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What day is it?

“What day is it?”

It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

A.A. Milne


I recently read this poem and it again reminded me of how those who concentrate on fault finding almost always fail to see the bright spots in life.


Foundation of Life

Poet: Dorsey Baker

If you are always looking for fault, that is what you will find-

If you are always looking for fault, that is what you will find- and you’ll never have peace of mind.


If you are always looking for the bad, you’ll never see the good,

If you are always looking for the bad, you’ll never see the good, surely must be clearly understood-


Don’t look for the shadow and the sun you will see,

Don’t look for the shadow and the sun you will see.

And a better human being you will surely be!


I think it is tragic that so many miss enjoying their days because they feel the need to find fault in the belief that either everything can be made better or that they believe that they are being realistic and that most everything is flawed. In reality few things are perfect but most do not require perfection to be appreciated. I suggested to a friend not too long ago that we would do well to train ourselves to not stop at identifying something is wrong but take a few moments more to look for what is also right. I might not like rutabaga in a stew but I like all the other ingredients, if I refuse to eat the stew because of one root vegetable I will miss the opportunity to enjoy everything else.

The best things in life exist below the surface, we only allow ourselves to see the surface we will never find the diamonds buried below. Life is to be savored and not consumed in haste. So when you start to report a fault stop for a bit and put it into context for even the imperfect vessel still does an excellent job holding water.


What you can do is:      Count your blessings instead of your crosses;

Count your gains instead of your losses.

Count your joys instead of your woes;

Count your friends instead of your foes.

Count your smiles instead of your tears;

Count your courage instead of your fears.

Count your full years instead of your lean;

Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.

Count your health instead of your wealth;

Love your neighbor as much as yourself.

Poet: Unknown


“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

Victor Hugo


Jacob, 92, and Rebecca, 95, were very excited about their decision to get married. They went for a stroll to discuss the wedding. Soon, they came upon a drugstore. They went in and Jacob addressed the man behind the counter:

“Are you in charge?” The pharmacist answered “Yes.”

Jacob asked, “Do you sell heart medication?” The pharmacist replied, “Of course we do.”

Jacob asked, “How about medicine for circulation?” The Pharmacist replied, “All kinds.”

Jacob continued his questioning. “Medicine for rheumatism?” The pharmacist said, “Definitely.”

Jacob said: “How about Viagra?” The Pharmacist said, “Of course.”

Jacob asked, “Medicine for memory?” the pharmacist asked, “Yes, a large variety.” Jacob asked, “What about vitamins and sleeping pills?” the pharmacist said, “Absolutely,” Jacob turned to Rebecca: “OK Sweetheart, we might as well register our wedding gift list here.”


“If the world were indeed a logical place, men and women would both ride side-saddle.”

Rita Mae Brown


Max can’t find a job. He finally applies for a job as a janitor at the Catholic Church. They decide to give him a trial run and see what it is like for a Jewish man to work there. After a week, he is told, “Max, things are working out fine. I just have a few corrections. First, when you wash your hands, use the bathroom, don’t use the holy water. Second, when you hang your coat up, use the cloakroom, do not hang it on the cross. Third, my name is Mother Superior, not Mother Shapiro!”


The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right traveling companion.


Herman the hypochondriac began sobbing before a doctor. “I’m sure I’ve got a liver disease, and I’m gonna die from it.”

“Ridiculous,” said the doctor. “you’d never know if you had the disease or not. With that ailment there’s no discomfort of any kind.”

“Right,” said Herman, “those are my exact symptoms.”


Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.

Joel A. Barker


She said that when her three-year-old son opened the birthday gift from his grandmother and found a water pistol. He squealed with delight and headed for the nearest sink. she was not so pleased.

She turned to her Mom and said, “I’m surprised at you. Don’t you remember how we used to drive you crazy with water guns?”

Her mom smiled and then replied, “I remember.”


“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

Marcus Aurelius


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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