot is about 290 and Reb Yaacov’s is 300, but slightly off center.  O’Brian has trouble with getting out of the rough and four-putts, while the rabbis’ approach shots are right on the pin, they two-putt for par.

The rest of the round is the same, with the rabbi’s scores either par or under par, while O’Brian has a 95.  He says to them, “You guys must play and practice all the time.”

Reb Yitzchak says, “No, we study all the time and only play once a week. But, on our Sabbath, while we are in shul, we say a prayer asking God to give us one good round of golf each week.”

O’Brian is so impressed that he goes home and tells his wife that they are converting.  They study, convert, join a shul, and go to services every Shabbat. About a year later, O’Brian runs into the threesome of rabbis at the same course and they invite him to play with them. The game is exactly like last year’s. O’Brian is doing nothing right, and the three are perfect. At the end, O’Brian says to the rabbis, “I don’t understand it.

I converted, I joined a shul, pray every week.”

Rabbi Moshe says, “You joined a shul?  Which one?”

O’Brian says, “Beth Shalom.”

Rabbi Moshe says, “No, no, no!  Beth Shalom is for TENNIS!”


Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

Victoria Holt


A recent medical survey reported on the causes of short term work illnesses, they results are listed below:

  1. The Macy’s One Day Sale Flu.
  2. The Drivers License Renewal Appointment 24-Hour Virus.
  3. The Friday-Afternoon-Start-The-Weekend-Early Sudden Unbearable Stomach Pains.
  4. The I’m Looking for a New Job and I Don’t Know How Long It’s Going to Take, but I Want To Stay On The Payroll Until Then Mysterious Infection.
  5. The My Boyfriend’s Got the Week Off So Suddenly I’m Too Contagious To Come In To The Office Disease.
  6. The I Need a Hair Cut and My Stylist Doesn’t Make Evening Appointments Bout of Influenza.
  7. The There’s No Federal Holidays for Two Months and I Want a Day Off Sickness.
  8. The It’s Spring Break and I Want To Pretend I’m a Teenager Again General Ailment.
  9. The I’ve Messed Up Royally and I Won’t Come In To Face the Music Terminal Illness.
  10. The I Really Am Sick and I’ve Got the Doctor’s Bills and the Completed Medical Expense Reimbursement Forms to Prove It Infirmity.


“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain.


I’d had a pretty hectic day with my four-year-old. When bed- time finally came, I laid down the law: “We’re putting on your p.j.s, brushing your teeth, and reading ONE book. Then it’s lights out!”

Her arms went around my neck in a gentle embrace, and she said, “We learned in Sunday school about little boys and girls who don’t have mommies and daddies.”

Even after I’d been such a grouch, I thought, she was still grateful to have me. I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes, and then she whispered, “Maybe you could go be THEIR mom?”


But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.

Elizabeth Edwards


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

This daily is sent only to special people who want to start their day on an upbeat. If you have system overload because of our daily clutter, let me know and I will send you the information via mental telepathy. If you have not been getting our daily you can request to be added by e-mailing me at raykiwsp@gmail.com. Back issues are posted at https://raykiwsp.wordpress.com/ currently there are more than 2000 readers from around the world.

Have you decided to have a good day?

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

James Allen


Yesterday I shared with you how impressed I was with the old and new friends I had lunch with last Saturday. As I saidt most of those I knew from the past I had not seen for at least twenty-five years. As I am sure you can guess these were not young folks rather the, let us say, the well experienced that now were reaping the rewards of the life they had led.

For me it was a great experience since often people in my age group focus on their aches and pains, their latest medical events and even what is wrong with the world and most of the people in it. I heard none of that, mostly these were people that probably will never give up on life. It was again an example of how much a positive attitude can do for us when we focus on what is right in our lives while not letting adversity take us down.

Here is an abridged article written by Catherine Pulsifer who is a motivational speaker and positive thinking author that I respect.

