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Hi all


I sure could use your help today. As many of you know I spend much of my time assisting OASIS in their effort to provide meaningful programs to the over fifty crowd. Here in Indiana we receive no government funding, limited outside assistance while providing services to the more than 25,000 members. It is done with little money and thousands of volunteer hours by hundreds of its members. Now Sams Club makes it possible for you to help today by just taking a few minutes of your time. But it must be done today as you can see from the message below. I sure would appreciate your help.


Here is one of my Tweets:


Oasis Indianapolis is great & today Sam’s Club is donating $5 every time I tweet and include #AdultWellness @samsclub in the tweet. Join me?


My Best Always,




Dear Raymond,

Your vote today and everyday helps folks like Rosetta!

We need your vote again today to “promote wellness for adults 50+!”  By doing so, you’ll help expand OASIS classes to help people get healthy and stay active, just like Rosetta Fairchild.  Rosetta loves to travel, and OASIS exercise classes help keep her energy level and outlook to take the trips she loves, not to mention making new friends.


Not a Sam’s Club Member?
You can still vote for wellness for adults 50+ on July 12 with Twitter!

On Tuesday, July 12,
ANYONE can vote for OASIS in the Sam’s Club Giving Made Simple campaign – through Twitter. Cast your vote by “tweeting” … all you have to do is include the Sam’s Club handle, @samsclub, and the OASIS hashtag #AdultWellness in your tweet, and it will count as a $5 vote for OASIS.
You can tweet up to 20 times per Twitter account on July 12. Tweet for Tai Chi! Tweet for Yoga! Here are more reasons to Tweet! Don’t have a Twitter account or not sure how to tweet? We’ve got you covered – click here for help on both.

And … if you ARE a Sam’s member, you can tweet AND still vote on the Giving Made Simple page! If you do both, each counts as $5 for OASIS!

Thank you!
The OASIS Giving Made Simple Team


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