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Patsy Cline Lives

Patsy Cline Lives!

I know Patsy lives for I saw her yesterday recreated by Judy Fitzgerald in a stellar performance at the Studio Theatre located in the Carmel Performing Arts Center. Always…Patsy Cline is the latest offering by the Actors Theatre of Indiana. We are so fortunate that these New York trained professional actors choose to bring their great talent to Central Indiana.

In this show Fitzgerald utilized her great singing and acting skills in a high energy recreation of Clines short career through treating the audience to vocals of many of Clines greatest hits. If that was not enough Cindy Collins, who played Patsy’s friend Louise in the show brought her fantastic  comedic energy to the part which broght the whole audience into the show. The performance was dedicated to Cindy’s mom who passed away less than a month ago. I am told her mother was a very special lady who I am sure would be proud of the joy her daughter shared with each of us yesterday.

There is still time to see the show and when you go I know you will enjoy it as much as we all did yesterday.


 Patsy Cline

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