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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Unknown Author

I was having breakfast with a friend the other day who reported that she was not enjoying her job very much. It was not the usual complaints, rather it was the lack of an opportunity to utilize all of her skills leaving her with little feeling of accomplishment. Like the hundreds of others I have talked to in similar situations over the last thirty years she knows she would like to do something else but she does not know what it is. Too often we focus on occupational alternatives based solely on our work history and academic credentials rather on all the things that are involved in the daily requirements that can either add or detract from job satisfaction. I suggested, as I always do, that my friend spend some time learning more about herself before she sets her sights on a new career path.

While I recommend a pretty in depth exercise the concept is similar to what I found on recent issue of the Self Development Newsletter written by life coach Estra Roell, here in part is what she wrote:


How to Live a Passionate Life of Purpose

Find a quiet place and time when you will not be disturbed. Imagine your life as if you were already living it joyfully and abundantly. Let your imagination flow freely, with no restrictions. Don’t judge your answers or limit yourself in any way. This is just you and your imagination. Allow yourself to drill down until you find the things that light the spark for you!

On a sheet of paper answer these questions:

1. What kinds of activities am I engaged in and what skills am I using? Think of anything you enjoy as hobbies or volunteer work such as traveling, gardening, painting, writing, cooking, organizing, being with children, singing, meditating, counseling, working with machines, numbers, exercising, surfing, reading, teaching, woodworking….and so on. Think of things that have always come easily or naturally for you and hold nothing back.

2. Where do you like to spend your time? Are you inside or outside? Do you work from home or in an office? Do you travel for work?

3. Who are you with? Do you prefer to work alone or with others in a team? If you are with others, what kind of temperament do they have?

4. Do you have your own business or work for someone else? If you have a boss, what is his or her management style?

5. How much time do you devote to money making activities and how much time do you have for family and self-renewal?

6. Are there classes you need to take or people already successful in your area of interest that would be willing to mentor you?

7. Ask yourself: Who do I want to be? What kind of person am I and what do I most value?

Now, using the answers from above, imagine your life ten years from today. Imagine you have followed your passions, no matter what obstacles or fears may have appeared to pull you off course. Write a story of your life including all the juicy details and feelings you have as you look back to see all you have accomplished and the person you have become. By always choosing in favor of your passions opportunities have opened up for you in ways you could not have imagined!


What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.

Benjamin F. Fairless


Jack and Jill were watching a TV show one night where the wife hired a private detective to follow her husband to see if he was “cheating” on her.

Jack asked, “Would you ever do that?”

Jill said, “Well not so much to find out who the other woman was, but to see if I could find out what she saw in you.”


Don’t ask me why, but women my age for some reason, just don’t look right to me when I see them in a thong.


Have you noticed that we talk about certain things only when they are absent? Have you ever seen a horseful carriage or a strapful gown? Met a sung hero or experienced requited love? Have you ever run into someone who was combobulated, gruntled, ruly or peccable? And where are all those people who ARE spring chickens or who would ACTUALLY hurt a fly?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out and in which an alarm clock goes off by going on.

English was invented by people, not computers, and it reflects the creativity of the human race (which, of course, isn’t a race at all). That is why, when the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible. And why, when I wind up my watch, I start it, but when I wind up this essay, I end it.


My mama always said we were put on this earth to help others. My question is, what are the others here for?


I recently saw a distraught young lady weeping beside her car. “Do you need some help”? I asked.

She replied, “I knew I should have replaced the battery in this remote door unlocker. Now I can’t get into my car. Do you think they (pointing to a distant convenience store) would have a battery for this”?

“Hmmm, I dunno. Do you have an alarm, too”? I asked.

“No, just this remote thingy,” she answered, handing it and the car keys to me.

As I took the key and manually unlocked the door, I replied, “Why don’t you drive over there and check about the batteries. It’s a long walk.”


We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.

 Will Rogers


What The Teacher Says and What He or She Really Means

Your son has a remarkable ability in gathering needed information from his classmates. (He was caught cheating on a test).

Karen is an endless fund of energy and viability. (The hyperactive monster can’t stay seated for five minutes).

Fantastic imagination! Unmatched in his capacity for blending fact with fiction. (He’s definitely one of the biggest liars I have ever met).

Margie exhibits a casual, relaxed attitude to school, indicating that high expectations don’t intimidate her. (The lazy thing hasn’t done one assignment all term).

Her athletic ability is marvelous. Superior hand-eye coordination. (The little creep stung me with a rubber band from 15 feet away).

Nick thrives on interaction with his peers. (Your son needs to stop socializing and start working).

Your daughter’s greatest asset is her demonstrative public discussions.(Classroom lawyer! Why is it that every time I explain an assignment she creates a class argument).

John enjoys the thrill of engaging challenges with his peers. (He’s a bully).

An adventurous nature lover who rarely misses opportunities to explore new territory. (Your daughter was caught skipping school at the fishing pond).

I am amazed at her tenacity in retaining her youthful personality. (She’s so immature that we’ve run out of diapers).

Unlike some students who hide their emotion, Charles is very expressive and open. (He must have written the Whiner’s Guide).

I firmly believe that her intellectual and emotional progress would be enhanced through a year’s repetition of her learning environment. (Regretfully, we believe that she is not ready for high school and must repeat the 8th grade).

Her exuberant verbosity is awesome! (A mouth that never stops yacking).


Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all you heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.

Dale Carnegie


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.

Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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