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A friend is what the heart needs all the time.

Henry Van Dyke


Yesterday I shared with you the remorse I felt because I had put a potential friendship in jeopardy because of making some thoughtless flippant remarks to someone I really like. While I do appreciate the many positive comments I got from readers who felt it was out of character for me to be that insensitive, the reality is that it has threatened a possible friendship. While I will not ask for forgiveness I will offer an apology for it is not important what my intent was it was important on how what I may have said was understood. It has been a good lesson for me to be more careful when I communicate with people who may misunderstand my intent.

As I have said before I cannot change history nor should I dwell on my mistakes, so I will move on and do my best to make amends and be more careful in the future. Friendships are ones most valuable possessions especially as we age and they should be nurtured and not put at risk.

Here is an article I got from Psychology Today that I think has value.

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Friendships

by Irene S Levine Ph.D.

Carve Out the Time

Whether you feel down in the dumps, or are already overextended because you’re juggling too many responsibilities, promise yourself some time with people. These can either be people you know or people you would like to know. Friendships enhance our health and well-being because they allow us to feel supported and understood – they’re well worth the investment of time. Put it towards the top of your to-do list.

Put Yourself Out There

You’re not alone. There are other people yearning for close friendships. Summon up your energy (and courage) to do something different: Make eye contact, smile, and say hello (even if you are innately shy). Take the initiative to invite someone for coffee or a walk. Don’t presume that everyone else already has friends and that you’re arriving too late for the game.

Take Off Your Blinders

Friends don’t always appear in obvious places or look like you imagined they would. Don’t diminish the size of your “talent pool” of prospects by eliminating people who are older, younger, richer, poorer, taller, shorter, or just look different than you think they should. Potential friends are all around, especially if you are working, in school, live in a multi-family dwelling, or belong to various groups and organizations. If you’re unaffiliated, become a joiner. Sign up for a course, join a gym, book club, volunteer. You’ll find others who are as interested in making friends as you are.

Nurture the Seedlings

Every relationship with a potential friend isn’t love at first sight (in fact, you may have to worry if it is.) Give relationships time to blossom slowly and eventually deepen. Give potential friends a chance to show you their stuff and vice versa. We only get to know another person over time. Old friendships require nurturance, too!

Be the Friend You Would Like to Have

Be sincere, compassionate, and honest. Listen as well as share. Don’t gossip or betray. Reach out when someone needs you even if she isn’t able to ask or tell you what she needs. Be reasonable in what you expect from others but don’t allow yourself to always be on the giving end of a relationship. Be forgiving  — to a point — but give up when a friendship clearly isn’t working. Friendships need to be mutually satisfying and you deserve no less.


A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

Elbert Hubbard


She said: My five-year-old nephew Elix wanted to caddy for my brother’s golf game. “You have to count my strokes,” my brother told him.  “How much is six, nine, and eight?”

“Five,” answered Elix.

“Okay,” my brother smiled.  “Let’s go!”


Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear.


He said: My mom is very possessive.  She calls me up and says, “You weren’t home last night.  Is something going on?”

I say, “Yeah, Mom.  I’m cheating on you with another mother.”


“The future you shall know when it has come; before then forget it.”



She said: A man called the government office where I work and requested an estimate of his benefits upon retirement. After I gave him the information, he went on to inquire about his wife’s benefits. I asked if she had ever worked.

“She has worked all her life making me happy,” he replied.

That was nice, I commented, but had she ever contributed to a pension plan?

“No,” he said. “We made an agreement when we got married. I would make the living and she would make the living worthwhile.”


My wife left me a note saying I should try out for “American Idle.” But the joke is on her because she spelled it wr– hey, wait a minute!


Mrs. Rosen is having her house painted, and her husband comes home from work and leans against the freshly painted wall.

The next day, she says to the painter, “You want to see where my husband put his hand last night?”

He sighs and says, “Look, lady, I got a tough day’s work ahead of me. Why don’t you just make us a cup of tea?”


By the time we realize our parents were right, we have children who think we’re wrong.

Guillermo Hernandez


Determined to cut the budget, the former governor directed that all government jobs remain unfilled once vacated. There were many complaints, one concerning the retirement of a drawbridge operator. When Personnel refused to fill the position, the highway- division manager called the governor’s office.

“Ask the governor,” he told an aide, “Whether he wants the bridge left down so the cars can go over – or up so the ships can go through.”


True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.

Baltasar Gracian


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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