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Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

Helen Keller


I had breakfast with a good friend yesterday who is undergoing surgery today. I am sure she will be fine but like most of us major surgery is a significant event. In her case it provided us an opportunity to mentally step away from our hectic daily lives and talk about the big picture. It was not long before we admitted that our lives these days are so cluttered with a thousand sound bites, constant conflicts and the like that it becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our conversation hit home as my thoughts were similar to what I wrote about the other day when I asked if you could see the flowers amongst the weeds. It is too easy to just walk on in the belief that if there is something good out there you will stumble across it when so many times all it really takes is a willingness to look. My friend is willing, but like many of us she has to filter out the useless clutter so she can see the glitter that still exists all around us.

Here is a story that reminds me that what we see is often up to us.

Find a Release

by: K.C. Leong

Open your eyes. What do you see? Do you see the crowds of people walking around? Look at their faces. Curious looks, snobs, anger, expressionless looks, looks of concentration. Did you notice the person that was smiling at you? Look again. See the trees waving to you in greetings?

Concentrate now on your hearing. What do you hear? Traffic? Discussions on the latest gossip? People on the cellular phones that are trying to compete with the noise? Cursing and swearing? Or the radio / television of your neighbors? But do you hear the songs of praises the birds in the day sings for you, or the lullaby the insects orchestrate for you in the night?

Now smell the air. Exhausts? Odors you feel repulsive? Smell again. Concentrate this time. You will find the fragrance of the perfect blossom.

Focus your senses to your skin. Feel the heat? The humidity? But did you not also notice the breeze that is gently trying to cool you? Feel the frost of the winter, biting through all your insulation. Again feel the warmth that the sun is wrapping around you in a warm embrace. And the warmth that is already within you that your heart is circulating.

 There is always comfort around us if you know where to look. There is too much distractions in this society. Focus your senses in the correct way and you will find a release.


Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.

Nikos Kazantzakis


A little girl in first grade was doing very well especially in spelling.  One day she came home with new words to study for an upcoming test and she asked her mother to help.  They came to the word “knit” and her mother asked her to spell it.

She said, “n-i-t”.

Her mother said, “No, try again.”

She said, very slowly, “n-i-t”.

Her mother said, “Now, honey, I know you know how to spell this word, try again.”

Very aggravated and very slowly, as if her mother was just not getting the whole picture, she spelled, “N-I-T!”

Finally, her mother told her that the correct spelling was k-n-i-t. The little girl looked at her mother, put her hands on her hips and said, “THE ‘K’ IS SILENT!”


There must be more to life than having everything.

Maurice Sendak


A guest lecturer to the Medical college stopped by the bulletin board. Listed for the day was the topic, “Surprises in Obstetrics”.

Scrawled under it in pencil were the words, “Mary had a little lamb”.


“You can’t build a reputation on what you intend to do.”

Liz Smith


He said: I was hospitalized for a few days, and my wife reported that my dog really missed me.  “She spends the night at the front door, awaiting your return,” she said.

“What an example of true love,” I replied.  “I wonder if you’d be that concerned about me?”

“Honey,” my wife answered, “if you were gone overnight, and I didn’t know where you were, you can be sure I’d be waiting for you at the front door.”


“All men are not homeless, but some men are home less than others.”

Henry Youngman


One Sunday a pastor told the congregation that the church needed some extra money and asked the people to prayerfully consider giving a little extra in the offering plate. He said that whoever gave the most would be able to pick out three hymns.

After the offering plates were passed, the pastor glanced down and noticed that someone had placed a $1,000 bill in offering. He was so excited that he immediately shared his joy with his congregation and said he’d like to personally thank the person who placed the money in the plate.

A very quiet, elderly and saintly lady all the way in the back shyly raised her hand. The pastor asked her to come to the front. Slowly she made her way to the pastor. He told her how wonderful it was that she gave so much and in thanksgiving asked her to pick out three hymns.

Her eyes brightened as she looked over the congregation, pointed to the three handsomest men in the building and said, “I’ll take him and him and him.”



And I’d do it all over again if I could remember the way. But now that I’m older I’d probably forget what I was going back for and most likely wouldn’t be able to do it again anyway.


Volvo has unveiled an auto designed by women for women called the YCC, ‘Your Concept Car.’ Among its cutting-edge femi-features:

* Turn signals that are able to change their mind at the last minute.

* An OnStar satellite tracking system that can locate, on command, all retail outlets within 500 miles.

* Permanent press fenders.

* A dashboard voice console that’s programmed to ask strangers for directions.

* Side mirrors that make the driver appear slimmer than she actually is.


When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.

Mark Twain


At the airport check-in counter, I overheard a woman ask for window seats for her and her husband. The clerk pointed out that this would prevent them from sitting together.

“Sweetie,” the woman replied, “I just spent ten days of quality time in a compact rental car with this man. I know what I’m requesting.”


‘I walk in the garden, I look at the flowers and shrubs and trees and discover in them an exquisiteness of contour, a vitality of edge, or a vigour of spring, as well as an infinite variety of colour that no artefact I have seen in the last sixty years can rival…each day, as I look, I wonder where my eyes were yesterday.’

Bernhard Berenson


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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