Attitude Determines Everything

How we react, what we do or say, all depends on our attitude. It determines whether we’ll be happy or sad. Attitude can help, or hinder us in all areas of our lives. And we have complete control over our own attitude. We are the ones we decide how we feel, how we look at things, how we react.

If your thoughts are constantly of doom and gloom, you will receive the same in return. You will view the world as cloudy and dismal.

Your thoughts and your perception of the world influences all that you do, and all that you are, and all that you can be. If you see the sunshine, feel the sunshine then you feel good. But if your focus is only on the clouds and the dark sky then you may find yourself a bit gloomy.

Changing your attitude is really changing the way you see things. To begin the change, you must start looking for the good in every situation, rather than the negative. The wisdom here is “looking for the good in every situation”. And, yes sometimes you may have to look hard to see the good, but believe me it is there you just have to keep looking. And when you find it, then focus on it, keep it in the forefront of your thoughts.

So, you see the choice is yours. If we compare attitude to swimming, which are you doing? Are you swimming – even against the currents and the waves you keep going, you see your destination and you are taking action to reach it. Are you floating – just allowing the waves to carry you, you end up where ever the water takes you. Are you drowning – you see the waves and the currents as difficulties you cannot overcome.  Keeping a positive attitude will help your swim through life!


Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings us but the attitude we bring to life.

Wade Boggs


Answering Machine Messages*

  • Hi. This is John: If you are the phone company, I already sent the money. If you are my parents, please send money. If you are my Financial Aid institution, you didn’t lend me enough money.  If you are my friends, you owe me money.  If you are a female, don’t worry I have plenty of money.
  • Hi. John’s answering machine is broken. This is the refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I’ll stick your message to myself with one of these magnets.
  • Hi. I am probably home. I’m just avoiding someone I don’t like.  Leave me a message, and if I don’t call back…. it’s you!!
  • Hi, this is George. I’m sorry I can’t answer the phone right now. Leave a message, and then wait by your phone until I call you back.
  • Hi. If you are a burglar, then we’re probably home cleaning our weapons right now and can’t come to the phone. Otherwise, we probably aren’t home and it’s safe to leave a message. You decide.
  • Please leave a message. However, you have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will be recorded and will be used by us.


Nothing improves memory like trying to forget.


He said: Serving as a Marine recruiter in North Carolina, I found a young man who met all the requirements and was ready to enlist. I explained the importance of being truthful on the application, and he began filling out his paper work. But when he got to the question “Do you own any foreign property or have any foreign financial interests?” he looked up at me with a worried expression.

“Well,” he confessed, “I do own a Toyota. Does that matter?”


Bernie says to his wife Sarah, “Let’s go out tonight, darling and have some fun.”

Sarah replies, “OK, but if you get home before I do, please leave the light in the hall on.”


Boudreaux found Thibodeaux walking down the levee, looking really down in the dumps. Naturally, he asked Thibodeaux what the problem was.

Thibodeaux told Boudreaux, “Well, me and Clothile done had our first fight last night.” Boudreaux says, “Aw, dat’s too bad. What y’all had a fight about?” Thibodeaux tells him, “Mais, I told her a joke about de Pope.” Boudreaux says, “Mais, Thib, why did you do that? You knows dat Clothile is Catholic.” Thibodeaux replies, “Yah, I knew dat, but I didn’t know de Pope was too.”


Vote for the man who promises the least. He will be the least disappointing.

Bernard Baruch


A friend was thinking about buying a new house in the country and asked me to come out and look at it. We found the town, but we couldn’t locate the road. We drove over to city hall, where a community get-together was going on, and asked around, but no one had heard of the road. Even the policemen and fire personnel were stumped. We went to city hall and consulted a map, with no luck, until finally one young man came to our aid. He pointed to the map, showing us exactly how to get there.  I thanked the young man and asked if he was with the police or fire department.

“Neither,” he replied.  “I deliver pizzas.”


“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”


My dad bought my mom a piano for her birthday. A few weeks later, I asked how she was doing with it.

