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"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

John Quincy Adams




The other day I shared with you that I had read an article about folks who lived to be 100 or more. The article had said the people they interviewed had resiliency in common, they had always bounced back after setbacks. I suggested that resiliency was the result of a positive attitude.

 I now would like to add perseverance to the equation. It is a case of not letting obstacles and reversals impede the good life journey. I honestly believe that those who have learned to take advantage of what life has to offer are people who get knocked down, but don’t stay down, folks with a can-do attitude. But it is not always easy to dig deep and find the strengths needed to begin again. Often this requires new tactics, new methods and alternatives to abilities that have been lost due to health issues, but as I am sure you have seen by the amazing things accomplished disabled athletes and others, so we know it can be done. It just takes a belief in yourself and perseverance.

I have learned that I may not go as fast and might even have to take detours around mountains I can no longer climb. Fortunately I have found that I can still journey and as you probably know it is the journey counts. The vibrant seniors I know have learned that once you reach the end of the journey it does no good to lie down and travel no more for there is always a new adventure to be had just up the road.

I agree with what life coach Steve Brunkhorst wrote about perseverance last year. He wrote:

Seven Key Characteristics of Perseverance

Knowledge: Our philosophy of living, the foundation of all we achieve, determines our steadfastness in all circumstances. We persevere based upon what we have learned and the principles we hold to be true. In turn, perseverance increases knowledge from experience.

Emotional Vitality: How we feel about the knowledge we’ve gained forms our attitude. Emotional vitality produces an attitude of steady persistence despite disappointments and setbacks.

Activity: Perseverance suggests a resolute determination in following a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. We develop the self-discipline to do what we say we are going to do. With a positive attitude, we can rest when needed; yet, we continue moving forward.

Patience: Throughout life, we will experience delays and setbacks. Those who persevere will not be held back by restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

Accomplishment: Perseverance allows the seed of a goal to germinate and grow to its full potential. It allows us to stop and measure our progress from time to time. In so doing, we can make necessary corrections in our course of action.

Teamwork: Great accomplishments involve people working together for the betterment of humankind. No one succeeds alone, and those who persevere gather knowledgeable help from many sources.

Contentment: The creative resolve we demonstrate when we persevere strengthens our creativity in living life to its fullest measure. It allows us to live a unique and content life – one that fulfills us personally and professionally.


"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained."

Marie Curie


As a member in good standing of the Society of Childlike Grownups, you are hereby entitled to:

Feel SCARED and sad and mad and Happy,

Give up worry, guilt and shame,

Stay Innocent,

Ask lots of questions,

Ride a bicycle,


Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.


A US Border Patrol Agent catches an illegal alien in the bushes right by the border fence, he pulls him out and says, "Sorry, you know the law, you’ve got to go back across the border right now."

The Mexican man pleads with them, "No, noooo Senior, I must stay in de USA! Pleeeze!"

The Border Patrol Agent thinks to himself–I’m going to make it hard for him–and says, "Ok, I’ll let you stay if you can use three English words in a sentence."

The Mexican man of course agrees.

The Border Patrol Agent tells him, "The three words are: Green, Pink and Yellow. Now use them in one sentence."

The Mexican man thinks really hard for about two minutes, then says, "Hmmm, Ok. The phone, it went Green, Green, Green–I Pink it up, and sez Yellow?"


If at first you don’t succeed, see if the loser gets anything.


Herbert A Millington

Chair – Search Committee

Whitson University

College Hill, MA 34109

Dear Professor Millington,


Thank you for your letter of March 16. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me an assistant professor position in your department.

This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.

Despite Whitson’s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet my needs at this time. Therefore, I will assume the position of assistant professor in your department this August. I look forward to seeing you then.

Best of luck in rejecting future applicants.



Chris L. Jensen


The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does.


A very tight man was looking for a gift for a friend. Everything was too expensive except for a glass vase that had been broken, which he could purchase for almost nothing.  He asked the store to send it, hoping his friend would think it has been broken in transit. In due time, he received an acknowledgement. "Thanks for the vase," it read.  "It was so thoughtful of you to wrap each piece separately."


Half our live is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed though life trying to save.


The manager of a large office noticed a new man one day and told him to come into his

office. "What is your name?" was the first thing the manager asked the new guy.

"John," the new guy replied.

The manager scowled, "Look, I don’t know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked at before, but I don’t call anyone by their first name. It breeds familiarity and that leads to a breakdown in authority. I refer to my employees by their last name only – Smith, Jones, Baker – that’s all. I am to be referred to only as Mr. Robertson. Now that we got that straight, what is your last name?"

The new guy sighed and said, "Darling. My name is John Darling."

"Okay, John, the next thing I want to tell you is…"


Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it.  I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.

Charles F. Kettering


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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