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Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.

William E. Gladstone

 ! 000000 Be happy

I have been concerned lately about folks who seem to be unhappy because they are dissatisfied with what they are doing in their life. This seems to be especially true with some young people who have been taught by society, peers and sometimes parents that success is measured by monetary income and/or title.

Newly graduated young people who often have not experienced enough in life to find where their interests can be best satisfied and where they can reap the benefits of doing what makes them happy. So they pursue a life someone else has convinced them to live only to find frustration and unhappiness. The happiest people I know, some extremely successful by every measure, are those who don’t let their vocation control their life. They balance vocation, friendships, loved ones, recreation and more as they find their happiness in how they have chosen to live.

Here is an article written a few years ago by Vibha Dhawan that I wish many of my young friends would read with an open mind. Some of my older friends could use the advice as well.

Don’t Overthink Life! Think Less and Get Happy

Make Work Play

Is your work something you look forward to? If not, is there anything you can do to make it enjoyable?

Forgive and Forget

Babies can laugh and giggle all day because they don’t keep grudges against anyone. Their heart is pure and their mind empty to laugh out loud and enjoy the moment. Do you think they’ve constructed an evil plan against you because you refused them candy last time? Probably not, life moved on and so did they. So why do we hold on to our past and refuse to let go of the emotional baggage? Does it do us any good except prevent us from laughing wholeheartedly?

Depending on how you made the kid feel, there is a minute possibility that they may be hesitant to give you a hug the next time they see you. But they are more than willing to give you another chance to make things right.

Never-ending Curiosity

Why does life get boring as we grow older? We all can identify times in our past where time was scarce and desires limitless, fear was unknown and rules were redefined. Then what happened? Are we so engrossed in our daily lives that we miss to see the opportunities the world still has to offer?

Unconditional Love

Kids have a hug and a kiss for anyone and everyone who wants one. They don’t judge you before they come running into your knees and they don’t walk away if you don’t give them the same in return. They have no expectations from you and simply do what their heart desires. You want a hug, they’ll give you a hug, you want two, and they’ll give you two. So how did the adult world become so materialistic that we decide what we give based on what we think we might receive?


Have you ever seen kids smile as they stare at thin air, and wonder what made them giggle? I have, and I’ve concluded that either they can see things that we cannot or they simply don’t need a reason to smile. If there is only one thing I could learn from them, it would be to smile more. Not only does it make you feel good, it makes people wonder what you are smiling about. They’ll come to one of two conclusions: you’re in love or you’re crazy, either ways it will make them smile.

Being happy and living life to the fullest is not a difficult task; you just need to have the right attitude and an open mind.


Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

Golda Meir


A father said to his teenage daughter, “I want you home by 11:00 tonight.”

“But Daddy,” she protested, “I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“You’re right.” he answered. “Better make it 10:30!”


If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


A photographer for a national magazine was assigned to take pictures of a great forest fire. He was advised that a small plane would be waiting to fly him over the fire. The photographer arrived at the airstrip just an hour before sundown. Sure enough, a small Cessna airplane was waiting. He jumped in with his equipment and shouted, “Let’s go!” The tense man sitting in the pilot’s seat swung the plane into the wind and soon they were in the air, though flying erratically.

“Fly over the north side of the fire,” said the photographer, “and make several low-level passes.”

“Why?” asked the nervous pilot.

“Because I’m going to take pictures!” yelled the photographer. “I’m a photographer, and photographers take pictures!”

The pilot replied, “You mean you’re not the flight instructor?”


Never get into an argument with the schizophrenic person and say, “Just who do you think you are?”


A gang of robbers broke into a lawyer’s club by mistake. The old legal lions gave them a fight for their life and their money. The gang was very happy to escape. “It ain’t so bad,” one crook noted. “We got $25 between us.”

The boss screamed: “I warned you to stay clear of lawyers! We had $100 when we broke in!”


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – and Jill a wealthy widow!

Evan Esar


An account executive at a stock-and-bond firm telephoned an elderly woman client who had purchased her first stock — one hundred shares of Proctor & Gamble.  He told her that he had just heard they were going to split.

“Oh!  What a shame.”  she lamented.  “I’m so sorry to hear that. And, they’ve been together for so long too.”


“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”

Peter Drucker


A large truck was tailing my son as he drove through town with his girlfriend. The truck matched them turn for turn, down every street.

My son’s concern grew to alarm when the menacing-looking driver pulled next to him at a light, leaned out his window and glared into his car. After a long, hard stare, the man grinned and called to my son, “Sorry, kid! I thought that was my daughter.”


I think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we’re supposed to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else’s idea of our happiness – what will make you a good citizen or a good wife or daughter or actress. Nobody says, ‘Just be happy – go be a cobbler or go live with goats.’

Sandra Bullock


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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