“Oh….that,” said my dad, “I persuaded her to switch to a clarinet.”

“Gee, how come?” I asked.

“Well…” he answered, “because with a clarinet, she can’t sing….”


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

William James


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

This daily is sent only to special people who want to start their day on an upbeat. If you have system overload because of our daily clutter, let me know and I will send you the information via mental telepathy. If you have not been getting our daily you can request to be added by e-mailing me at raykiwsp@gmail.com. Back issues are posted at https://raykiwsp.wordpress.com/ currently there are more than 2000 readers from around the world.

I was glad I went

Life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts.

Napoleon Hill

be positive 2

Last Saturday I was invited to a luncheon with folks that I worked with when I retired from the computer industry more than 25 years ago. There were only a couple of people there that I had seen since then. It was not without some trepidation that I agreed to go. My fear was that the people that were much younger when we last met may not have aged well and I might like to remember them as they were.

Boy was I mistaken, what I found was a group of positive and interesting people who have aged well, losing none of their luster, in fact the patina that comes with age served them well. There were a lot of people missing of course, some are probably no longer with us and others may have let age put them in the doldrums. But these people exuded an optimistic attitude towards their lives and their enthusiasm was infectious.

Because of what I saw I dug into the archives and found an article I had saved from the Wings for the Heart Blog that I offer in the spirit of my luncheon experience.

Positive Thinking is a Choice

I have bad days. I get cranky without enough sleep, and I drink too much coffee to make up for it. I get caught in traffic jams, deal with rude people, and feel exasperated when things don’t go according to plan. I’m just like you! But I also choose to look on the bright side as often as I can. Why? Because it makes me feel happier. And that is why I write so much about positive thinking, optimism, and the other motivational topics I cover. I want you to feel happier too.

I fear that I have given the impression that being optimistic means that we won’t ever have challenges to overcome, or obstacles to get through; that our lives will become beautiful expressions of divine purpose if we can just get our thoughts in order. It’s just not true.

The greatest secret of life is learning how to love each moment despite our challenges. It’s learning to cherish the good times, and push determinedly through the rough patches. It’s learning to overcome pessimism and doubt, and focus on joy and faith. I truly believe that we attract the types of experiences we have according to the types of thoughts we focus on the most.

But let’s put that aside and instead think about it this way: it just FEELS better to be happy and optimistic, rather than angry and pessimistic. Doesn’t it?

Think about the best day you’ve ever had, and the worst day you can remember. Then compare how you felt on each day. Which would you choose if you had to set a theme for your life?

In the end, it’s all about choices. Just like we can choose which clothing to wear each day, we can choose our mood and attitude. We can choose whether to create a life of joy, or a life of sorrow. It’s up to us, moment to moment. No, I’m not “always” upbeat and happy. But most of the time, I do choose to be.

When you truly take control of your thoughts, your life changes in incredible ways.


Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.

Norman Vincent Peale


Heard at the senior center:

My supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size.

My secrets are safe with my friends because they can’t remember them either.

My joints are more accurate meteorologists than the national weather service.


“Real friends are those who, when you feel you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.”


She said: “I’ve got 3 TVs, cable, & a satellite dish; I have 3 phone lines in the house, a cell phone & one in the car, plus a pager. I use 2 computers, 3 ISPs and a fax. I subscribe to two daily papers & one weekly one. I watch both the local & network news every evening. And my kids have the nerve to tell me I’m out of touch!”


“If you were arrested for being kind……..would there be enough evidence to convict you?”


The banker had called the man in to talk about his account. “Your financial affairs are in a big mess! Your wife constantly overdraws your account. She is behind in her charge accounts at the department store, and her check stubs are all added wrong. So…why don’t you talk to her about it?”

“Because….” said the man, “I would rather argue with you than with her.”


“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain — and most fools do.”

