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“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

Shannon L. Alder

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I was talking to one of my favorite restaurant workers the other day who reported that her life lacked any real direction. She said that she had tried a few things that were not all that rewarding and that she was in the process of finding a new direction. I know a number of other people in the same boat and if you recall I suggested the other day that committing to living a good life provides an excellent foundation for ones future but for some that does not seem to be enough. Author Jason Demakis has a technique that can help those that seek at least a path to test if it is right for them. Here are his recommendations.

How to Figure Out Your Life Purpose in 10 Minutes

The more honest you are, the better your results are going to be here. You gain nothing by looking for answers, finding a worthy exercise to help you sort out those answers, and then lying to yourself to prevent temporary emotional discomfort.

  1. Grab a blank piece of paper and/or open up your favorite word processor.
  2. At the top of the page, write “My Purpose Is…”
  3. Begin writing down answers as they arrive. Any and all answers. Do not resist ANYTHING here. This is imperative! You need to write down everything that comes to mind. This is the entire reason for this exercise; it will free up the mental RAM needed for clear thinking (for once)!
  4. Repeat step 3 until the answer which makes you begin to cry appears.

Congratulations…you’ve just realized your purpose. Clarity is The Secret. That’s it and that’s all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, cell phone salesman, or CEO.

This exercise will work for you if you keep at it. For some people, they’ll keep going and going well over 10, 15, even 30 minutes. This is highly suggested. You might find yourself cycling through 100 or more answers before anything remotely interesting comes up. It might take you a thousand or more. The numbers and time spent are not the point; articulating your mind and clearing out the garbage which presently fills it is the point!

To some this exercise will make perfect sense, and be exactly what they needed. To others, it will be a stupid exercise that showed them nothing. Again, 10 minutes is just a suggestion. That’s the minimal amount of time it will take you to start getting a mental flow going in the right direction. Your mind needs to warm up just like any other muscle. Do this for an hour, and your clarity will be much higher than if you stop at the 10 minute mark.

Now, for some, there may come a point where you’re just sitting there listing things, and nothing’s coming up. You’ll feel tempted to say “screw this”, and go do something else instead. This is completely normal and is NOT to be resisted. If you feel like getting up, that simply means you’re not ready to face yourself yet. While this might sound like a bad thing, it’s actually still a HUGE step in the right direction.

Some answers might come close to making you cry, such as by providing a small surge or emotional response. Hang on to those answers if you can; highlight them, use an asterisk to mark them, whatever. You can still use and incorporate that information later on!

If you truly feel you don’t have a purpose (or that humans in general have no purpose), then start with “I don’t have a purpose” at the top of the sheet and go from there. I’m serious. You’ll be surprised at how your subconscious mind could care less what your conscious mind chooses for an ideology. It’s going to unload the universe onto your hard disk (brain) whether you like it or not. The less you resist this, the more you’re going to get out of it. Most people are stuck because their entire experience is based on resisting what the truth of reality is trying to show them.

This exercise is a fast and simple way to begin articulating your own destiny as an individual, empowered human being. Making the list and allowing your emotional intelligence to guide you is the easy part. The real challenge comes in consciously committing to living by your purpose, and refusing to die with it in you. I will argue that this is what your true, over-hanging purpose is; to figure out your purpose, and then live it!


“When your footsteps and thoughts carry you down the same path your heart and soul are directing you, you will know without a doubt that you are headed in the right direction.”

Molly Friedenfeld


Over a pleasant evening meal Bill, John and Doug were discussing going to the gym and the various effects of working out. Doug said that it was possible to get “pectoral inserts” for the “reasonable” cost of $6000.

Bill snickered, looked completely aghast and commented, “For $6000 you could get a personal trainer and get the same result without surgery.”

John replied, “For $6000 you could get a woman who doesn’t care what you look like.”


How about a constitutional amendment that declares anything said in a campaign speech to be under oath?


The Classifieds  If you see this describing a man, here’s what it really means:

40-ish – 52 and looking for 25-yr-old

Educated – Will always treat you like an idiot

Fun – Good with a remote and a six pack

Good looking – Arrogant

Honest – Pathological Liar

Likes to cuddle – Insecure, overly dependent

Mature – Until you get to know him

Physically fit – I spend a lot of time in front of mirror admiring myself

Poet – Has written on a bathroom stall

Thoughtful – Says “please” when demanding a beer


A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.


There is a new virus. The code name is WORK. If you receive WORK from your colleagues, your boss, via e-mail, or from anyone else, do not touch it under any circumstances. This virus wipes out your private life completely.

If you should happen to come in contact with this virus, take two friends and go straight to the nearest bar. Order drinks immediately and after three rounds, you will find that WORK has been completely deleted from your system.

Forward this virus warning immediately to at least five friends. Should you realize you do not have five friends, this means you are already infected by this virus and WORK already controls your life.

If this is the case, go to the bar and stay until you make at least five friends. Then retry.

I think I have five friends, but am not entirely positive, so I’m headed for the bar anyway…it never hurts to be safe.


“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”

Woody Allen


Rifka and Beckie were talking about their children. Rifka asked Beckie how her daughter was.

“Not too good. My daughter just divorced her husband. He was a doctor.”

Rifka replied, “Oh, I am so sorry to hear that.”

Beckie continued, “Yes, it is sad. Her first husband, whom she divorced three years ago, was a dentist. But she is OK now, she is dating a handsome lawyer.”

“A dentist, a doctor and a lawyer,” Rifka exclaimed,  “OY VEY! All these blessings from just one daughter!”


“The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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