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Here I come again

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;

remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”





I have been unusually restless lately. There are major undertakings underway that I have traditionally participated in but for different reasons can no longer do so, I am like the fire-horse that responds to the alarm but no longer has a fire wagon to pull. I also have experienced an increase in available time due to such things as a friend taking on an important role in Washington while others have dropped out, disappeared or are too busy. Of course being in the summer doldrums does not help much either. I absolutely have no reason to be distressed since my life is good; it is just that it seems to have temporarily settled in to the point that it lacks its usual luster.

I have always looked forward to times when there would be enough free time to read, study and explore yet now that I have what may be an excess my mind wanders and yearns for something else. I am not naive to the point to think that the grass is greener on the other side; I have been there too often to think that. But it is different on the other side and often takes some interesting time to adjust.

So what does all this mean? It means that it is time to do another inventory and to realize that there is no reason for anxiety but rather reason to get back on the track to contentment. So you may see me out and about, just not as often with others, but I’ll be there. Who knows I might even watch you for awhile.

Steve Brunkhorst wrote recently about contentment and what he has to say is worth reading, so here goes.

Living with Contentment

Contentment is a gift of the spirit. When we feel content, we are able to look past outer appearances and see possibilities that only our hearts can see. Our eyes see with brainpower. Our hearts see with the power of faith.

We each have a creative genius who sees reality, the true potential within us. The image it registers is joy. It sees obstacles as stepping-stones to a future filled with tremendous excitement. It sees the present moment with an inner intensity that brings emotion to life. It enhances performance and makes us feel enthusiastic about the things we want to accomplish.

As energy and self-confidence flow from our passions, the grace of contentment flows from our conscious gratitude for all we have. As we express our gratitude, we expand our awareness of contentment, certain in the faith that all we experience contributes to our learning and benefit.

In an increasingly complicated world, it seems easy for contentment to slip away. It seems easy to focus on the outer appearances and circumstances we would rather not see. Would you rather live this day with contentment? Focus on what you can give, express, and create. Your creative genius is always calling to you. Stop today and listen for its quiet voice. Look for the beauty of its vision with a new spiritual perspective.

Today, notice all the simple gifts that you usually take for granted. Express gratitude for each. Move consciously into this very moment, and you will experience a genuine contentment and deep appreciation for all the magnificent possibilities and potential, which the Creator has given to you.


“I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace.”

Dalai Lama


"How’s your mother," a friend asked.

"Not good," I answered. "She’s got chronic frontal sinusitis."

"My goodness," the friend said.  "Where did she get that?"

"Reader’s Digest.  Last month’s issue."


Practice makes perfect, but if nobody’s perfect, why practice?


She said: The bank where I work had just installed its first 24- hour cash machine. I encouraged an elderly gentleman to take an application for the new plastic identification cards, explaining that he would be able to get cash any time of day or night.

He declined, saying, "Lady, anything I’d need money for that late at night I shouldn’t be doing."


"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."

Albert Camus

I wonder if he means we work hard to be just like everyone else instead of being ourselves. Ray


When the employees of a restaurant attended a fire safety seminar, they watched a fire official demonstrate the proper way to operate an extinguisher.

"Pull the pin like a hand grenade," he explained, "then depress the trigger to release the foam."

Later an employee was selected to extinguish a controlled fire in the parking lot. In her nervousness, she forgot to pull the pin.

The instructor hinted, "Like a hand grenade, remember?"

In a burst of confidence she pulled the pin …. and hurled the extinguisher at the blaze.


Judge:  Was the child born out of wedlock?

Mother:  No, Sir, just outside of Louisville.


He said: My mom had decided to trim her household budget wherever possible, so instead of having a dress dry-cleaned by Stein’s Laundry she washed it by hand. Proud of her savings, she boasted to my father, "Just think, Sam, we are five dollars richer because I washed this dress by hand."

"Good," my dad quickly replied. "Wash it again!"


Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.


The day I started my construction job, I was in the office filling out an employee form when I came to the section that wanted to know:

Single__, Married__, Divorced__. 

I marked single.  Glancing at the man next to me, who was filling out the same form, I noticed he hadn’t marked any of the blanks.  Instead he’d written, "Yes, in that order."


Happy the man, and happy he alone, he who can call today his own;

he who, secure within, can say, tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.

John Dryden


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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