Dale Carnegie


The cruise ship docked at a Mexican port during a very high tide. Everyone on board was forced to use the ship’s narrow gangplank as a passageway to the dock far below. The staff stood motionless when a passenger in her 70s appeared at the top of the plank. There wasn’t room for anyone to assist her, so she edged along slowly and finally made it to the dock safely, to everyone’s relief. As she stepped down, she turned, looked back to the top of the gangplank and shouted, “It’s okay, Mother, you can come down now.”


Moses dragged us for forty years through the desert to bring us to the one place in the Middle East where there was no oil.

Golda Meir


“Normal” is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it. So why be normal??


You must arrange in advance for pleasant memories.


The customer in the Italian restaurant was so pleased that he asked to speak to the chef. The owner proudly led him into the kitchen and introduced him to the chef.

“Your veal parmigiana was superb,” the customer said. “I just spent a month in Italy, and yours is better than any I ever had over there.”

“Naturally,” the chef said. “Over there, they use domestic cheese. Ours is imported.”


Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment.

Robert Collier


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Don’t Wait!

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

B. Priestley


I sat with three of my female fellow Kiwanis members yesterday morning and got into a discussion about the piece I wrote the other day on painting a pictorial memory of ourselves through the brush strokes we add every day. I said that you can’t remove the paint that has already dried but you can add to the picture or even overpaint a portion by what you paint each day.

Many of us just never add any paint so our canvas just sets on the easel gathering dust. That is unfortunate since when the end does come all people will see is a drab picture of a life without much color. In truth each of us can paint a picture that can please our friends and family when it is exhibited, all we have to do is start to live our lives with some color and quit spending our days just getting by doing the same things we have always done.

Mark Chernoff shared some thoughts a while ago that reminded me that we can bring sizzle back in our lives if we just don’t wait to get started. Here is some of what he wrote:

Here are five (super common) toxic thoughts to ban from your self-talk:

  “It’s too late.” No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change and become an improved version of yourself.  Peace, strength and understanding will come to you when you manage to tune out the noisy judgments of others, in an effort to better hear the soft and steady hum of your own inner strength.  And once you hear it, you will realize that it’s not too late to be what you might have been.

  “If only I was stronger, smarter, more attractive, etc.” The absolute worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.  It’s always better to be true to yourself, and risk incurring the ridicule of others, rather than trying to live a lie, only to gradually earn your own self-contempt.  Remember, almost everything that happens to you is a direct reflection of what you believe about yourself.  You can’t possibly outperform your level of self-esteem.  You can’t draw from yourself more than you think you are worth.

  “What I have to say is not that important.” Silence makes the inner battle much harder and longer.  Speak your truth.  Let it out… before it kills you!  Honestly, this is one of the saddest things about so many people’s life situation – their most important thoughts and feelings often go unspoken and barely understood.

  “The less risks I take, the less regrets I will have.” You miss 100% of the shots you never take.  Choices, chances and changes – start making them.  You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change.  In the end, more so than the mistakes we make along the way, we regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

  “I’ll start tomorrow.” Many great things can be done in a day if you don’t always make that day tomorrow.  Don’t let your fear of making a mistake stop you.  A life spent making mistakes is not only more enjoyable, but more useful than a life spent waiting around.


Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.

Horace Mann


She said: For a while my husband and I had opposite schedules. He worked during the day and I worked at night. One morning I noticed he left a note to himself on the kitchen counter that said, “STAMPS” in large letters. As a helpful surprise, I bought him some at the post office and put them on the counter before going to work.

The next morning, I found the same note. “STAMPS” was crossed out. Underneath he had written, “TEN MILLION DOLLARS.”


Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.

