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“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.”

Robert Browning

happy aging

Yesterday one of my favorite in-laws sent me a piece suggesting that I don’t wait to enjoy aging. She actually was singing to the choir as as each year has gone by my life has gotten better. There is real joy in letting go and not worrying about what others think and discovering the fun that comes from finding new things to do. Way to many of us put off enjoying life until that elusive someday and sadly find that they waited too long and the day never came. Recently author Chris Mautner wrote a piece on how to age gracefully that hit home for me since it advocates things that really have worked for me. Here in part is what he said:


How to age gracefully: Don’t be afraid of growing older

Is it about cheerfully accepting growing older and the changes that come with it? Or is it about trying to stay as youthful as possible — physically and mentally — regardless of the consequences? Or is it just about feeling good and staying as healthy as possible?

“There’s normal aging and then there is successful aging,” said Dr. Noel Ballentine of Penn State Hershey Internal Medicine. “Successful aging is being vibrant well into your 80s. It’s not only possible but it’s common.”

Here are some ways to do that:

Keep active physically. We’re not saying you should run a mile every day, but some form of physical exercise is always a good idea regardless of your age.

Keep your mind active. Read. Do crossword puzzles. Your brain needs as much exercise as your body.

Eat right. A poor diet can lead to such problems as diabetes, obesity and joint issues.

Be proactive. Plan for the future. Think about where you are going to be in 10 years and what you want to do. “A lot of people get to the point where retirement hits and are not sure what’s next,” said Matthew Gallardo, a life coach for Messiah Lifeways in Mechanicsburg.

Ask yourself tough questions about what you are going to do with your time. What are the things you want to accomplish or enjoy when you were younger but didn’t have the time to do? Do you have enough money to live as you’d like to? Do you want to stay in your current home or move to a retirement community? What are the things you thought of doing but didn’t have the chance to?

Get involved. Staying active in your community is a good way to keep your mind sharp. Volunteer. Go back to school or look into trying a second career.

Anticipate your health-care needs. Have a plan in place so that if you or a loved one becomes ill you know what to do.

Maintain a positive attitude. There are benefits that come with growing older, such as having a better understanding of yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Don’t fight getting older. The only way to live a long life is to get older, and if you ignore encroaching age, you’re going to have difficulty adjusting to it.


Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.

Clint Eastwood


Henny Youngman the king of the one-liners said:

a.. A doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn’t pay his bill, so he gave him another six months.

b.. The patient says “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Then don’t do that!”

c.. The doctor says to the patient, “Take your clothes off and stick your tongue out the window”. “What will that do” asks the patient. The doctor says “I’m mad at my neighbor!”

d.. A doctor has a stethoscope up to a man’s chest. The man asks “Doc, how do I stand?” The doctor says “That’s what puzzles me!”

e.. “Doctor, my leg hurts. What can I do?” The doctor says “Limp!”

f.. Doctor says to a man “You’re pregnant!” The man says “How does a man get pregnant?” The doctor says “The usual way, a little wine, a little dinner….”

g.. “Doctor, I have a ringing in my ears.” “Don’t answer!”

h.. Nurse: “Doctor, the man you just gave a clean bill of health to dropped dead right as he was leaving the office”. Doctor: “Turn him around, make it look like he was walking in.”


Always aim for achievement and forget about success.

Helen Hayes



1)  Jews do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

2)  Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith.

3)  Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters.


Have you noticed how toothaches always start on Friday night right before the weekend when the Dental Office will be closed.


A guest at dinner noticed the small family dog looking hungrily at every bite she took. Finally she took a small piece of meat from her plate and held it up for him.

“Speak!” she said to the dog.

The dog says, “Under the circumstances, I hardly know what to say!”


“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.”

Zig Ziglar


TEACHER: George, go to the map and find North America.

GEORGE: Here it is!

TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America?

CLASS: George!


When someone tells you that what he’s about to say is “for your own good,” expect the worst.


Little Johnny returning home from his first day at school said to his mother, “Mum, what’s sex?”

His mother, who believed in all the most modern educational theories, gave him a detailed explanation, covering all aspects of the tricky subject.

When she had finished, Little Johnny produced an enrollment form which he had brought home from school and said, “Yes, but how am I going to get all that into this one little square?”


When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you’re just sitting there, staring at carpeting?


A young man, while bringing flowers to a cemetery, noticed an old Chinese man placing a bowl of rice on a nearby grave. The young man walked up to the Chinese man and asked, “When do you expect your friend to come up and eat the rice?” The old Chinese man replied with a smile, “Same time your friend comes up to smell the flowers.”


“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

George Bernard Shaw


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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