R.E. Shay


Kids’ Instructions on Life

– Never trust a dog to watch your food.     Patrick, Age 10

– When you want something expensive, ask your grandparents.     Matthew, Age 12

– Wear a hat when feeding seagulls.     Rocky, Age 9

– Never try to hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.     Rosemary, Age 7

– Don’t flush the john when your dad is in the shower.     Lamar, Age 10

– Never bug a pregnant mom.     Nicholas, Age 11

– When your dad is mad and asks you, “Do I look stupid?”    don’t answer him.     Heather, Age 16

– Never tell your mom her diet’s not working.    Michael, Age 14

– When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your mom when she’s on the phone.   Alyesha, Age 13

– Never tell your little brother that you’re not going to dowhat your mom told you to do.     Hank, Age 12

– Never dare your little brother to paint the family car.     Phillip, Age 13


“If you’re a bathroom attendant, then maybe ‘Take Your Children to Work Day’ is not for you.”

Bob Van Voris


While talking with my semi-deaf uncle one evening, I noticed that his “hearing aid” was actually an earphone from a transistor radio.  The wire had been cut and was sticking out of his shirt.

“How does that help your hearing?” I asked.

“Don’t help my hearing none,” he replied.  “Makes people talk louder.”


Q: How do you get your spouse to argue with you?

A: Say something


Jewish Mothers don’t differ from any other in the world when it comes to bragging about their sons.  One Mother, trying to out-do another when it came to opportunities available to their just graduated-from-college sons said, “My Irving has had so many fine interviews, his resume is now in its fifth printing.”


I was at a yard sale one day and saw a box marked “Electronic cat and dog caller– guaranteed to work.” I looked inside and was amused to see an electric can opener.


The shipwrecked mariner had spent several years on a deserted island. Then one morning he was thrilled to see a ship offshore and a smaller vessel pulling out toward him.  When the boat grounded on the beach, the officer in charge handed the marooned sailor a bundle of newspapers and told him, “The captain said to read through these and let us know if you still want to be rescued.”


In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took.

Frasier Krane


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

This daily is sent only to special people who want to start their day on an upbeat. If you have system overload because of our daily clutter, let me know and I will send you the information via mental telepathy. If you have not been getting our daily you can request to be added by e-mailing me at raykiwsp@gmail.com. Back issues are posted at https://raykiwsp.wordpress.com/ currently there are more than 2000 readers from around the world.

We are all in this together

The most valuable things in life are not measured in monetary terms. The really important things are not houses and lands, stocks and bonds, automobiles and real state, but friendships, trust, confidence, empathy, mercy, love and faith.

Bertrand Russell


It is another one of those days. Yesterday was so productive that it wore me out and now this morning my meetings start at 6 AM so join with me as I take us back to an earlier day.

Ray’s Daily first published on September 10, 2004

One of the problems I am having is my ability to adequately express these feelings to friends in other countries. The most recent example happened when I sent a drawing from Slate Magazine to friends in Russia. The drawing was of a Russian Bear, with a tear running down his cheek, holding a young child in his paws. I was moved by the drawing as it expressed how so many of us feel about the recent deaths of so many innocent children in Russia. One of my Russian friends took offense to the drawing thinking of it as a cartoon that was a humorous attempt to make light of the tragedy. We exchanged a number of e-mails in an attempt for us to understand each other. I believe that this is a good example of just how important people-to-people exchange is to our understanding each other.

International exchanges should not be limited to the diplomatic efforts of government leaders; it is time for as much public involvement and public diplomacy as possible, not less involvement as now seems to be the case. People are afraid to travel, we have made it more difficult for citizens of other countries to come visit us, and governments frown on people-to-people exchanges. All this at a time when such exchanges are critical as we fight enemies with out borders, enemies that care not about the deaths of innocents.

My non-American friends have the same needs and values that we have. We all search for the way to provide for our common interest, safety and happiness. I hope you can understand that they see the world from a different perspective. A good example is Iraq, no matter how you feel abut it politically you have to grieve for the loss of so many lives. My non-American friends do as well. The difference is that the media often concentrates on only our losses while those in other countries see not only American losses but also the deaths of thousands of innocent non-combatant men, women, and children, deaths that are too often casually called collateral damage.

I honestly believe that the answer lies above, “Friendship, trust, confidence, empathy, mercy, love and faith.” Humanity needs us all to work for understanding and better lives for all.


To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed — That can make life a garden.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


While I sat in the reception area of my doctor’s office, a woman rolled an elderly man in a wheelchair into the room and ‘parked’ his chair right next to me.

As she went to the receptionist’s desk to ‘check in’, the man sat there all alone, and silent.

Just as I was thinking I should try to make some small talk with him, a little boy slipped off his mother’s lap from across the room, and walked over to the wheelchair. Placing his little hand on the man’s, he said….

“I know how you feel. My mom makes me ride in the stroller sometimes too.”


A terrible thing happened to me last week. I tried to live within my means and was picked up for vagrancy.

Bob Orben


Mr. Jacobson decided to take a week off from the pressures of the office and went skiing. Alas, no sooner did he reach the slopes than he heard an ominous rumbling: moments later a sheet of snow came crashing toward him.

Fortunately, Mr. Jacobson was able to jump into a cave just before the avalanche hit. Just as fortunately, he had matches with him and was able to light a fire.

Hours later, when everyone but Mr. Jacobson had returned, a rescue team was sent to search for him.

After several hours they saw smoke curling from the cave and went to investigate.

Poking his head into the entrance, one of the rescuers yelled, “Mr. Jacobson, are you there? It’s the Red Cross.”

Bristling, the harried executive called back, “Get lost. I gave at the office!”


“I am imagination…

I can see what the eyes cannot see,

I can hear what the ears cannot hear,

I can feel what the heart cannot feel.”

Peter Nivio Zarlenga


Advertising Terms Explained*……

NEW – Different color from previous design.

ALL NEW – Parts are not interchangeable with previous design.

EXCLUSIVE – Imported product.

UNMATCHED – Almost as good as the competition.

FOOLPROOF OPERATION – No provision for adjustments.

ADVANCED DESIGN – The advertising agency doesn’t understand it.

IT’S HERE AT LAST – Rush job. Nobody knew it was coming.

FIELD TESTED – Manufacturer lacks test equipment.

HIGH ACCURACY – Unit on which all parts fit.

FUTURISTIC – No other reason why it looks the way it does.

REDESIGNED – Previous flaws fixed – we hope.

DIRECT SALES ONLY – Factory had a big argument with distributor.

YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT – We finally got one to work.

BREAKTHROUGH – We finally figured out a use for it.

MAINTENANCE FREE – Impossible to fix.

MEETS ALL STANDARDS – Ours, not yours.

SOLID-STATE – Heavy as anything!

HIGH RELIABILITY – We made it work long enough to ship it


Hypochondriac’s headstone epitaph: “See?”


A man writing at the post office desk was approached by an older fellow with a post card in his hand.  The old man said, “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you but could you address this post card for me?  My arthritis is acting up today and I can’t even hold a pen.”

“Certainly, sir,” said the younger man, “I’d be glad to.” He wrote out the address and also agreed to write a short message and sign the card for the man. Finally, the younger man asked, “Now, is there anything else I can do for you?”

The old fellow thought about it for a moment and said, “Yes, at the end could you just add, ‘PS: Please excuse the sloppy hand-writing?'”


“Another good thing about being poor is that when you are seventy your children will not have declared you legally insane in order to gain control of your estate.”

Woody Allen


A fellow in a bar notices a woman, always alone, come in on a fairly regular basis. After the second week, he made his move. “No thank you.” she said politely. “This may sound rather odd in this day and age, but I’m keeping myself pure until I meet the man I love.”

“That must be rather difficult.” the man replied.

“Oh, I don’t mind too much.” she said. “But, it has my husband pretty upset.”


One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.



Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Management is not responsible for duplicates from previous dailies. The editor is somewhat senile.

This daily is sent only to special people who want to start their day on an upbeat. If you have system overload because of our daily clutter, let me know and I will send you the information via mental telepathy. If you have not been getting our daily you can request to be added by e-mailing me at raykiwsp@gmail.com. Back issues are posted at https://raykiwsp.wordpress.com/ currently there are more than 2000 readers from around the world.

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